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I liked the movie, but....

Why did they take so many parts from the book and combine them into one scene in the movie? Or add a scene that wasn't in the movie? In the book we know that Bella can be self-sufficient because she cooks for herself and Charlie and no matter what they both come home for dinner and eat together, but in the movie they eat out every evening? Charlie must have a nice salary as chief of police! Bring back the dinner table!

Why add the field trip scene? I would have loved to have seen the blood… Continue

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What is it about Alice?

Women seem to relate to Alice more than Bella - I know I do. What is it about her that is so appealing? OK she can see the future and that's neat, but I really don't think that's her appeal. She's a bit hyper, spontaneous, loves to entertain and play dress up, yet she can fight with the toughest and come out unscathed.

Unfortunately none of that really fits me!

I think she's the ultimate woman - one that a lot of us would either like… Continue

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8 Reasons Why does Stephenie Meyer have to continue writting Twilight.

1. We all need it

2. We want to know Reneesme's future

3. We dont mind that it isnt all Bella and Edward

4. It makes my life a lot more interesting (and the rest of the people to)

5. They are just so good, i could read them all the time and never get bored

6. We want to know if we are Team Jacob or Team Nahuel!!

7. Alice and Jasper never got married (that we know)

8. We want to know Reneesme's happy… Continue

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The Movie

Last Friday I went to the movies and saw Twilight with three of my friends - and we all loved it! I've waited for it to come ever sinse the day USA saw it for the first time. And know I could! It was so freaking nice! I was so surprised, that it was so good. Sure, I knew it was good, but that good? There is "Twilight the Movie" and "Twilight the Book" (quote from youtube), and I think it's important to remember that. The cast was amazing! I really liked how Taylor Lautner played Jacob, I'm… Continue

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Counting Down the Days!

Thirty-Six Days! Thirty-Six Days! Until Twilight takes one more place in our life, our TV screen!

Who cannot wait? The movie turned out so well and the casting was GREAT! It is so hard to please everyone because everyone has something different in mind. It wasn't hard to make the Cullen actors beautiful, they are beautiful to begin with.

p.s. 281days until the New Moon movie! Scream!

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Twilight Mom, Fanatic, Crazy!!

Ok, I feel like such a freak! I am a mom and am OBSESSED with TWILIGHT, and Rob Pattinson, and also feel like such a craddle robber (Taylor Launter is so darn hot) and getting hotter, wish he were 18 soon!

I work with a few of my girlfriends (who are just as much OBSESSED with TWILIGHT and Rob Pattinson as I am). We work in a medical facility, everyone in the department thinks we are freaks for SO loving Twilight, its all we talk… Continue

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read this people!

okay people you gotta read this:

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Hey Peoples

Hey, I'm new here! I found out about this update to the Twilight saga site throught Stepehenie Meyer's website.

My name is Kathryn, but everbody calls me Cappuccino. Stick on Cullen, and that's my username for almost everything. First off, I LOVE EMMETT!!!!

I'm 12 years old, but I know more profanity than some 14 year olds. I live in Paducah, Kentucky, the home of Dippin Dots. I am in love with a fictional character.

I listen to basically any type of music. I… Continue

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hey guys. Um, I write twilight fanfiction, so if any of you want to check mine out, its on My username is Im Bettin On Alice, and I have two stories.

One of my stories is called Back into Existance. This is a Bella/Edward story.

The other is called True Love Lasts Forever. It is a Carmen/Eleazar story, and I strongly suggest you read both.


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Heyyy. (:


I'm a major Twilighter. I spend many many hours on the computer constantly going back to my favorite Twilight fansites to see what's new in Twi-world. I have a problem. My sister has told me countless times that I should make up a Twi-hab (Twilight Rehab) and go there myself. I know I should.. My friend bought me the book for a half birthday present back in June '08, after I told her many many times since.. January '08 that I DID NOT want to read it because it sounded stupid and… Continue

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Twilight the movie XD

Last night, i was in 'Struer' to watch Twilight, with my sister, my brother, and my sisters friend.

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When I started reading Twilight

I thought people would be interested in this, since its asked a lot especailly now that people where I live have seen the movie and read the books. They got it lucky because I started reading earily 2006 which means I had to wait for New Moon to be published for about a year (Because New Moon released in Australia about a month before Eclipse). I ended up reading a copy of New Moon from the Library earily gladly.

But I didn't find Twilight in a book store. My friend Ellen, she once told me… Continue

Added by LadyMinnyOfRaven on February 4, 2009 at 3:34pm — 1 Comment

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