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What if it never happened - Chapter 10 - Sometimes faith is all you

I turned and looked at Seth. I could feel the nerves vibrating through his body. I rose my hand lightly tracing his face. "Imprint?" I whispered. Seth looked at me and took a deep breathe. "Imprinting is when you find the person your were destined to be with." "Soul mates." Seth whispered. I looked at Seth to see if he was joking. But i only found seriousness in his beautiful features. "You imprinted on me ?" I said still tracing his face. "Yes." He said…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 9-Crazy Pt.2

I sat on the front porch. The sky was dark but was filled with stars. I closed my eyes letting the cool air blow across my face. Something inside of me clicked and i had this almost urge to go into the dark forest. It was stronger than the other time. I got up walking slowly to the forest. Everything was quiet and it was almost like i could hear ragged breathing. Then it slowly stood up. It was beautiful and scary. All in one. My heart was breathing so fast i…


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What if it never happend-Chapter 9- Crazy

I ran and ran not stopping. My heart was beating rapidly and my legs burned but i didnt care. "Seth, stop." I heard Jake's voice echo in my thoughts. I refused and kept running and running. My vision was blurry from the tears. "Just let him get it all out." I heard Renesmee's thought echo through Jake's thought. Soon i couldnt feel Jake anymore and i knew he was gone. I was alone. Her face crept it's way in my thoughts and i couldn't help the howl the built in…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 8- Sometimes family isnt always blood related.

My body ached and everything was sore. My nose was running and my throat ached. I couldnt move my body without something protesting in pain. I hated this. I reached for my phone. Texting Kyle telling him i wouldnt be coming into day. That took most of my energy but i needed to go check on my mom. I forced myself moaning and wincing in pain the whole time. I dropped to my knee's crawling to my mother's room. I sat on my knee's opening the door. She was laying on…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 7-Faith and hope are two different things

I sat behind the counter. The store was quiet today which really didnt brother me. The quiet was nice. I closed my eyes thinking about the kiss. A shy smile crept up on my face. My lips still tingled and i had butterflies exploding in my stomach like they were emerging from their cacoons for the first time. "Hey." Seth whispered. I opened my eyes my smile widened. "Hi." I said. Seth stared at me for a good ten seconds before speaking again. "Do you think after…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 6-Sometimes the little things help the most

The air was warm and muggy. My shorts and tee shirt were drenched with sweat. The house was looked better. I painted the outside a lighter shade of white. I started on the window seals. I decided to paint them a navy blue. Mumford and sons played quietly behind me on an old radio i had found. I was relaxed and in my element. The fresh paint smell took me back to day when i painted houses with Lila and her mom. I smiled and my stomach hurt. I missed them more…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 5-Too Hard

"So, What's so great about a girl falling in love with a vampire?" Kyle said with an interested. I smiled and turned away from him stocking the books. "It's just romantic how much he loves her and he's willing to give up his life for her." I said seriously. Kyle laughed and i turned towards him. He was closer than i expected and he wasnt smiling but he was looking at me…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 3- The way things are right now

I looked around the kitchen. Everything was in it's place. The kitchen was what i called "Lived in." Lila would call old. I smiled and my tummy filled with sadness thinking about her. My eyes started stinging and i wanted to lay down in the bed and sleep. But i knew i couldnt do that. I had to much to do. I took a deep breathe and walked out of the kitchen. The living room was done too. All i had to worry about was my room now. I walked up the creaky stairs. I…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 2-Responsible

I looked at the beautiful greeny around me. My window was down and the cool earth smell hit me. I felt relaxed. Evan started to slow and i saw the little white house. It wasnt something that i would see in a home magazine but it had character and i loved it. Evan pulled into the small driveway. He turned off the car and everyone was silent for a moment. I took a deep breathe smelling the earth again. It relaxed me. "Are we just going to sitt here all day?" I…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 1-New Beginnings

I looked at the letter in front of me. Hot tears stinging my eyes. Everywhere it seemed in my body was filled with anger. I stood up running my to her room. I didnt brother knocking knowing she wouldnt brother answering. She was laid in her bed in a fetal poisition. "Mom, here." I said handing her the letter. She didnt even turn to look at me. I pushed her over and got on top of her. "Mom, there taking the house." I yelled in her face. My mom looked at me her…


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The Other-Chapter 5-Maybe i can do this

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked more like myself. I was a little bit thinner. But i knew i looked normal. My hair was curly and my face looked a lot less tired. I looked at the clock. It was 8:30. Cat would be here in an half an hour. I dried myself off. I started with my hair. I just kept it curly. I looked at the bags. I ran to the store. I grabbed a white dress. I also grabbed some acessories. I looked at myself. I looked good. I touched my cheek to see if it was really me. I…


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The Other-Chapter 4-Finding

I looked out the window. The sun was starting to rise. I heard my door open. "Goodmorning, Amena." My mother said in a tired tone. I turned towards her. She was still beautiful and even though it was physical possible she looked older tired. My heart ached. I knew i did this to her. She came and sat down with me on the bed. "Today everyone is spending the day at Auntie Janaila's house." My mom said brushing some hair out of my face. "Do you want to come?" She…


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The Forgotten is Remembered-Chapter8-Making things Clear

I walked to the door. My hands were shaking. My heart pounding. But i still raised my hand and knocked firmly on the door. I counted the minutes go by. Exactly 3. She opened the door. Her eyes widen with shock. She looked like she was about to say something. But when her lips parted nothing came out. "Hi Mom." I finally said. I realized i was staring. But she looked so different. She looked healthy and happy. Her hair was long and black. Her skin was carmel and…


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The Forgotten is remembered-Chapter5-Janaila's Pov

I never felt colder in my life. As my aunt spoke. I could see on her face that she was excited to see us. But she was also pained to have to tell  us about her father. When she told us that all our mother's were friends and close at that. That made me sick. At that moment i really hated my father. But then my aunt spoke about how my father and mother were supposed to get married. She said that he held me. My anger dissolved into sadness. She started talking about how their father werent in…


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The Forgotten is remembered-Chapter5-Get it together

UThe car ride was long. My body ached. My head was pounding.i was exhausted. But we pulled up to the house. My whole body went numb. I looked at the nice sized house. I turned and looked at my sisters. "No matter what happens we have each other." I said trying to be strong. Janaila and Janiece nodded. We all got out and each one if my sisters grabbed one of my hands. We walked the front door. I knocked. I heard a woman. A little dark haired woman answred the door. She looked at us. "I knew you… Continue

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The forgotten is remembered-Chapter2-Appointment of disappointments

I looked at myself in the mirror. I finished getting myself ready. They were coming today. I knew i couldnt look like i had been crying all weekend. My whole body ached but my heart was still in pain. I felt the tears pricking my eyes. I shook my head. I took a deep breathe calming myself. I knew i had to be strong. I knew he would move on. Someone deserved him. I added lipgloss to my lips. Esme had an extra room. She was letting my borrow until i could get my…


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I looked at the beautiful people standing there. My heart was beating a so loud i was sure they could hear it. My mother squeezed my hand. Janaila lead me in and we all sat down in what i assumed to be the living room. Janaila looked at my mother. My mother lookee at me. She squeezed my hand. I closed my eyes. I could see her color was yellow. I could see she was nervous. "The day you were born i was supposed to be meeting Janaila for the first time." My mother said quietly. "I knew…


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I walked closer. I could smell her blood. She was humanly beautiful. She smiled. Then before i could stop her she pulled me into a hug. "Your so beautiful." "You look just like him." I pulled back and looked at her. She gave me a confused look. "What do you mean i look just like him?" I said. "Your father." She said. My whole body shook. "How do you know my father?" "We'll he's an old friend of Edward's." "Your uncle." I looked at her and she looked at my mother. "She doesnt know." My mother…


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Gone but not Forgotten-Chapter7-DoppleGanger

I stood there staring at her. She looked so similar to me it was scary. Before i could stop myself i wrapped my arms around her. It felt right. She slowly wrapped her hands around me. I stepped back and looked at her. 'Hello?" She said with confusion in her voice. "Hi." I said shyly. She looked at me and i could see in her face she was trying to see who i was. "Im Ariana Julio your sister." I said slowly. She looked at me her eyes wide. I…


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Ending to a Beginning-9-30-2015 My Wedding Day

I looked at the sun outside. It was beautiful. It warmed me up. It reminded me of Seth. My heart ached a little bit. I missed him but i knew i would be seeing him in 8 hours. I smiled thinking about what he would look like when i walked down the aisle. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I was happy today i didnt wake up with feeling sick. I looked at myself. I realized i was glowing. I stayed…


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