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Breaking Dawn and my question for all of you

my question i have for you to ponder is how can Stephenie say 'The End' after breaking dawn. when the title implies it's the beginning. how is it over when the volturri, though they walked away from the fight, they just don't seem the type to forget what they want. their wants have shifted. they want Bella, Edward, Renesmee and Alice, Benjamin, and Zafrina, and Kate. you can't tell me, that now that everyone has gone to there respective homes, that the volturri wouldn't take advantage on the… Continue

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I love Jacob

  • Is a good website. And also My bestie is proboaly comin ova fr a sleepova. Awesome right!!! I know. And this week was a rough week i mean i went on this website almost every day and at school it was diasaster and i am geting moved from my table on monday at school. YAYYYY!!!!!!! I had these most annoying Kids at my table it was like the day would never end. I loveee jacob and the people think i…

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I'm on the east coast...& I cannot wait to see New Moon at 12 sharp Friday Morning!!! I have a question, does anyone know if Robert Pattinson will release any full versions to "Let Me Sign"???

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Bite Me!!!!


I sell these on or you can email me if you are interested. The sign is $9.95 plus shipping.

It is a must have for all us twilight fans. It is hand painted so each one is unique. Each sign is painted black with antique white letters, splatter with red paint to give it a fresh kill appearance. Has a wire hanger with beads on it. Has a outdoor vanish but better to keep covered or indoors.

Measurements:… Continue

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I love my life some times mydad is cool sometimed i love all kinds of music

I love my life some times mydad is cool sometimed i love all kinds of music Continue

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Hey =)

Hey, Well This Blog Is Gunna Be About Me And What I Love To Do.

About Me

My Name's Kayley.

Im 15 And Live With My Older Brother, Little sister, My Dog Rocky, Mom And Step Dad.

Me And Shane Only See Our Dad Once A Week Or Once Every 2Weeks.

I Have Longish Brown, Blonde, Red, Ginger, Black Hair.

My Eye Colour Actully Changes, Its weird.

I Have 7 Piercing, My Lobe's Done Twice, The Top Of My Ear, My Nose And My Belly, On My 16th Bday Im Having My Lip… Continue

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to the movies!

going to see fired up on sunday
it's no twilight, but oh well :)))))))))

Added by Collayn Cullen/Pattinson on February 21, 2009 at 3:21pm — No Comments

Heyyy. (:


I'm a major Twilighter. I spend many many hours on the computer constantly going back to my favorite Twilight fansites to see what's new in Twi-world. I have a problem. My sister has told me countless times that I should make up a Twi-hab (Twilight Rehab) and go there myself. I know I should.. My friend bought me the book for a half birthday present back in June '08, after I told her many many times since.. January '08 that I DID NOT want to read it because it sounded stupid and… Continue

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Finally It's Clear to Me

You used to be the only thing i think and talk about. There is not a day in this worl that i didn't think about you. My heart chose you for different reasons and one of those reasons stand out the most. You taught me how "my love is bigger than my disgust", you made me realize that you are more than what people think about you. I liked it when we were friends, but i even loved it when you trusted me with your secrets and opened up to me your every complaint. I love you more and more everyday.… Continue

Added by april anne villena on October 29, 2008 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

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