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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 16 - Who do i really want too become ?

"Do you think she's ready ?" Jasper says his voice catiuous. He's looking at Carlisle and Edward. "I think she is." "She's shown get resistance too humans before." Carlisle says. "How about we ask her ?" Esme says chiming in. She gives me a warm smile. "Janiece do you think your ready to go back to school ?" Edward says. "Yes." "If i wasn't please believe i would say so." I say assurance in my voice. They all stare at me for a second before looking at Carlisle. "If she thinks she's ready…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 2 - Nope

Thank god it's Friday i mentally said to myself. I made myself get out of the bed. I took a quick shower. I left my hair curly. I grabbed my bleached high waisted jean pants and a black and white striped vneck shirt. I kept my eye makeup simple. Just gold with a cat eye my lip was a bold red. I grabbed a scarf wrapping it around my hair pulling it back. I looked at myself. I looked pretty. I felt pretty. I wonder what "No Janiece" I whispered to myself. I wasnt going to think about him. I… Continue

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Everything happens for a reason ~ Chapter 1~ For a reason

"We're gone be here for a while" you say with reassure in your voice. "I'm not going to hold my breathe." I say. You take a deep breathe. The school comes into view. My stomach does little summer saults. "Listen too me make the best of this." You say putting your hand on my shoulder. I shrug you off. "Im going to do what I have too do." I say opening the car door and getting out before you can respond. I look at everything around me. You swerve off. I take a deep breathe calming myself. I walk… Continue

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The Other-Chapter 2-Future

"So, is he going to change you?" My dad said. I looked at my dad. "Dad, we havent really discussed it." I said. "I mean i think you should have a chance at a "Human" Life. My dad said putting an extra on human. "Dad, it's not really your decision." I said getting irritated. I grabbed the fruit and walked out of the kitchen. I sat it down on the table and walked over to Ace. I sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him. He looked at me and his face screwed in…


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Mystery-Chapter 1-The New it girl

She walked through the halls. She was beautiful. She had a smile that made me want to slap her. She was amazing. She walked through the hall like it was nothing. I knew thats what i wanted. To have everyone look at me like that. To admire me. I felt the jealousy building in me. But i kept it down. I walked to the classroom and saw her writing. I pictured what her handwriting looked like. I bet it was perfect. I took a deep breathe and walked…


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Bound to happen-Chapter3-Game on

I looked at myself. I looked pretty today. I knew what look i was going for. I smiled. I knew who i was trying to impress. My phone vibrated and i knew Jennifer was outside. I looked at myself one more time and in inkling on me was nervous. It scared me a little bit. I ran downstairs made sure the door was locked behind me and got in the car. Jennifer looked pretty. She had on some white pants with a pink v-neck button up and some brown…


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Jasper is the hottest

jasper and me are totally ment for eachother and he said he loved me so ALice gave him away to me she respected his decision so if your willing to fight for him i will and Alice will help( she will suck your blood and kill you)

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