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What if it never happened - You see sometimes i wonder why i was dealt this hand pt.1 ?

Seth's hand was flaming in mine. But it felt right. I needed him here. I needed something to cling on to so i could be strong. Naivei looked down at our connected hands seeing we were one. Naivei must have felt it because when he looked back up me his eyes were swimming with hurt , pain and jealousy. Seth cleared his throat and Naivei glanced at him giving him a hard look then looked back at me. "So how long have yall been together ?" Naivei finally spoke. "Why…


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What if it never happend-Chapter 9- Crazy

I ran and ran not stopping. My heart was beating rapidly and my legs burned but i didnt care. "Seth, stop." I heard Jake's voice echo in my thoughts. I refused and kept running and running. My vision was blurry from the tears. "Just let him get it all out." I heard Renesmee's thought echo through Jake's thought. Soon i couldnt feel Jake anymore and i knew he was gone. I was alone. Her face crept it's way in my thoughts and i couldn't help the howl the built in…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 3- The way things are right now

I looked around the kitchen. Everything was in it's place. The kitchen was what i called "Lived in." Lila would call old. I smiled and my tummy filled with sadness thinking about her. My eyes started stinging and i wanted to lay down in the bed and sleep. But i knew i couldnt do that. I had to much to do. I took a deep breathe and walked out of the kitchen. The living room was done too. All i had to worry about was my room now. I walked up the creaky stairs. I…


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What if it never happened-Chapter 2-Responsible

I looked at the beautiful greeny around me. My window was down and the cool earth smell hit me. I felt relaxed. Evan started to slow and i saw the little white house. It wasnt something that i would see in a home magazine but it had character and i loved it. Evan pulled into the small driveway. He turned off the car and everyone was silent for a moment. I took a deep breathe smelling the earth again. It relaxed me. "Are we just going to sitt here all day?" I…


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I never really thought you-Chapter 2-Summers over,Welcome Fall

"Lily, Come on." Matt said tugging on my arm. "No. I have to get her." I said pulling away from him. I ran to my sister on the floor. "Deliah come on." I said tugging on her. She was too heavy. The smoke was burning my eyes. My skin started feeling like it was on fire. "Please, Deliah get up." I said screaming. My lungs were screaming for air. "Deliah looked at  me. " "Go, Lily." "Go,Now." She said. I looked at my sister. I kissed her lightly. "I love you." I said in a whisper. I felt…


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Sometimes the pain is worth it-Chapter 1-Fascinated

I walked into school. Everyone was whispering. I knew we had someone new. All the girls looked there best. So i knew it was a guy. The guys tried to look like they couldnt care less. But if you really looked at them. You could see they were just as fascinated. I got to history and put in my ear phones. I started reading a new Sarah Dessen novel. She was one of my new favorites. Kate nash was blaring in my ears. I was so caught up in my book. That i didnt realize class had started until i felt… Continue

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The forgotten is remembered-Final Chapter pt.1-The Wedding

I woke up. The sun hitting my face. My eyes felt heavy. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was puffy and my face blotchey from crying. My body ached. Today was the day. Today was the day i lost him. My heart started cracking. It felt like the breathe was being knocked out of me. I fell to the floor. Holding in my screams from the pain. I let the pain overtake me. I deserved this. I deserved to feel this. He doesnt need this. He doesnt need me to…


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The Forgotten is Remembered-Chapter6-Letting this back in....

I laid there and watched the sun rise. My body was numb. Late's cool hands wrapped around me. "I need to watch it." I said. "Are you sure?" Late whispered in my ear. "Im not sure but i need to watch it." I said trying to move. But Late held me in place. I turned and looked at him. His skin was sparkly. It took my breathe away. "Remember i'm here." He whispered. "I know." I whispered back. He got up and put the video in. I sat down on the couch. Late sat down pulling me close to him. I didnt…


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The Forgotten i remembered-Chapter5-Janiece's Pov

My ears filled with everything my everything my aunt was saying. Anger was filling my body. When we got to the hotel Sem was waiting for me. I walked to him. Grabbing his hand walking to the hotel room. When he closed the door. He just looked at me. "Janiece, What happened?" Sem said worried. Thats when i lost it. "He left me." "Sem, When i needed him the most he left me." Sem walked towards me. He tried to touch me. "Dont touch me." I said falling to my…


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The Forgotten is remembered-Chapter5-Get it together

UThe car ride was long. My body ached. My head was pounding.i was exhausted. But we pulled up to the house. My whole body went numb. I looked at the nice sized house. I turned and looked at my sisters. "No matter what happens we have each other." I said trying to be strong. Janaila and Janiece nodded. We all got out and each one if my sisters grabbed one of my hands. We walked the front door. I knocked. I heard a woman. A little dark haired woman answred the door. She looked at us. "I knew you… Continue

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Silence-Chapter7-Memories become real

I ran down the hallway. Knocking into people. But i wasnt fast enough. Ace caught me. His touch sent chills through my body. He made me turn to him and look at him. I looked into his eyes. Like i was seeing them for the first time. "Please" He said in a pleading tone. My heart tugged. "You really dont remember do you?" I said in a whipser. He looked at me with a confused expression. "Amena please tell me what have i done?" He said. My heart broke into pieces. "You…


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He did the same thing every morning now. He would walk with me. Not saying anything. But i think he could sense that i liked his presence. One morning though something was off. Something was wrong. When we reached the english class. He went and locked the door. He looked at me. His eyes were hard and i could tell he was angry. I looked at him searching. "Why wont you talk to me?" He said walking towards me. I just looked at him. My heart felt…


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Gone but not Forgotten-Chapter3-My Future

I sat in bed. Letting the tears stream down my face. Mom was gone. Said she needed "Me time". I sat there alone. Physically and mentally. I knew who i needed at the time. But for some reason i scared. I know im scared because i dont want him to leave again. Just thinking about made my heart hurt. I rolled over closing my eyes. "Ariana?" I rolled over opening my eyes seeing Late standing by my door. "How did you get in here?" I said shocked.…


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Mistakes-Chapter 7-Waking up to my life

I opened my eyes. The sun was shining on my face. I looked to my side and saw my angels eyes. He looked back at me and i saw pain, hurt and love all mixed together in them. I tried to move but i realized i couldnt. I had a cast on my leg. My face was bandaged and i was sore. Seth took my hand. "Janaila i love you so much." He said. He head tears coming down his face. It broke my heart. Tears filled my eyes and the fell over. "I love you too."…


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Mistakes-Chapter 6-Saving me

I laid there wrapped tight in Nahuel's Arms. His breathe was on my neck. I held in my tears. I didnt want him to know that i was freaking this. I looked up at his sleeping face. I could just vomit at that moment. My stomach started to churn. Soon i felt the vomit coming. I ran to the bathroom. That woke Nahuel up. He followed me into the bathroom. He came and rubbed my back. I moved away from him though. I looked at him and he looked back at…


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Mistakes-Chapter 5-Lies

I laid there not moving. "Get up." Nahuel said with vemon in his voice. I sat up even though it caused me pain. I looked into Nahue'ls eyes and all i saw was darkness. "Come here." Nahuel opened his arms and motioned for me to come towards him. I looked at him and i could see something else. It looked like pain. I knew this is what would get me out of here alive. I moved into his arms. He hugged me close…


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Mistakes-Chapter 1-Breaking my Heart

3 weeks before-

"Janaila?" "What is going on?" Seth said. There were so many emotions on his face. Pain,Anger and hurt. My heart was breaking just seeing him like this. "Seth like me explain." I said trying to make sense of this. He looked at me. "I was trying to leave and he grabbed me and kissed me." "Seth i' so sorry." I said with tears boiling over. "Did you stop him?" Seth…


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Take this pain

Take the pain
With my blade
Blood stained 
My soul poured
The crimson shine
Rope tied 
Suicide mistaken for the holy end
It's all survival
From the emptiness inside
For the fight of life
To heal the wounds
Of abuse and pain
The sorrow the fills
Empty bottles of pills
You stand afraid
You stand alone
But someones waiting to take you home
Yet no one knows
Your empty soul
That you keep locked away...

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Painful Reunion Part 1

I walked up the steps to the school, remembering the last day I saw Mason here, like every other day. It was early summer and we were in Grade 9. We'd been friends since Grade 2 and had been inseperable ever since.

"I hope they don't seperate us for class. I really want us to be together again next year!" I enthused, looking at him and waiting for an answer. "Kaila, we've been in the same splits since Grade 2, do you really think they'll…


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