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Short Story- Familiar Strangers

I wrote this for Creative Writing thought I'd put it up here too... and I'm not continuing this. Too much work. :P 

Let me know what you think about it. :)



He watched out the window thunder exploded in the sky while the rain made it hard to see anything. Just like his mind, hazy and misty. With a small self-deprecating smile, he brushed his hand over the cold fogged glass, the barrier between him and the rain.



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My new story

I’m here


          “Please wake up”-he hold her in his strong arms-“Wake up I need you”. All the tears he had fought throughout all this time started to run down his cheek. “I love you, and I can’t let this happen”. He felt how this awful sensation of pain and heaviness in his chest, it all became too much for him to handle. He looked up and screamed-“Why!”-He wanted to blame someone else for what was happening, but deep inside him he knew…


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Read My Secret Vampire Life!

Hi, I made a story: My secret Vampire Life, If you would like to read it, then click on the link (Obviously) and please comment.


I may not be as good as Twilight, but its, cool...

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My second entry to my story- Extra Paper

to everyone who follows this blog: this is not part of the story i would just like to bring you some need to know knowledge if you get a friend request from someone with the last name davies DONT ADD THEM their hackers. Tell this to your friends because if one of them adds a hacker you get hacked too thanks. Now lets get to what everyone is here for the next part of Extra Paper. Recap: Daniel just disapeared okay now REALLY back to the story.…


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My first entry of my story - Extra Paper

I shifted inmy desk.My science teacher had been going on and on about the periodic table and it was amazingly boring. I looked up at the clock it was 2:00 only ten more minuets untill I was free a beutiful friday afternoon it was. I looked over at my best friend Jill who was intent on the lesson. "Amelia how about you do you know the answer?" Crap. How was I supposed to know this? I thought I looked at Jill she mouthed Royal Gas "Um royal gas?" I relpled sheepishly "Yes!" Mr.Matterhorn…


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Painful Reunion Part 1

I walked up the steps to the school, remembering the last day I saw Mason here, like every other day. It was early summer and we were in Grade 9. We'd been friends since Grade 2 and had been inseperable ever since.

"I hope they don't seperate us for class. I really want us to be together again next year!" I enthused, looking at him and waiting for an answer. "Kaila, we've been in the same splits since Grade 2, do you really think they'll…


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Darkawakening Chapter 2

Chapter 2

" Megan im so sorry! " I Said " Ellie, just leave me and dawn alone ok? " She said not looking me in the eyes " Megan you can't tell anyone." i said " DOES YOU MOM KNOW HOW ABOUT ALEX DOES HE KNOW YOU KNOW THE GUY YOU WANNA MARRIE SOME DAY?!?!?!" " Meg I-" I wanted to dissaper it felt like she had ripped my heart from my chest when she said his name. Alex was my Boyfriend well "boyfriend" was an understatment he was much more.…


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Dark Awakening

(I am writing a story called Dark awakenig i wanted to show you the fist chapter)

Chapter one

There was no going back after this, what what whas more important my best Friend Megan and her boyfriend Dawn Or my secret? I had only seconts to dicied. They where more important. Besides if Megan was a true friend she wouldn't tell and if dawn wanted to keep his head attached to his body he wouldn't tell.…


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Preface : The Start

My name is Kylee Cabot, im half human half vampire. I used live in Gahenna, Ohio. This is a very small town population: 1,967 people. The name Gahenna means hell in Greek. I live with my best friends Luna, Lydia,Jeremy, Mia and Will. I was born with gifts i never thought existed. I never chose who was but then again we dont huh? Anyways this is my story! In 1991 i was born but i stopped growing at sixteen. This story which i tell is Then Half-breed Revolution, and about how we…


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Mary Alice Brandon And how she came to be


Do they really think shock therapy and being stuck in a little dark room will help with the bright, colorful, wonderful visions from a nineteen year old? The only reason they’re wonderful is because I’m in a little dark room. They show me what’s going on outside. At least, they show me what might be going on later. But still, they show me something new. You know, outside this little room in this little asylum.

I get 3 meals a day, I’m not allowed outside this little room, and… Continue

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I had a dream: My Lover was a Vampire.

His eyes were really dark, empty and somber...seeing him, looking at me with desire make me tremble. At first, I felt fear for I did not know his intentions. Then, he smile...the sweetest smile that change his whole complexion but revealing his long fangs, pure white. I was not afraid, I want him as bad as he want me. I open the window, I let him in. He caresses my cheeks with his cold hands. He softly starts taking off my gown and I was doing the same stripping off his dark royal clothes. Our… Continue

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Lilliana's Dollhouse (Story)

Chapter: 1 The Beginning

My name is Kaylie, me and six of my friends, Amy, Brandon, Kyle, Samantha, Jodie, and Thomas were given a dare that we couldn't stay a night in "Lilliana's Dollhouse" well we did, but now we are stuck... this is our story.

Kyle looked around the old house as we entered "this isn't that bad, we can stay the night for one night at least" Samantha shakes her head, she was the youngest of all of us. "I don't know it's creepy..." Jodie rolls her eyes… Continue

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I Must Be Dreaming- Part 2

Alright, so this is just continuing the first part. I decided to put it on another blog because the other one was getting pretty long. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the comments and encouragement!

I Must Be Dreaming- continued

“Because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” I tilted my chin up and kissed the hollow underneath his chin.

He was silent for what… Continue

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(Fan-Fiction, Renesmee's POV) Gleaming Moon (My First Fan-Fic)

Hey guys, I am just writing a fan fiction for the first time, so go easy on me! Uhm, if the title has been already used by someone else, please notify me. Last night I was bored, so I just started writing a story about Renesmee in my Notepad. Hopefully you guys like it. Comments are certainly welcome :]

Ch. 1 [Names of the chapters will be put when I come up with a name]

I layed there listening to the sound of the birds chirping outside my window. I was up all night -… Continue

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story ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! :D vote on which ones best!!!

these are some of the stories i want to write :D i will add more as i think of them :) i am also writing a series i consider the "star" series. my first book Shooting star is finished and up on the site. i am now working on one called Broken Star. :D i think that everyone should vote which one they would like to read the most and after i finish the book CHANGED that i am working on, i will start the next one! :D

1.Vampire Shots

A girl named ___________ gets… Continue

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Any advice...?

Ok, so i wrote this thing (kind of a continuation of Twilight... but new characters come along and... well... yeah), anyway, does anyone think i should post it? would anyone read it?

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~*Before her a [Jasper Cullen] story* ~

Ok so I’m introducing a NEW character, her name is Isabel.


Isabel is a 14years-old girl how is actually about 1000 years old. She lost her memory and was badly hurt when jasper found her. Isabel’s a gifted vampire who can strengthen anyone who was close to her (at will) and was also a shield(A mental shield) so a few das after Jasper has been turned into a vampire he was with Maria hunting, and he heard Isabel hunting as well, Maria has a gift to tell when someone’s is… Continue

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