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breaking dawn why????

Why does breaking dawn have to be the last in twilight series i was so mad when i finished the last page of breaking dawn. i think the Stephanie Meyer should write a spin off series with Nessie and  jacob and they have kids and a vampire or were-wolf comes after them and they need The Cullen's  and the were wolves to help them  fight and it would be good for both girls and guys because there would be action and romance and who wouldn't want to see more of Nessie and Jacob together they were…


Added by Angel20395 on May 22, 2012 at 11:07am — 6 Comments

Whats Next? (change)

My blog post will be every Saturday!! You can read it all through the week though. So anyway Here it is! I am Jade your Twilight Pro. I know everything that is happening. So If you like the buzz don't waste your time wondering know. Well I can say right now that Breaking Dawn Part 1 isn't coming out until November 2011. Sorry fans. So this is blog 1 and will not be my best next weeks will be Awesome! Anyway please give suggestions on my blog. I will try to put everyone of them up! Comments…


Added by Jade Strauss on November 7, 2010 at 12:29am — 1 Comment

Why you should LOVE edward!!

First off, Edward is hot(Also know as Robert Pattinson)!!!

Just because he has chest hair, doesn't mean its gross!

All boys get it at some time!

He is a great acter!! he does it right!!

He gets deep into his charter..he never trails…


Added by Corissa Polmok on May 21, 2010 at 7:30pm — No Comments

Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a REALITY CHECK!!!!

OK ANYONE who has a friend who uses, or if you use it, PLEASE tell everyone not to write ANY MORE Edward and someone else love stories, they ruin the real thing. It's sad that people have to go to such lengths to make them feel better about themselves by thinking that Edward Cullen is alive and wants you. I know he is in our minds and everything, and we all fantasize about him, but (i can't believe i'm saying this!!) everyone needs to get their heads in the real world for like, one… Continue

Added by Jenna Rayanne LaMar on December 12, 2009 at 7:16pm — No Comments

Hello Team Bella Fans ( or TeamSwitz)

I just saw the Team Jacob blog and I agree. I just saw a profile comment for Team Bella that had some innapropiete language. I decided that if there is any inappropiete language on the page then you will be deleted. Please also no arguing, cussing or talking about other members or celebs.

Thank You!!!

Added by Official Team Bella Captain on December 9, 2009 at 6:30pm — 37 Comments

About Love Elizabeth

Love Elizabeth is a friendship and love story. It takes place in many settings such as a deserted beach, Paris and California! It shows the relationship between two young girls and their two boyfriends. The girls are Lizzie(Me) and Ashley. They have known each other for quite some time and get each other into a deep pit of trouble. Ashley is on a plane to California, where she sits next to a new person that soon becomes her boyfriend. later on, the plane crashes into the ocean, leaving… Continue

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