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What if it never happened-Chapter 5-Too Hard

"So, What's so great about a girl falling in love with a vampire?" Kyle said with an interested. I smiled and turned away from him stocking the books. "It's just romantic how much he loves her and he's willing to give up his life for her." I said seriously. Kyle laughed and i turned towards him. He was closer than i expected and he wasnt smiling but he was looking at me…


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I LOVE this song

Like if you love this song…


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Bound to Happen-Chapter4-Trust

I got to school early. I went into the audortorium and started playing my music. I closed my eyes and started singing. I let the tears fall. For some reason it was just one of those days. I knew i had to get it out early and put back on my smile. I let the tears fall and my voice started cracking. I opened my eyes to see Sem. He looked at me with a worried but also curious expression. For some reason this brothered me. "Not today." I said. He…


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Lady Gaga Breaks MTV Record! reports that Gaga set a record of 13 nominations including Best Female Artist. I guess that all those outragous costumes and amazing vocals are truly paying off. Lady Gaga later tweeted "13 VMA noms lilmonsters. Breakin records+breakin rüles. I love you, you Bad Kids are a part of me. PAWS UP!" All I can Say Is...…


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Heeyyy guys sooo I've been thinking about starting a blog about books and music and what's hot and what's not in that aspect of the world... but I can't think of a name!!! X] Seeing as everyone on here that's on this site is pretty creative, I thought I'd go to you guys and ask you to please help me if you can!!! I'd really appreciate it!!! I only have 2 requirements-

*It's gotta be unique like me!!! ^_^



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Bella's Theme

I have one real problem with the Movies. Music was very important in "Twilight" . I loved the music in Twilight but, in New Moonthe music waw more background, I do understand that Bella no longer wants to listen to music. I hated seeing the baby grand/or grand piano destroyed. To me it took the heart of Edward with it. His music is part of who he is to Bella. I really wish they would at least bring Bella's theme back for Breaking Dawn.

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'Twi Frenzy'

Riding Home, from somwhere out in the world. My mom driving and I'm in the

passengers seat,with the window rolled all the way down. All I see are

trees, fast cars, and houses with people,no doubt asleep.

All I…


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TWILIGHT- In the movie scene "showoff at ballet studio" at the end of the scene Edward tells Bella, "I'll make it go away" then while he sucks the poison out there is a song playing. Song identified as BLUESY POP BALLET.. CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME & ARTIST OF THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP, THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE. Thanks,

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New Moon: The Meadow Music Video

New Moon The Meadow Music Video (Official Soundtrack) Alexandre Desplat made by a fan.

Very pretty!…


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"Wrapped In Two" an original song inspired by Eclipse (Bella's song to Edward and Jacob)

Happy New Year 2010 to everyone! Please check out our new song inspired by reading Eclipse. It's Bella's song to Edward and Jacob. We hope you like it.
Peace to everyone,
Salinity Sail

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New Moon is great, BUT the music choices were awful. No comparison to Twilight (I bought both Twilight CD's, but not bothering for New Moon). Stephenie should have had the say for the music. When will we hear more of Edward's compositions, for instance? Music sets the mood.

Nothing beats the opening sequence of Twilight. I really expected more.

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Funny New Moon Music Video Spoof!!!

Check out this funny New Moon Music Video!!!! Please feel free to post your thoughts and questions!!!!!

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First blog post; Pathetic?

So, I'm just gonna warn you; this is my first post and I have no idea if anyone will actually read it or not, but I'm pretending someone is. Currently, my iPod's broken again, so I'm a bit lost. I seriously do not know what to do without it. Sure, I can use my cell, but I don't have enough gb's. I only have two on my cell phone, and I have 160 on my iPod, so there's quite a difference ^^,

Suddenly, this morning, it just didn't work. The screen is completely blank, and I can't turn it on.… Continue

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"I hope"

I know I have posted this before but I love the song "I hope" by this artist for New Moon, it's better then most of the ones I have heard that people have reccomended, what do you think?

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Rock & Roll

The Hottest Older Men In Music

Bryan Adams

Summer of '69

The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me (is you)…


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Twilight's Soundtrack Among the Nominees of the 9th World Soundtrack Awards!

Hi all Twilight Lovers!

I just received an email that gave me great news for all Twilight fans, specially those of you who loved the Motion Picture Soundtrack and The Score... I have wonderful news for you, The Twilight Soundtrack has been nominated in two categories, Film Composer of the Year and Best Original Score of the Year!...

Please read below if you want more information...



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Vote for the Twilight Soundtrack!!!


To all of you that LOVE the TWILIGHT soundtrack and cant stop listening to it, heres your chance to help it leave a mark like the movie has....

Remeber to vote!



You can vote for the Twilight Soundtrack over at the World Soundtrack Academy.

“All soundtrack and film music fans worldwide are asked to cast their vote for what they consider the best… Continue

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7th April..

Think You Will Like Love This Song..

Hi Guys..

Well This Is My First Entry :D

See Bella's Lullaby That Robert Pattinson Plays In The FIlm... I Was Quite Prowd When I Learnt How To Play It...

I Uploaded The Sheets For Whoever Wants Them... :D But It Is The A Different One…

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Twilight Music Video!

Click here for Twilight Music Video

Hope you like… Continue

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10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

by Nadya Vlassoff

As the New Moon pandemonium gets louder, with filming scheduled to start only days from now, we took a listen to a few songs that we think would make a good pairing with the second Twilight adaptation based on the popular novel, New Moon. In a recent interview, New Moon author and creator, Stephanie Meyer, explained that she had told the New Moon production staff the type of songs she did not want on the… Continue

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