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Hazy Patches-Chapter 4-Black Butterflies

I watched as the trees passed me. I fought the tears wanting to come out. I knew i had to be strong. I slowly saw the clearing and i knew i was reaching the school. My stomach started to flutter. "Janaila,Be strong." I whispered to myself. I saw the high school and i then i saw him. I pulled into the parking spot next to him. I took a deep breathe and got out. He looked at me and i could see the pain in his eyes. "Hi." He said quietly. I felt…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 3-Happy Birthday

"Happy Birthday." Alice and the Twins said. I plasterd a fake smile on my face. "Thankyou." I said quietly. I decided that i wasnt going to be a zombie. I decided that i had to be strong for my family. I hadnt spoken to Seth in over a week. But i knew tonight he was going to be at my party. Mama Esme came into my room. "Happy Birthday Sweetie." "I cant believe my baby is 16." She said. I faked another smile. Everyone left my room. I went into…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 2-Homecoming

The sun hit my face. I opened my slowly to see a sleeping Seth next to me. I smiled and looked at him. My heart feeling with love. I loved him so much. I sat up and pressed my lips lightly to his. He smiled but didnt wake up. I could see on his face he was exhausted. Sam had him on the night shift. They had caught a new scent last week. I got out of bed careful not to wake him. I went to the bathroom and started the bath water. I stripped…


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Hazy Patches-Chapter 1-old pals

I walked to my locker. I had my back turned. I felt warm hands take my waist. I turned around and pressed my lips to Seth's. I couldnt believe it had already been two years. I smiled. "Hi." I said. He smiled. "Hello Beautiful." He said. His voice had gotton a little deeper and he didnt have any boy left it was all man. I pretty much still looked the same. The only thing different about me was my hair. It was a dark blue now. "Seth?" I…


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Mistakes-Final Chapter-Past and Present

The sun warmed my face. I opened my eyes and looked at the calender. I couldnt believe it was the first day of school. I sat up and looked out the window. "Goodmorning Mom." I said quietly to myself. I got a strange feeling that she was watching me. I let a few tears escape. But i knew she was in a good place. I got up and went to the bathroom. I took a long hot shower. I got out and got dressed. Of course Alicehelped me pick out my…


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Mistakes-Chapter 9-Afternoon of Memories

I looked at all the paintings on the shed walls. They told so many stories. My eyes watered. Some paintings were so darl. Looking back the pictures told every emotion i was feeling at that moment. Normal people may not see it but i know my family will. One picture really brothered me though. It was a protrait of a a girl and she was smiling but in her eyes you could see her pain. It brothered me because i realized that the girl was me. Even…


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Mistakes-Chapter 8-Talk

Seth pulled me close to him. I couldnt believe it had been two months since i been home. It felt so short. But i was happy to spend it with Seth. We had gotton so close. "Janaila can you come here for a second." I heard Papa Carlisle say. I looked at Seth and gave him a quick peck on the lips before i got up. I ran downstairs. My leg still hurt a little bit but it was a lot better. Me and Seth worked out to keep it strong. I got downstairs…


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Mistakes-Chapter 7-Waking up to my life

I opened my eyes. The sun was shining on my face. I looked to my side and saw my angels eyes. He looked back at me and i saw pain, hurt and love all mixed together in them. I tried to move but i realized i couldnt. I had a cast on my leg. My face was bandaged and i was sore. Seth took my hand. "Janaila i love you so much." He said. He head tears coming down his face. It broke my heart. Tears filled my eyes and the fell over. "I love you too."…


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Mistakes-Chapter 6-Saving me

I laid there wrapped tight in Nahuel's Arms. His breathe was on my neck. I held in my tears. I didnt want him to know that i was freaking this. I looked up at his sleeping face. I could just vomit at that moment. My stomach started to churn. Soon i felt the vomit coming. I ran to the bathroom. That woke Nahuel up. He followed me into the bathroom. He came and rubbed my back. I moved away from him though. I looked at him and he looked back at…


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Mistakes-Chapter 5-Lies

I laid there not moving. "Get up." Nahuel said with vemon in his voice. I sat up even though it caused me pain. I looked into Nahue'ls eyes and all i saw was darkness. "Come here." Nahuel opened his arms and motioned for me to come towards him. I looked at him and i could see something else. It looked like pain. I knew this is what would get me out of here alive. I moved into his arms. He hugged me close…


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Mistakes-Chapter 4-Unleashed

"Are you ready for dinner Janaila?" Nahuel said in an impatience tone. "Yes." I said trying to hurry. I finished my makeup. I did the best trying to cover the puffiness under my eyes. Praying that Nahuel didnt notice. I walked out of the bathroom and Nahuel looked at me. He had a huge smile. I forced a smile back. Nahuel took my hand and yanked me towards him. He pressed his lips to mine. I forced myself to kiss him back. We had been here for…


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Mistakes-Chapter 3-Not the person I thought

We drove for 15 minutes then we got on a plane. On the plane i slept. My thoughts were filled with Seth. Nahuel nudged me when it was landing time. He carried the bags and we got off and it was warm where we were at. Nahuel looked at me. He smiled. "Aloha" He said with a smile. I smiled back. Hawaii was beautiful. We got a little open taxi type car and they drove us to this seculded area. When we reached our little house. Nahuel payed the man…


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Mistakes-Chapter 2-Leaving behind Regrets!

I sat there looking at the wall. I heard a knock at the door. "Come in." I said quietly. Nahuel came in and stood in front of me. "Janaila we need to leave for a little while." "Change of scenery." He said in a excited tone. I turned and looked at him. I knew i looked terrible. I didnt have time to argue with Nahuel. So i just nodded. I got up and packed a bag. Tears came down my face when i found a picture of me and Seth. I finished and went…


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Mistakes-Chapter 1-Breaking my Heart

3 weeks before-

"Janaila?" "What is going on?" Seth said. There were so many emotions on his face. Pain,Anger and hurt. My heart was breaking just seeing him like this. "Seth like me explain." I said trying to make sense of this. He looked at me. "I was trying to leave and he grabbed me and kissed me." "Seth i' so sorry." I said with tears boiling over. "Did you stop him?" Seth…


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"Beginnings"-Final Chapter-Meetings

"Janaila wake up." "Come on we have to go to the venue." Alice said jumping up down on m"Jay bed. I sat up laughing. She was such a morning person. "Okay, Okay." "I'm coming." I said. She gave me a look like you better hurry up before she left. I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:00am. I got up and started getting dressed. I put on a pink maxi dress with a light pink sweater. I brushed some gold eye shadow…


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"Beginnings" Chapter 9-Planning

"Would you like to help me plan a Renewal of the Vows for Esme and Carlise?" Alice asked me looking helpful. "Of course." I said with a smile. "Okay so i was thinking maybe the middle of May and the colors would be like an ivory and a purple colors." Alice said showing me. I smiled and agreed with everything she already had planned out. "Its going to be beautiful Alice." I said. She looked at me. "So how is everything with Seth?" She said. I…


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"Beginnings" Chapter 8-Valentine's Day

"Are you excited it's Valentine's Day?" Alice said at the breakfast table. I smiled. She had so much energry and i loved it. "Yes Sister i am." I said excited. All the girls had something planned for the boys. We were going to do a performance. I smiled and started thinking about something else when Edward came into the room. I started humming and thinking about this rap song i heard one day. He made this disgusted look. I laughed. I was so…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 7-Seth's Bday

"Happy Birthday." I said into the phone. "Thankyou." He said back to me. "What's my gift?" He said to me. "Oh i'm sure you'll be pleased." I said back playing his game. I could just tell he was smiling. "So i'll see you in a bit okay." "Love you." I said smiling. "Love you too." He said. I closed the phone and finished getting dressed. In my mind i was thanking Rose for this oufit. It was perfect. Seth's favorite color and had bows so it kind…


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"Beginnings"Chapter 6-First Christmas

I woke up early and walked to the nusery. Today was there first Christmas. They were almost a month old. I walked in and Rosalie was holding Manai. "Merry Christmas." I said feeling jolly. Rosalie came over and hugged me. She handed me Manai. Manai was so bigg now. She looked like my mother. I smiled. "Merry Christmas Bugs." I said in my baby voice. Manai smiled. I knew this was one of those days i was going to miss my mom. She was going to…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 5-New Life

"Mike can you please help me?" I asked getting frustarted. Mike just looked at me. It had almost been two weeks since the twins were born and my mother died. I was still hurting but in knew i needed to be the strong one is this situation. Mike just stopped living basically. He couldnt even look at the twins which broke my heart. My brother and sister were beautiful and precious and i realized that everything happens for a reason. So my mother…


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