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What if it never happend-Chapter 9- Crazy

I ran and ran not stopping. My heart was beating rapidly and my legs burned but i didnt care. "Seth, stop." I heard Jake's voice echo in my thoughts. I refused and kept running and running. My vision was blurry from the tears. "Just let him get it all out." I heard Renesmee's thought echo through Jake's thought. Soon i couldnt feel Jake anymore and i knew he was gone. I was alone. Her face crept it's way in my thoughts and i couldn't help the howl the built in…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 7-Faith and hope are two different things

I sat behind the counter. The store was quiet today which really didnt brother me. The quiet was nice. I closed my eyes thinking about the kiss. A shy smile crept up on my face. My lips still tingled and i had butterflies exploding in my stomach like they were emerging from their cacoons for the first time. "Hey." Seth whispered. I opened my eyes my smile widened. "Hi." I said. Seth stared at me for a good ten seconds before speaking again. "Do you think after…


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Gone but not Forgotten-Chapter8-Meeting the Pack

We pulled up to a little house. I smelled cooking. It made my belly rumble. Late looked at me. "Someone's hungry." He said smiling. I smiled back. "Yes i am." I said. Late came and opened the door for me. He pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back. My heart was racing. I pulled away. "What was that for?" I said. He smiled. "For being perfect." He said. We walked hand and hand into the house. Everyone stared at me but Satanaia broke the… Continue

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Twilight Saga-Eclipse! A Must See Movie Event! David Slade Did An Awesome Job!

Twilight Saga: Eclipse left me breathless in all aspects of the story. David Slade did an awesome job by sticking to the book. All the Twilight Characters were awesome & spectacular in their own unique roles especially our favorites Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, The Cullens, The Wolf Pack, The Volturi's, and the New Bloods as well. I also loved best by David Slade & Melissa Rosenberg the part of Charlie &…


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"The Past Changes Our Future" A Seth Imprint Story Chapter 2.

Here's chapter 2! Enjoy!

Chapter 2

The look on Seth's face was priceless. He looked like someone had just punched him in the face. "Wanna say something?" I asked. He looked to Jacob. "And you didn't tell me because?" He said. Jacob smirked. "I couldn't wait to see your reaction." My mom was chuckling. "I'll be in the living room....with the adults. Jake, let your brothers in when they come." My mom told me about Jake's bond with his friends. They were all…


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The Life of a Twilight Fanatic

Title: The Life of a Twilight Fanatic


Reading these books.. changed how I look at life. Changed everything I've thought before I read them. All I think, or dream or talk of, is this beautiful book.. that my favorite author, Stephenie Meyer made. She made my fantasy world come alive.

Chapter 1

I've lived in this town, since I was fifteen years old. I live with my mother in New York City. My dad, Alexander, lives in California. I use to live… Continue

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Wild Flower

Chapter 1

One day in Forks Bella met Edward,and then she met Jacob her old family friend. But

what you dont know is Bella had a best friend named Alicia;yes they dont seem like the original

best friends but they are; It's Bella's last year in high school,and its the first day of 12th

grade for Bella,Alicia comes to forks high school.

"well looks like my new school" Alicia says will she walks in the school

Bella was walking into the office and… Continue

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Latest New Moon Clip-Bella Slaps Paul--Must See!!

Here is the latest clip we have found for New Moon-from itunes. Bella slaps Paul--see full wolf transformation--great clip--must see!!

More updates on…


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Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon in Vancouver

Three of the recently confirmed wolf pack members were spotted in downtown Vancouver looking good enough to eat. LaineyGossip brings the pics via Punkd, and has this to say–

Wolf sighting in Vancouver yesterday. From left to right: Chaske Spencer (Sam), Alex Meraz (Paul), and Kiowa Gordon (Embry) looking all wolfy badass but also kinda virgin paparazzi adorable…

Anyway, the wolves have been shooting with Taylor Lautner and… Continue

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Is One of the Members of the Wolf Pack Oliver James?

We’re convinced that the guy seen today in red on the set of New Moon is actor Oliver James. What do you guys think? The two pics on the left are from today, the four on the right are of Oliver James. Oliver James has previously been in What a Girl Wants and Raise Your Voice. His hair, eyebrows, nose and dimpled chin are very similar. I think he looks more like Oliver James than Bronson Pelletier, which is who I originally thought it might… Continue

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