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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 5 - Dont play with me

"Your a what ?" I say opening my eyes looking at Sem. "A vampire Janiece." You say slowly. I step away for you. I smile and shake my head. "Your weird Sem." "Your not a vampire." I say looking at the beautiful boy in front of you. "Im not joking Janiece." You say seriously. My smile falls and i realize your really serious about this. "Sem , this isn't funny." I say. "Come on." You say taking my hand. I snatch it away. "No."

I say slight fear tingling through out my body. "I'm not going to… Continue

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Beginning to a Never Ending Love-Chapter 2-Is this really going to work

I looked at Seth. He looked back at me. He brought his hand to my face.  When his hand touched my face i could instantly feel the diffence in our temptures. I closed my eyes soaking in the warmth Seth's hands brought. I opened my eyes and looked at Seth. His eyes held sadness and something else i couldnt quite read. I slowly sat up and toward myself towards Seth. He stared at me and i felt self concious. I raised my hand slowly and pressed it against Seth's…


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Read My Secret Vampire Life!

Hi, I made a story: My secret Vampire Life, If you would like to read it, then click on the link (Obviously) and please comment.


I may not be as good as Twilight, but its, cool...

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The Life Of A Teenage Vampire Chpt.29

My mouth fell open. Subconsciously the flyer fell out of my now shaking hands and onto the floor. "Nobody saw

us...right?"I managed to gasp. The door opened . I turned back , mechanically. John  walked in , whistling , threw

his keys onto the  marble counter and started towards us. "Hey Callie!" He embraced me. He could feel my body 

stiffen and he pulled away. He looked at each of us. "What's going on?" He asked , confusedly. Steven was suddenly

between me and…


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What My Blogs Are Going to Be About.

Hi, my name is Shay. I just rejoined this site after being gone after about 6-8 months and I terminated my old Account. But that was when I was a COMPLETE twi-fanatic. Since then I've found interest in alot of other vampire series aswell as the Twilight Saga.

Anyway, I'm going to base my stories and writings on my moods, emotions, feeling, ect. Anyway, hope you enjoy and…


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Secret Secrets

I sat in my tree waiting for the perfect prey.

Nope, to Fast, to Loud, To quiet. I was so picky when feeding.

I tilt my head to the side hearing footsteps that sounded just perfect. not to fast, not to quiet. I leaped when i saw the right moment.I was about to strike when their vioce struck me like a bullet.



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Vampire Academy ~Book One

I recently finnish book one in the Vampire Academy Series. I loved it! It really puts you in the eyes of Rose (or Lissa lol). I really enjoyed the spunk in Rose and the action involved with the strong romance. I would recommend this book to teenagers, not younger kids. It gets intense at some points, but in my opinion that only makes the book 10 times better. The author is amazing and doesn't hold back like many do. I am going to continue with the series. I have already been looking at the…


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TWILIGHT- In the movie scene "showoff at ballet studio" at the end of the scene Edward tells Bella, "I'll make it go away" then while he sucks the poison out there is a song playing. Song identified as BLUESY POP BALLET.. CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME & ARTIST OF THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP, THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE. Thanks,

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All Things Vampire-ish x♥ 'o

Before Twilight became my unhealthiest obsession - before I had even heard of Twilight - I was obsessed with Underworld and Blade. I watched the films over and over again, I knew every word they were going to say but it never bored me.

Then came Twilight. (I'm saying these in the order that they came to my attention.) It is my unhealthiest obsession. Reading the books over and over and over again. Even though I tell myself I'm just being…


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Vampire Day

TodAy.... was like a vampire day at school...

We had games in which we acted like vampires...

We ran like vampires and glided like what vampires do...

We really wanted to become true VAmpires...

ImmortaL strong...

And everYhting!!

We're just so obsessed with EdWard Cullen!!

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The Ultimate Twilight Discussion *caution- may contain twilight spoilers*

Who Is Your Favorite Character?

Jacob Black, Mike Newton, or bella


Newton has this little kid crush on Bella (its cute) he's also hilarious with his hatred towards edward.

Jacob is just this wreckless teen and who doesn't like a little danger and fun???

Favorite Twilight Moment?

When Bella punched Jacob in the face for kissing her

Favorite Book in the Series?

Breaking Dawn or New Moon

Team Edward? Team Jacob? Team… Continue

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The La Push Gang

Chapter 1 How it begins

Today was the first day of the rest of my life that’s what they told me anyway it was all lies this was the last day of my short fourteen years of life. I stared gloomily out of the car window on the way to the airport I want this I thought as I tried to convince myself not to turn around or start crying or something “you know you don’t have to do this honey” my mom said to me ah my mom so sweet so immature she knew I had to do this if not for her then for me… Continue

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The begging of an new end

( this story is held from Bella's point of view)

I was ready. Today Edward was going to teach me how to kill an enemy, I was ready.

My heart raced. I could hear it. We ran, running makes me less nusiated than driving. I swear everytime Edward drives I could puke. Finally we reached the woods. Thats when I smelt somthing. It reminded me of Jacob. I ran, he followed, but the whole time he asked me what was I doing.

It all happend so fast. I triped. Edward hit a tree. Then we… Continue

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Gahhh It's so exciting, New Moon comes out in under a month

Omg I am so excited for New moon to come out, all the trailers, and clips showing on the internet, is getting me soo excited, I've read Twilight, New Moon and I'm currently reading Eclipse! Near the end of Eclipse I'm beginning to think of the films to each book, (except Twilight obviously because it's already been made haha) I'm now on chapter 22 of Eclipse, and I've enjoyed the plot, the emotions, the tension building, and the whole story line, and I can't wait to finish Eclipse so I can move… Continue

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How to Look Like a Twilight Vampire.

How to Look Like a Twilight Vampire

Ever wonder how to look like your favorite vampire family from the Twilight series, the Cullens? After reading this you should have a better idea of how to achieve that.

Steps,Walk quick, but act as if it's a normal speed, be graceful(dancing ballet lessons will help this) walk in long strides. If you want to be like Alice use quick short step movement though still graceful, where… Continue

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Kind Hearted Vampire(Strange Hay)

Im in the dark I can smell this horrible stench creeping up but I can't see it so black out. All the sudden I see this big black figure but I wasnt sure what it was so I screamed and yelled but no one could hear me. For I was in a forest like ten miles from a town called kelleton so i ran as fast as i could but heard steps coming even faster as it got closer i sweat more and more but then it came out and grabbed me but it didnt know what or who grabbed me so struggled to break this grip but i… Continue

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My life Chapter 1

My life was just beginning... well after being born of course. I remember I wasn't crying, or screaming. I wasn't kicking or wiggiling. I just was still inhaling and exhaling. I remember my Grandfather, Carilisle, washing me off with nice luke warm water. Then after that everything went black... until I looked like I was a two year old about a day or two later. Ya, I know, you are probably wondering, "a day or two?" Well see Im a vampire/ werewolf mix, but you can just call me Werepire. Thats… Continue

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Robert Pattinson Sings and Writes Songs? Listen and decide....

I am not sure if this is true, but my Freind in Hollywood told me Robert Pattinson just flew back to England after writing and singing a song for the new movie. It is being test marketed at:

Do you think he can sing?

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My Costume Choices

Ok so here are my choices I want sumthing fresh yet sassy like Rosalie and sumthing that still relates to the time zone. I am getting these all of OD gurl's site a wonderfull site!…


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