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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 19 - Learn from the past , Not dwell on it

"Amena , say Mama." I say too my beautiful baby. She just smiles and gurgles at me. "Say mama Amena." I say too her again. She just reaches for me still smiling. I smile shaking my head as I pick her up. "You'll say it one day." I say giving her a light kiss on her forehead. I hug her too me. "Come on we have too get you dressed for da da." I say walking over too her closet. I pick out a sweater with jeans and a huge flower headband. I give her a quick bath. I dress her quickly. I comb her hair… Continue

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My new story

I’m here


          “Please wake up”-he hold her in his strong arms-“Wake up I need you”. All the tears he had fought throughout all this time started to run down his cheek. “I love you, and I can’t let this happen”. He felt how this awful sensation of pain and heaviness in his chest, it all became too much for him to handle. He looked up and screamed-“Why!”-He wanted to blame someone else for what was happening, but deep inside him he knew…


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Forever- Chapter One

OK just so you guys know this is the story after Breaking Dawn, based on the bestselling series created by STEPHENIE MEYER no copyright intended, I own nothing.


                  We were back in town, back in Forks, after 80 years, but everything was…


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Ending to a Beginning-9-30-2015 My Wedding Day

I looked at the sun outside. It was beautiful. It warmed me up. It reminded me of Seth. My heart ached a little bit. I missed him but i knew i would be seeing him in 8 hours. I smiled thinking about what he would look like when i walked down the aisle. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I was happy today i didnt wake up with feeling sick. I looked at myself. I realized i was glowing. I stayed…


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New kid



Have just joined and have no idea what I am doing lol




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new ch.3

i was about to tell Jesse that i didnt love him but for my luck his parents arrive just in time and my phone started ringing i excused my self and answered it


-Micheale were are you why arent you home yet

-sorry aunt Georgia ill be right back

-no its okay baby girl i just wanted to make sure you were okay

-well thanks auntie anyway ill be right back

-bye baby girl

-bye aunt

closed the phone

i loved both my uncle and my…


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New Moon

I've see every one of the Twilight movies that is out right now. I'm reading New Moon and I cried when Edward and his family had to live Bella in chapter three.

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Jane's Glare

Jane from New Moon/Eclipse

Jane is my favorite character in the Twilight Saga. She is young in body, but strong in spirit and mind...mind control, that is. I absolutely love her confident glare. It reminds me of a person who is on a mission; one who is focused and in control. See my fan-made quote below for more.…


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New ch. 2

“Its Selena while driving back from school she missed a red light and got hit by a truck shes and the hospital right now let’s go” We all got into my Camaro and drive

to the hospital

“Where is Miss Selena Stuart” Jesse said roam…


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New ch. 1

This is a story I wrote please tell me what do you think

I was dreaming of my mom and my dad when my brother woke me up by knocking on my door.

Robert: “Michaela wake…


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Heyy Twilovers!!

Heyy Twilovers.

My name is Skye Dawn, I hope to be friends with you all in the future. =] .. Im from Australia... And im almost 20 years of age. I love Twilight an music.

Such as...

Katy Perry

Linkin Park


Robert Pattinson



And loads more

If you wanna know anymore just ask.. Mwa love you all

Bye Twilovers

Skye Dawn


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What do you think of this????????

Morning Sun! Edward's point of view in the Twilight series! It's Twilight all over again told by Edward! Tell me what you think!

Added by Abbie Carlos on August 29, 2010 at 5:43pm — 2 Comments

Let The Rain Fall Down Again

Hello Twilight Fans! Some of you may have heard that my sister Tasha wrote a song about New Moon, but for those who haven't here is the link so you can have a listen --> ... I've also made a video for it, which hopefully makes it more enjoyable to watch. We would love to hear feedback on what you thought about the song, constructive critisism is welcome, but please do so lightheartedly. We… Continue

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Twilight Inspired Me To Read

I've never liked reading in my whle life. I always refused to read in school and out. I wouldnt read anything. When i was made to read they were all picture books-the ones that arent too long. My mother held me backin 2nd grade because of it.

In January 2010 I never really left my house besides school and basketball games at my school. (I live in a small town in Michigan.) So i told my best…


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Twilight Freak News

Twilight Freak News:

Just in that director Bill Condon will be Directint Breaking Dawn instead of the previous director, Daivid Slade. Awwww so sad, the Twilight Saga director got replaced agian. But back to the matter at hand Breaking Dawn will be split up into 2 movies, the first will be in theaters November 18, 2011. The second will be in theaters November 16 2012! [sigh] Normal people…


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Twilight Triple Feature & my thoughts about the Eclipse Movie

Yesterday was finally the day I had been looking forward to such eagerly. It was time for the Eclipse movie premiere in Germany as part of the huge Twilight Triple Feature cinema event. After a great & sucessful shopping tour I went up to the cinema area at the Lago Center in Konstanz/Germany, very excitedly. The event was in a massive hall with incredibly huge screen - wahey! Me sitting very up at the front, seeing every tiny detail and sitting right in…


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Lost Moon : Edward's New Moon ~ Preface

Hey guys,

So... as some of you may know..... I have been working on a novel called 'Lost Moon.' The Story is basically New Moon... but from a different point of view, Edward Cullen's. Find out what he gets up to and how he feels when he is away from Bella.

I will put the preface here and Chapter One : Event in another post! If it is popular then I will post some more, so…


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I am going to see eclipse I am soo excited ppls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaayyyy!

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hello evryone. Wanted to post that there is a new group the group is called the LGBT gruop. its new. the group is basically a group for the LGBT community and also a gay str8t alliance. its not just for gay people but also for those who also belive in gay rights and so forth. hope you join. to join go to:

jope to…


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