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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 16 - Who do i really want too become ?

"Do you think she's ready ?" Jasper says his voice catiuous. He's looking at Carlisle and Edward. "I think she is." "She's shown get resistance too humans before." Carlisle says. "How about we ask her ?" Esme says chiming in. She gives me a warm smile. "Janiece do you think your ready to go back to school ?" Edward says. "Yes." "If i wasn't please believe i would say so." I say assurance in my voice. They all stare at me for a second before looking at Carlisle. "If she thinks she's ready…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 9 - unaware of a beginning

I held on to Sem as we rode into school. He helped me off the bike. Taking my hand. I heard whispers and murmurs. I looked at Sem too find him staring down at me. His eyes held love it made my heart skip a beat. "There all staring , were hot stuff." I say to Sem with a goofy smile. "Yeah well we all know who the hot

One is ." Sem says with a smile matching mine. "Duh me." I say laughing. Sem stops us and pulls me close. "Let's give them to stare at." He says before pushing his lips to… Continue

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Forever- Chapter One

OK just so you guys know this is the story after Breaking Dawn, based on the bestselling series created by STEPHENIE MEYER no copyright intended, I own nothing.


                  We were back in town, back in Forks, after 80 years, but everything was…


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Sometimes the pain is worth it-Chapter 1-Fascinated

I walked into school. Everyone was whispering. I knew we had someone new. All the girls looked there best. So i knew it was a guy. The guys tried to look like they couldnt care less. But if you really looked at them. You could see they were just as fascinated. I got to history and put in my ear phones. I started reading a new Sarah Dessen novel. She was one of my new favorites. Kate nash was blaring in my ears. I was so caught up in my book. That i didnt realize class had started until i felt… Continue

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Gone but not Forgotten-Chapter 1-Is it really you?

I looked out my window. I heard my mom close her door. I got up and grabbed my jacket. I climbed out my window. I walked down the dimmly lite street. I finally reached the park. I sat in the spot. The spot where i lost my heart. I sat there. 10 years earlier

"You cant get me." I yelled at Late. I turned and started running. I looked back and saw that he was right behind me. He…


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"Beginnings"-Chapter 1-First Day!


Something about him was just making me want to be close to him. I mean it was was strong like we were being pulled together. I looked down breaking our stare but i still felt his eyes boring into my head. I looked back up back to his eyes and i knew he felt the same way. I was in love.…


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Fan Fiction - Back to Shool

Edward held my hand as we entered the familiar lunchroom.

Though we had checked to see if all the old teachers had left (which they had), I had a very bad feeling.

Every head turned to face us, I watched their reaction as the took us in. the seven unnaturally beautiful, pale people and the big dark muscled guy.

The reactions I saw reminded me of the first time I had seen the Cullens, right here, in this very cafeteria thirty-five years ago.

The eight of us made our way to… Continue

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Medical School.... and Twilight

Today I had the exam that would get me into Medical School... they told us that it was basically the most difficult test that we'll ever have in our lifetime... given the fact that there are about 800 applicants and only 42 spots... and who would have thought that you can actually get into Medical School with Twilight? Yesssss!!!! The question said something about how vampires have always been object of literary study... and that now there is this story involving (I almost had a heart attack… Continue

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i hate it.
but i guess i have to learn something sometime.

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