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"Beginnings"-Chapter 2-Double Date

Chapter 2-

I woke up friday morning excited to go to school. I jumped in the shower and let the hot water run down my body. I got out and dried off. I put on my robe and started on my hair. I decided to comb it into a high bun. I started on my makeup. I decided to wear a light liliac purple with a touch of gold…


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Breaking Dawn

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!!!! And I can't stop wondering what Nessie will look like! I hope she's really cute, and real. Not animated . . . . What do you people think she'll look like?????

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Chapter 30 of Nessie's Story

I choked, my mouth open. "Six? They'll never grow up, or graduate college?" Carlisle said, "I'm sorry. I could be wrong, but.." Jacob's warm arm held my waist. Rosalie and Emmett held the twins. "Ness, does Aidan look older to you?" I took my baby from Rose's reluctant arms. Aidan looked up at me with big eyes and a more apparent similarity to Jacob's face. "Mommy." He stated with a knowing smile. Everyone gasped, even the vampires in the other room. I stuttered, "H-how does he kn-now that?!"… Continue

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Moonlight ch1 part 2

"yes,Yes, a million times yes!" I said and Jacob spun my around like they do in the movies and kissed me.

He asked, "Do you want to see your ring?"

"sure," I said with a giggle. Then he pulled out a stunning diamond ring that was so beautiful it made me wanna cry." Its beautiful. Oh Jacob!" I through my arms around him again.

He chuckled," We might want to get back to the party. I imagine…


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This takes place 7 yrs after the Voturi incidence and everything is well. For now....

Review Plzzzzzzzz and i dont mind constructive criticism.

Ch.1 Birthdays (part 1)

Nessie's POV

"... Happy Birthday to you!" My family sang as I blew out the candles on my cake. It was my…


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I love Jacob, for Renesmee. :)

Jacob Black is really protective, understanding.. Especially to Nessie. And thats why they really belong to each
other. But im curious, Does that "imprinting" make sense? Is that the reason why he's so protective and etc.? And
i see it rude. He did imprint it to Nessie just to be around with Bella? As a family? But at least, he loved Nessie.
And thats the most…

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Breaking Dawn...

So, because I'm bored and people always seem to be making threads about how great Breaking Dawn is, I decided to make a blog about all the things I felt went wrong. I was disappointed in Breaking Dawn. I fell in love with the other three books and they just continued to get better and better, so I was expecting an amazing conclusion to this story that I love so much. But, I ended up being upset with the outcome. And it never even felt like a conclusion to the saga. Maybe my expectations were… Continue

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FanFiction Roses!

This is for my FanFiction titled Happily Forever After!!!! Please rate!…


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xx - What are two bright litle dots on the head of Jacob?

For commentaries.

In the beginning there were only the darkness ...

Chaos, darkness, unintelligible sounds, empty ... my world finally didn’t exist anymore. Empty ... quiet ... immovable. That world so beautiful, so colourful had turned into this deep darkness. Only a single whisper, insisted on breaking the silence of perfection.

- I don’t love you Jacob. Empty ... quiet ... immovable.

- I don’t love you Jacob. Empty ... quiet ... immovable.

- I don’t love you… Continue

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I am a Nessie that has no jacob to love. If want are a jacob with no Nessie to love, Could I be your Nessie?

I also need a mom and dad!!! If you can be my mom or dad let me know. I feel like know one cares about me and like no one really loves me. :(…


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Multispectral Sun: My Fanfic

Multispectral Sun!!!!!

Look at the link.....

Please Read and Comment!!!!!

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~☼Clouding Dusk☼~

This book I am starting to make is from Renesmee's P.O.V (Point Of Veiw). She is about two and looks to be 14-15. Enjoy this book with a paw print of love! CAHPTER 6 IS DONE!!!

Clouding Dusk

This small book is dedicated to my wonderful friend Mariah.


I had never given much thought about my life and how it would end. For just anybody, a life is quick and then you die, but to others it is a diamond in a mine, but even if I did think about my… Continue

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My Fanfiction

Chapter one

Nessies POV

Everyone says that being different is a good thing and right in the centre of everyone is my family, they’re always trying to reassure me that my being different is what makes me special, but what if I don’t want to special. What if all I want is to fit in, to be a full vampire, like the rest of my family. Sometimes I wonder if my family really knows what I’m going through, it’s not like there are many of my kind out there.… Continue

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Chapter 4 Nessies baby

Renesmee's POV

I sat there for hours and hours admiring my baby.Everyone got their turn holding him. Edward Jacob looks just like his father, but pale, like me. Jacob was taking care of business with his pack. I know he didn't want to leave but he had to assure the pack that the EJ was not dangerous.

Mom and dad came in after a while and sat in front of my.

"Nessie, there is an important matter that we need to make clear with you at the moment," He… Continue

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Chapter 3 Nessies baby

Edward's POV

"Sweetie, are you okay?" Bella asked Renesmee. She tore her eyes away from her baby and looked at Bella. "Mom, you know very well that I am better than perfect." Nessie smile became HUGE. I was happy for my baby, now that she was, all the depression in the house had faided away. Bella's head shot up to me. I furrowed my eyebrows. She widend her eyes and her mouth popped open.

"Love?" I asked. She walked foward to me, but Nessies hand stopped her… Continue

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Chapter 2 Nessie's baby

He took my face in his hands to cradle it. Before i could assure him i was better; he interrupted with a kiss.

He pulled away as soon as i started gasping for air. I looked at his tear stoke cheek and he smiled at me.

We were alone with our baby. My family left us, so we could have our moment.

"Ness. im.. so happy. I can explain this.." He pointed to his eyes that had more tears coming from them.

I smiled; he was being rediculious now. "No, there is no reason for you to… Continue

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Midnight Sun

I have ran across the partial from Stephanie Meyer's book, Midnight Sun. I would have to say that it could have very well been one of the most intriguing books I have read from the Twilight saga. It's a pity that she has put the book on hold indefiently! Somehow we have to come together, as Twilight fans, and persuade her to finish the book or start over. Edwards point of view has got to be the most detailed and fascinating and all the others, in my opinion, hold no light to his. For small… Continue

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Breaking Dawn Book 2 Jacob

I just absolutely love the chapter titles. they're hilarious. My Favorite is "Why didn't I just walk away? Oh right, because I'm an idiot." I also like the inside of his head better than bellas because it's fun to hear all of his thoughts. I think the story would have been better if Jacob hadn't imprinted on Nessie. Or he ended up with Bella. Either one.

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Ideas For my seris with Renesmee

Ok I'm writing a seris after breaking dawn from renesmee's point of view. the conflict so far is that the Volturi are coming back to kill the werewolves. (hee hee sorry peeps!) Don't worry though! (yet) So give me ideas that would be awesome for my seris. If you have any questons go on my youtube account or comment on my profile. (my yputube URL is http'//

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