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What if it never happened - Chapter 10 - Sometimes faith is all you

I turned and looked at Seth. I could feel the nerves vibrating through his body. I rose my hand lightly tracing his face. "Imprint?" I whispered. Seth looked at me and took a deep breathe. "Imprinting is when you find the person your were destined to be with." "Soul mates." Seth whispered. I looked at Seth to see if he was joking. But i only found seriousness in his beautiful features. "You imprinted on me ?" I said still tracing his face. "Yes." He said…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 9-Crazy Pt.2

I sat on the front porch. The sky was dark but was filled with stars. I closed my eyes letting the cool air blow across my face. Something inside of me clicked and i had this almost urge to go into the dark forest. It was stronger than the other time. I got up walking slowly to the forest. Everything was quiet and it was almost like i could hear ragged breathing. Then it slowly stood up. It was beautiful and scary. All in one. My heart was breathing so fast i…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 7-Faith and hope are two different things

I sat behind the counter. The store was quiet today which really didnt brother me. The quiet was nice. I closed my eyes thinking about the kiss. A shy smile crept up on my face. My lips still tingled and i had butterflies exploding in my stomach like they were emerging from their cacoons for the first time. "Hey." Seth whispered. I opened my eyes my smile widened. "Hi." I said. Seth stared at me for a good ten seconds before speaking again. "Do you think after…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 4- First Day

I woke up on the floor. The kitchen was dark but i could see the sky was starting to lighten. I stood up my head throbbing and my body sore. I was exhausted but i knew i needed to start getting ready for school. I walked up the creaky stairs. I walked straight to my room not stopping to check on her. I walked into my room it was cool and had that old house smell. I looked at my clock and saw it was going on 5:30am. I grabbed my towel and walked to the bathroom.…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 1-First Day!


Something about him was just making me want to be close to him. I mean it was was strong like we were being pulled together. I looked down breaking our stare but i still felt his eyes boring into my head. I looked back up back to his eyes and i knew he felt the same way. I was in love.…


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Hi guys im back!

Hey everyone that remembers me. I am peanutjazz and i got kicked off for my stories being too innaporiate but im back and i'm going to rewrite my stories. Yes all my charcters are going to be the same but the storyline is going to be a little bit different. So please reread my stories and everything and some of them might be under different titles. We'll im excited to be back and start writing again. Thanks a lot! Lovvve Yahhhh lottts!

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A Russet Love. (10)

Jacob lifted me off the rock and set my feet down on the dry bracken.

I felt his hand tug against mine as he bent down, dodging the bushes and tree limbs.

As we were a few yards away, I turned around and stopped to look him in the face.

"Help me on to your back."

"Okay,"he replied with a tone of confusion.

I carefully measured each step that he took as I covered his eyes. He didn't trip or run into anything thanks to my thinking ahead.

"Reach your…


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A Russet Love. (9)

I slept for an hour. When I woke up, Jacob was lying on his back, arms wrapped around me, shirt still off, passed out. My head was in the middle of his chest.

My stomach growled and I decided that seven a.m. was a great time for oatmeal and cinnamon toast. I kissed his chin lightly and slid out of his arms reluctantly. He seemed like he really needed the sleep. I grabbed my phone off the charger and texted my best friend and someone in each of my classes to tell them I was…


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A Russet Love. (8)

"You stayed," I whispered.

"I promised you I would," he laughed as he pulled me closer to him.

"Well promises are usually broken out of good intention, so I didn't know what to expect."

"I will never break a promise I make to you, I promise," he kissed my hair and rested hi cheek on the top of my head. "Why is your hair still wet?"

"It dries slowly," I giggled as I ran my fingers through my tangled hair.

"The cold feels good on my cheek," his laugh broke…


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A Russet Love. (7)

Jacob sat down in the empty recliner next to the couch. I was planning on sitting on the arm of the chair, but he pulled down in his lap. His arms wrapped around me and his chin on my shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Jacob asked.

"Texting my mom to tell her I'll be home a little after nine."

"So you're staying here longer?" he asked with shear joy in his voice.

"Yes," I answered as I leaned into him more. "I wouldn't miss a moment like this for the…


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A Russet Love. (6)

One of the boys sitting on the couch in the living room looked up when he heard the door close. He jumped up and ran over to Jacob. He punched Jake on the arm, then his eyes flicked down to me for a second then back to Jacob. He did a double take as he slapped Jake in the chest with the back of his hand.

"Hey, Jake. Who's this?"

"Paul, this is Sarah Rose. She lives a couple houses down."

"Nice to meet you," Paul said as he held out his hand. I shook his hand and he saw…


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A Russet Love. (5)

Eventually he had to end the kiss.

"Why do you have to be so... so... responsible?" I whined.

"Because this isn't the best place to this at the time."

I thought about it briefly. "You have a point,"' I mumbled, a little upset.

He laughed quietly. "Why don't we go hang out outside?"

"Umm, there's no light outside," I pointed out.

"Oh, shoot!"

"What's wrong, Jake?" I asked. There was real fear in my voice, even though it was just a…


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A Russet Love. (4)

My mom walked in with a bag of groceries in one hand. I stood up and grabbed the bag out of her hand.

"Hey, Sarah Poo."

"Hey, Mom-ay."

"How was your day?"

"It was good. Mrs. Satan yelled at this kid, Wil, and he threw her whole 'Stupid/Dumb' debate back at her."

"Oh, you must be Sarah's new friend from school," my mother noted as I took the bag into the kitchen and put the Coke in the fridge and stuffed the bag in the plastic bag dispenser in the…


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A Russet Love. (3)

His wolf form was... beastly; literally! His fur was thick, a deep red brown. On all four massive paws, he was still taller than me. His muzzle pulled down slightly and his eyes flickered back to my face.

He carefully took a step forward, seeming to measure each one of my expressions carefully before he came any closer. His huge black eyes never left my face.

I folded his clothes over my left forearm. He stopped coming near me, so, like earlier, I closed the gap between us. I…


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A Russet Love. (2)

The day dragged on slowly. I had sat in my assigned seat in English next to a guy that would never talk. Jacob sat behind me so i cood help him catch up.

I sneakily texted my mother when Mrs. Reynolds was out of the and asked her if Jacob could come over so I could help him with his work. Like I knew she would, she agreed.

My room was honestly never clean, so my mother thought it would be great way to celebrate actually having a floor. Jacob walked beside me, having no trouble…


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A Russet Love.

I love reading these fan-fiction stories about Jacob and someone else. But I, and possibly like many others, I always picture myself as the girl he chooses. That's why I'm gonna keep the same story, but throw me into it. Hope you like:)

Math. Ughh!

Don't get me wrong, I love math. But does Mrs. Solomon have to be so rude and annoying?

My seat in the back of the room was far enough from the front of the room - far enough…


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"The Past Changes Our Future." A Seth imprint Story Chapter 1

Well, just as I promised! It's here!


"Don't be afraid. Please." He murmured. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. This kind of stuff just wasn't real, or so i thought. I wasn't afraid of him. "I am afraid though....of the consequences." I whispered. "Me too." he said.

We were both in danger, but I didn't care. I needed him, and he needed me.

Chapter 1

"Hey,honey!" My mom… Continue

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Check out My FanFic!!

Hey guys!

First off, thanks for viewing my page!

Secondly, i would like to say thank you all for being so completley addicted to this series, becasue you know what they say :Twilighters make the world go round!

And third, You should take a look at my FanFic. Its called Leah: Confessions of a Wolf Girl

and its set to about 3 months after Breaking Dawn. This is for those people who liked Leah, but never really understood her. I just want people to see her the way I do.… Continue

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Why did Jacob love or imprint?

Three things to think about...

When Jacob fell in love with Bella was it because he could see Renesmee through her eyes?
Or when he imprinted on Renesmee was it because she was half Bella?
Or did he simply imprint because Nessi was half vampire and she would make the the strongest breed of werewolf / shape shifter?

I would just like to know your thoughts and / or theories.

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