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What if it never happend-Chapter 9- Crazy

I ran and ran not stopping. My heart was beating rapidly and my legs burned but i didnt care. "Seth, stop." I heard Jake's voice echo in my thoughts. I refused and kept running and running. My vision was blurry from the tears. "Just let him get it all out." I heard Renesmee's thought echo through Jake's thought. Soon i couldnt feel Jake anymore and i knew he was gone. I was alone. Her face crept it's way in my thoughts and i couldn't help the howl the built in…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 3- The way things are right now

I looked around the kitchen. Everything was in it's place. The kitchen was what i called "Lived in." Lila would call old. I smiled and my tummy filled with sadness thinking about her. My eyes started stinging and i wanted to lay down in the bed and sleep. But i knew i couldnt do that. I had to much to do. I took a deep breathe and walked out of the kitchen. The living room was done too. All i had to worry about was my room now. I walked up the creaky stairs. I…


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I LOVE this song

Like if you love this song…


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Forever- Chapter One

OK just so you guys know this is the story after Breaking Dawn, based on the bestselling series created by STEPHENIE MEYER no copyright intended, I own nothing.


                  We were back in town, back in Forks, after 80 years, but everything was…


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Cherrie Johnson- Chapter 3

They moved quickly, silently, with swift, practiced movements; impenetrable, and quite frankly, terrifying. A hiss escaped my lips before I could hold it back. Aro was the first to speak "Renesmee Cullen! How nice to see you again! How old are you now, fourteen?" I nodded, avoiding any conversation with him. "Well, hasn't your clan been in enough trouble with immortal children in the past century, Carlisle?" Jane spoke. "I think we should just kill her now!" She continued "May I do it,…


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Cherrie Johnson- Chapter 2

I panicked. Clearly Cherrie didn't know why, so I took a deep breath to calm myself, then slowly explained. "It's against the rules of the Volturi to create immortal children. The child and the vampires involved with the child are all sentenced to die." On that last sentence, I started hyperventillating. The horror on Cherrie's face was ominous, and wasn't helping me to calm down at all. Mom, Dad and the others returned from their hunting trip, and took in the strange sight; Alice still in a…


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Hello!(: My thoughts about Jacob now!(: Hehe.(: I think Jacob is really nice and devoted towards Bella. He doesn't mind if Bella is feeling empty inside her heart, he just wants to be with her. He is also very caring and thoughtful. He took note of everything Bella does. What Bella likes and dislike, what Bella does. He helped her fixed to motorcycles too.(: Without Jacob, I think Bella would not be able to recover so quickly and Bella will also not know that Edward is a vampire or know about… Continue

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Jacob and Bella's first kiss

Bella and Jacob's first kiss... Big mistake or just what she needed??


 I guess from Jake's point of view that was a big step for him. Finally building up to tell her that he is absolutly  in love…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 2-Double Date

Chapter 2-

I woke up friday morning excited to go to school. I jumped in the shower and let the hot water run down my body. I got out and dried off. I put on my robe and started on my hair. I decided to comb it into a high bun. I started on my makeup. I decided to wear a light liliac purple with a touch of gold…


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Nessie's Birthday Surprise : A Twilight Saga Fanfic

A huge russet-coloured wolf, its fur like velvett flecked with specks of glistening snow stood on the sloping bank of the river, the bright winter sun reflecting upon the sparkling surface of the icy water. A chilling breeze disturbed the perfect sleekness of the wolf's coat, ruffling its fur like a minute tidle-wave.

A girl, her beauty…


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How is Breaking Dawn Going to Be like the Book??????

Okay so we've all read Breaking Dawn right? Well it goes from Bella's point of view, to Jacob's point of view, back to Bella's. So how are they going to make that into a movie? If they do it the exact same I think it might be a little wierd, and then again if they don't it'll be just as wierd. What do you people think about this?

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Chapter 30 of Nessie's Story

I choked, my mouth open. "Six? They'll never grow up, or graduate college?" Carlisle said, "I'm sorry. I could be wrong, but.." Jacob's warm arm held my waist. Rosalie and Emmett held the twins. "Ness, does Aidan look older to you?" I took my baby from Rose's reluctant arms. Aidan looked up at me with big eyes and a more apparent similarity to Jacob's face. "Mommy." He stated with a knowing smile. Everyone gasped, even the vampires in the other room. I stuttered, "H-how does he kn-now that?!"… Continue

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Soundtrack Idea's for Breaking Dawn??


Hey Guys, If you got any ideas for a soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: BD part 1&2, Then post em here.. Perhaps we could get them in the movie..


I know Linkin Park - Numb is a really good choice.. It reflects Bella's choice and how it affects 3 other characters: Edward, Jacob and Rose.. But also other characters, This song really relates well to those 4 characters (Bella, Edward, Jacob & Rose).. If you listen to it a few times, Listen to the lyrics and read…


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Twilight Oath

Twilight Oath:

I promise to remember Bella

Each time I carelessly fall down

And I promise to remember Edward

Whenever I’m out of town

I promise to obey traffic laws

For Charlies sake of course

And I promise to remember Jacob

When my heart fills with remorse

I promise to remember Carlisle

When ever I am in the Emergency Room

And I promise to remember Emmett

Every time there’s a huge boom

I promise to to remember Rosalie

Whenever I see…


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Jacob and Samantha's Love Story

Chapter 1 The Past

Samantha Pov-…


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♥¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*• .¸♥

¸¸.•*´¨TWILIGHT OATH ¨`*•.¸¸.

♥¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*• .¸♥

I promise to remember Bella

Each time I carelessly fall down

And I promise to remember Edward

When ever I'm out of town

And to obey traffic laws

For Charlie's sake of course

And I promise to remember Jacob

When my heart fills with…


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Go Team Edward!

Go Team Edward! Continue

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Jacob is Surprised

" Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV."

- Jacob, Eclipse, Chapter 5, pg. 119

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Bella and Jacob

"Remind me not to get on your bad side" -Bella,

Eclipse, Chapter 5, pg. 118

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