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Official New Moon Poster Leaked: Here it Is!

The Washington Times accidentally uploaded the official New Moon poster story early, prematurely revealing the first official poster for New Moon that was scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow morning in the print edition and at 7am EST online.

The page has since been taken down, but is still freely available in the Google cache. However, the full size version isn’t available as far as I can… Continue

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Vote for TWILIGHT... 2009 MTV Movie Awards!!!

Here is the Link:

Be sure to look at all the Categories! There is something related to Twilight in just about all of them..

Oh and there will be a race between Edward and Jacob.. again... Who will go home with a Breakthrough Male Performance Award? We shall see! (It better be Edward.. damn it!) lol

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Five Reasons New Moon Could be Good

BuzzSugar has an article describing five reasons they are optimistic about New Moon–it’s interesting to read this type of thing from a non-fan’s perspective. They said that Twilight was a bit of a critical dissapointment:

The faithful flocked to theaters, but some folks new to the story left wondering what all the hype is about. I’m hoping the next movie in this saga, New Moon, will be an improvement over the first one when it hits… Continue

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On a date with Robert

Okay, I chanced upon a good read on one of the many interviews Robert does with the media. This was by Chris Hicks of Total Film.


"He seems to be styled by Hugo Boss," wrote our Features Ed. Jonathan Dean in his review for the Twilight DVD. "He has immaculate Shockwaves hair. He has eyes that can change colour." And, capping it off, he added: "He’s fricking gorgeous after all."


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Delicious VMAN outtakes from the men of Twilight

Thanks to, we have now this complete delicious photo outtakes from the men of Twilight from VMan.…


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Fabulous GQ outtakes of Rob

Here are some fabulous GQ outtakes of Robert Pattinson (thanks to Stina Riz). Enjoy, ladies.…


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Edward or Robert Pattinson?

I just had one of my fits in which I just lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling, and I just sort of got a thought.

Do ppl like Edward or is it Robert Pattinson because those two seem to be pretty much synonymous.

I am prety torn, we do know what Edward looks like sort of, I mean Stephenie's Edward was not written for Rob Patinson, it was some one she imagined, and we dont really know what he looks like! He is inside her head!

I am pretty much torn, Edward's… Continue

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Kellan, Rob and Taylor eye-candy photos

Girls, here are some outtakes from the photoshoot that Kellan Lutz, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner did for Cosmogirl Magazine. Am sure some of you have seen these already, but nonetheless, these will be a treat for those who haven't... so, enjoy! (Thanks Lion-Lamb)…


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Who Else is Left to Cast in New Moon?

So, now that we know that Michael Sheen has been cast as Aro in New Moon–who else is left to cast? There are still some very big shoes to fill, Amanda Bell at the Examiner has noticed–including:

* First, we have Alec. Alec is the second part of the dynamic deadly duo of Alec and Jane. He, who is also a member of the Volturi guard, is a direct contrast in his extra capacities as a vampire. Like Edward, Alice, and Jane, he has an… Continue

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Rob's take on screaming girls

Okay, this could be an old article or back issue of Awful Truth, but it's a brief refresher of some sort on how Rob takes all this fame and girls...

Awful Truth: How do you possibly handle the fame and all of these screaming girls?

Robert Pattinson: I don't really, I'm just here. I don't know if I'm accepting it or not, really. It's completely ridiculous; I mean last year no one cared at all.

A.T.: Hey, you care for… Continue

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Rob and Nikki are NOT

I just bumped an article from Ted of EOnline about Rob and Nikki (might) aren't really together, like there's no emotional involvement or whatsoever. Physically, maybe (after all, it's cold in Canada). Ted's citing a source that the two aren't a couple. here are snippets of his article:

"More than one very good chum to Nik and Kris is adamantly refuting any Rob-Nikki romance. We’re told a serious relationship between N and R does… Continue

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Robert Pattinson Will Put Stars in Your Eyes

Oh my gaz!

Check out these new pics from a photoshoot Robert Pattinson did with Dossier Magazine!

[via Pink is the New Blog by way of Robsessed courtesy The Twilight Times and seen on TwiCrack! lol]


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How long has the Twilight Saga or movie occupied 99.9% of your time and thought?

I was late in falling in love with the books and the Twilight movie, but it has been 5 weeks STRAIGHT, that I am intoxicated. I go to sleep thinking about it and throughout the day I search, write about, listen to the movie score and soundtrack and pop in the movie now every 2 days to watch. I am not sure what is wrong with me. I am 33, and have become so involved in this world. I am beginning to contemplate doing my own series of artwork inspired by the books as well since I am an artist. I… Continue

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Summary of What We Know about New Moon So Far

Rotten Tomatoes has written a great three-page article summarizing all that is out there about New Moon so far. I found the section about director Chris Weitz particularly interesting–

"With the conspicuous exit of Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, we’ve got a new helmer at the reins of New Moon: Chris Weitz, who got his start by co-writing Antz (95 percent on the Tomatometer) - and then wrote The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (26 percent). Weitz then wrote and directed About a… Continue

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Pattinson Likes “Normal Girls Who Don’t Pretend to be Anything Else”

The Spanish magazine Glamour has a fantastic new interview with Robert Pattinson, in which he speaks at length on different aspects of his love life as well as his new movie Little Ashes. Twilight Poison handled the translation from the original Spanish article–

You’re right. That’s what I was going to ask you. Do you believe this story was tailor made for young girls?

"Yes, it’s so weird and funny. Afte reading the books… Continue

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New Moon Production Halted, Robert Pattinson Leaves Movie

Both ScreenRant and PopSugar are reporting that Robert Pattinson has dropped out of the New Moon production! Screenrant has this to say–

In a bit of news that is sure to shock and dismay Twilight fans, production of New Moon (the next film in the series) has shut down due to a dispute on the set.

It seems that star Robert Pattinson has been butting heads with director Chris Weitz over not only script decisions, but apparent… Continue

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100 ways to annoy Edward Cullen XD


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Rob's Piano Concert

Here it is the concert that Rob (well Edward) does in the film in it's full length...

I LUV this so much, and the way those long lean fingers play that Grand… Continue

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Robert Pattinson Responds to Rumors

In response to recent rumors, Robert Pattinson has a new interview with Moviefone where he addresses some of them. Though he denies he smells bad, he does say he enjoys eating puppies. Ok, that’s a complete lie. He’s just as dreamy as you think–

3. Is it true that you took a fan out for dinner?

That is true, yeah.

4. Is it true that, I don’t know if you saw this, but a source on the set of ‘New Moon’ said that you… Continue

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