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Gone but not Forgotten-Chapter7-DoppleGanger

I stood there staring at her. She looked so similar to me it was scary. Before i could stop myself i wrapped my arms around her. It felt right. She slowly wrapped her hands around me. I stepped back and looked at her. 'Hello?" She said with confusion in her voice. "Hi." I said shyly. She looked at me and i could see in her face she was trying to see who i was. "Im Ariana Julio your sister." I said slowly. She looked at me her eyes wide. I…


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Ending to a Beginning-9-30-2015 My Wedding Day

I looked at the sun outside. It was beautiful. It warmed me up. It reminded me of Seth. My heart ached a little bit. I missed him but i knew i would be seeing him in 8 hours. I smiled thinking about what he would look like when i walked down the aisle. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I was happy today i didnt wake up with feeling sick. I looked at myself. I realized i was glowing. I stayed…


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Beginnings To Endings-Dairy Entry-One day Away

Today is September 29th. I will be Mrs. Clearwater tommorow. I cant believe it. Now im nervous. Everyone arrived today. I feel so loved. Dairy tommorow i'm Going Mrs. Clearwater. My dream since i saw him in 1st period Ms.Blocks science class. I guess in this case the little girl gets excatley what she wants.

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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-2 days

Today is thursday September 28th. 2 days from my wedding. Today we just went over everything. Alice called it the "Pre Pre Reherasal. I laughed. Today all i felt like doing was laughing. Dairy dont ask i dont know. But it felt good. Better than crying. Yes only 2 days before i become Mrs. Janaila Clearwater.

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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-3 days away

Today me and Alice went shopping for any last minutes things. Today was stressful. I really didnt feel too well. I think it's just nerves. Jasper been helping with my emotions lately. Dairy i dont know i just feel out of whack. I still have that feeling like something is out of place. I dont know. But only 3 days in counting now. Still not nervous more anxious. I want to be Seth's Clearwaters wife.

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Beginnings To Endings-Dairy Entry-4 days away

Today i looked at my mom's Wedding album. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day. She looked happy. I smiled. Tears filled my eyes. It was only 4 days now. My mom wasnt going to be able to see her first born or any of us for that matter walk down the aisle. The tears fell slowly down my cheek. I grabbed her yearbook. I turned to the M's. I looked up Michaels. I stopped when i saw my dad. Nate Michaels. I swallowed hard. Dairy confession… Continue

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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-5 days away

Today we went food tasting. Me and Seth compromised on a homestyle cooked but with a seafood addition to it dinner. We went to our venue. "Imagine." Where i had my super sweet 16 less than a year ago. I smiled. The food was delicious. It tasted better everytime we tested it. We had all the courses. By time we were done i looked pregnant. I smiled. I cant believe it 5 days away from the best day of my life. Also dairy the Unknown girl was on my… Continue

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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-6 days Away

Today all i wanted was wheat thins. Dont ask why. Today we relaxed. Me and Seth decided we needed a day away from "Wedding Plans." Thank god i have this man. Today i went and looked at "Unknown girl." I got the same weird feeling like i knew her. So yes i ate wheat thins and relaxed with my wonderful finace. 6 days away from my wedding.

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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-7 days Away

Today something felt off. Something felt like something felt out of place. I looked through some of my old sketches. I stopped when i saw the sketch of the unknown little girl. It brought tears to my eyes. Seth found me like this. I could see the worry in his eyes. Dairy i dont know what's been going on lately. After i had my moment we and went and looked at the guys tuxes. They all looked great. I came home and laid in my bed. When i closed my… Continue

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Beginning to Endings-Dairy Entry-8 days Away


Dairy today is September 22nd 2015 and it 8 days away from my wedding day. Today we went and saw all the girls dresses. They all different but all tie into together. They look beautiful. Awee im tearing up. I'm getting married. Yay. Lol. Lovvve Yahhh Lotts!



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Beginning to a Ending-Dairy Entry-9 days Away

9 Days in Counting! Today i woke up and felt sick. But i still got up and went and got my acessories. I love them. I came back home though and got in the bed. I slept for the rest of the day. I feel better now. Love yahhh lotts.


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Beginning to a New Ending-Dairy Entry one

We'll dairy it's ten days away. My wedding day. To the most wonderful man. I'm sitting here smiling. I cant believe in 10 days i will be Mrs. Janaila Clearwater. We decided on September 30th. I smiled. My birthday. Today was a good day. We went and looked at flowers. We decide on lilys. After that i didnt feel to well. I dont know. We'll Dairy Alice is calling me. So i'll write tommorow. Lovve yahh Lotts!…


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Hazy Patches-Final Chapter-Beginnings and Endings

I woke up early. I looked at the Calender. June 4th 2015. Graduation day. I sat up and looked at Seth. He was sound asleep. I smiled. I kissed him lightly on the cheek and went downstairs. I smelled Breakfast and i knew Mama Esme was cooking for us. I got in the kitchen and she was getting everything setted on the table. I smiled and she smiled back at me. I walked over to her and hugged her. "Thank you." I said quietly. She knew i was…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 9-Ready

I looked at the calender December 2nd. It had been a little over a month since i started training. My body felt stronger. I smiled. "Hey remember to lock up Janaila." Jalen yelled to me. "Okay goodnight tell Marie i said hi." I yelled back. "Kay." He said. The door closed and i was left in the training gym again. I started doing this after the 2nd week. I turned up Christina's Aguilera-Fighter. It fit perfectly. I watched myself in the…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 10-Waking up in Believement

I opened my eyes. Seth looked at me. "Janaila i'm so sorry." He said. I nodded. "You should have believed me Seth." I said. He looked down at my promise ring. "I know i feel so stupid,everything makes sense now." He said still looking at my ring. "Yeah it does." I said caressing his face. He closed his eyes and it felt like deja vu. He opened his eyes. "Seth i know its not easy being with me and we have our up and downs but Seth i love you…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 7- Messed with the wrong ones

"Janaila,Janaila hurry." Was all i heard. Alice hit my hard to wake me up. I could see the panic on her face. "The twins." Was all she said. I got up and ran. I didnt even feel the pain in my leg. I got to their room and they were laying there choking. Carlisle and Edward were doing the hemlic. Soon Manai started crying and then right after Mark Jr. Did. My heart was beating. I ran to my babie siblings and grabbed them. I hugged them to me.…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 8-Training Day

I woke up early. I got dressed and left. I drove and drove until i saw it. The training place. I knew sooner or later Kalina was going to come for me and i needed to be ready. I walked in and a man was punching a bag. He turned around and smiled at me. I kept a straight. "Hi pretty lady what are you here for so early?" He said. "I need you to train me." I said. He looked at me. "For what?" He said. I looked down at my promise ring. I looked…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 6-Sunday Picnic

I opened my eyes and looked Seth. He was staring at me. I smiled. "Goodmorning." I said quietly. He smiled and pulled me close to him. He pressed his lips to mine. He pulled away. "Now thats a Goodmorning." I said laughing. Seth laughed with me. He got up and grabbed my krutches. I sat up slowly. Still in pain a little bit. But i decided to stop taking my meds. He helped me stand up and he me with my krutches. I smiled. Tommorow i was going…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 5-Seeing is Believing

I opened my eyes slowly. Everything was dark. I heard sniffles. "Janaila?" I heard Mama Esme say slowly. I looked to see where the voice was coming from. I felt her cool hand touch my face lightly. I closed my eyes and reopended them but everything was still dark. "Mama Esme?" I said queitly. I felt the tears clouding my eyes but everything was still dark. I let them fall. "Janaila, Hi baby." She said in a weak voice. "Mama Esme why i cant i…


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Endings? Preview

Okay hold on to me. Dont let me go. I held on for dear life. Nerves builing in my stomach. Today was the day. I closed my eyes to blink the tears away. I looked around my heart racing at all the people. Today was the day my future changed. My new life.

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