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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 4 - Stop running , for what though ?

"Come on" you say grabbing my hand. Your hand is cool in mine. Almost too cool. You lead me to a bike. You grab a helmet putting it on me quickly. You sit on the bike. I follow your lead. I sit down on the bike wrapping my hands around your waist. You start the bike making it roar to life. We're off in seconds. My stomach flips with fear and adrenaline. We speed down the street soon were just surrounded by trees. The smell of earth invades my senses and instantly calms me. You start to slow and… Continue

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Everything is meant to happen one way or another - Chapter 1 - One

"Seth , when we get home can you get the kids ready for bed ." I say laying my head on the headrest . "Yeah." Seth says in a sleepy voice . "It sounds like my big baby is ready for bed too ." I say with a small laugh . "Aha , yes he is it's been a long day." Seth says turning . I reach down rubbing my tummy . "The babies have been quiet today." I say looking at Seth . He looks down at my stomach . He looks up at me with a small smile . Love shining in his eyes . Boom…


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What if it never happened - Chapter 13 - Surprise

"Goodmorning Beautiful ." Seth said bending down to kiss me. I kissed him back his lips warm and soft against mine. Thanking god silently that i brushed my teeth before coming outside. Seth pulled away pulling me up with him sitting in my seat and sitting me on his lap. I snuggled close to him closing my eyes finally feeling at ease. "So are you going to spend the night at the cullens tonight ? " Seth said quietly. " No , i cant leave my mom for a whole night ."…


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Dakota's Revenge

Dakota's Revenge

My sister's feeble cries ringing in my ears, my mother's hatred filling my mind, I opened my eyes to this new life awaiting me.



No!" I scream as I run around like a deranged beast.…


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It has finally come! -Dakota's Revenge

Dakota's Revenge

"Mom!" I'd pounded on the door with all my might that cool, fall night. "Please! You have to let me in! Mom! Please!"

From inside the house, I heard my little sister, Fefe, cry and plead with me. "Mom!" she shrieked. "Let her in! MOM!"

My mother neither opened the door nor responded. I cried out when I felt two strong hands grip my shoulders. "Mom!" I shrieked once more…


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The Life Of A teenage Vampire Chpt.21

He gritted his teeth and his hands balled up into fists at his sides. "Why would she even try to do that?" He asked.

"She wants Mike but Jackie loves him, so in order to get to him..." I looked down. "I won't let her get away with it," he

hissed. He looked so mad . But who wouldn't be mad if their girlfriend's former best friend tried to kill his sister?

'We will have to fight for her. John and I. We can stop her.' Steven…


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Another clip from "Secretly Kissed"

  His face was white as snow, with the most amazing features, such as the prettiest blue eyes and perfectly carved lips. By then, I wasn't sure if I was dreaming. All I knew, was that if this was a dream, this would be my best dream ever.

   I wanted to pinch myself to see if this was a dream or not, but I decided to talk to him instead. I only had so much luck. Could I have really dreamt up the most perfect guy and give him the most perfect voice? Well, I was about to find…


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5 Reasons Vampires Are Infinity More Hotter Than Werewolves

On Twilight Guide, they have a video from PopSugar, saying they have five reasons why werewolves are hotter than vampires. Well, they are wrong. Vampires outbeat werewolves. Here are my five reasons why vampires are infinity more hotter than vampires:

5) Vampires can kill werewolves - Let the vampires bite the werewolves & have the venom go through them. A vampire's venom can poison them & can kill them.

4) Vampires are immortal - Vampires can live forever while… Continue

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Preface : The Start

My name is Kylee Cabot, im half human half vampire. I used live in Gahenna, Ohio. This is a very small town population: 1,967 people. The name Gahenna means hell in Greek. I live with my best friends Luna, Lydia,Jeremy, Mia and Will. I was born with gifts i never thought existed. I never chose who was but then again we dont huh? Anyways this is my story! In 1991 i was born but i stopped growing at sixteen. This story which i tell is Then Half-breed Revolution, and about how we…


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Witch Moon

Witch Moon

By Taletha Reed

Chapter 1: Strange Things

In the forest of La Push almost to the border of Forks a strange thing was happening. Well stranger than usual around the area, unknown to the humans in the area there were vampires and werewolves living among them. They are unusual all in their own way these were good vampires the Cullen family living in Forks fed off of animals. And the werewolves in La Push are really metamorphs, Indians that transform to… Continue

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The Livingston Brothers ©

************- okay, so im trying my hand at writing, please read this and tell me what you think, honestly! its not the whole story or even from the start but you should get the gist... x :P*********************************

I threw my bag down on the couch and went into the kitchen to get a drink – cross-country had really taken it out of me today. That’s when I noticed the post-it stuck to the fridge. I paused for a few seconds. It read:


Emergency at work.… Continue

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Why Women Love Vampires

The website AskMen has a feature up about reasons vampires appeal to women, and how guys can use this knowledge to their advantage–would you agree with some of these, or are they just wishful thinking? For example–

--Vampires are loners: The average guy runs with a pack; a group of close drinking buddies who come over to watch the game, hit the links on the weekends and get into trouble together. This clan takes up quality time and… Continue

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~The Vampire Diaries TV show~

Has anyone heard that the popular series "The Vampire Diaries" is becoming a TV show!! I know awesome, right? <----- Here is the site. Personally... I know I'll love it!!! Tell me what you guys think about it!

Love ya all <3 <3 <3


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Why we gladly bite these vampire flicks

“Vampire lore will continue to be reinvented in some form or another.” - Hector Williams

Why do we gladly "bite" these vampire flicks? Why we greedily sink our teeth into watching these films? Had our blood curdling with anticipation and with thrill and excitement. And, sometimes, let ourselves experience shock and be horrified afterwards (for some of them) except with Twilight of course.

I know not many people are… Continue

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New books to read!!!

Okay, so just a little while ago I was looking over this discussion asking what people were reading now that they were finished with all four Twilight books. I was reading it because I needed some new books too. Then, I saw my friend Kaitlyn, she told me that she was reading a new good vampire series. The Blue Blood series.

I'm not going to spoil anything (which I have an unfortunate habit of doing but let me just tell you a little. These vampires are very different from our… Continue

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BODY GLITTER!? Edward Cullen Body Glittler!?

Okay, I get the whole dazzle thing and when vampires are in the sunlight they sparkle, but come on!
Body glitter? SERIOUSLY!?

Why am I so irritated over body glitter?

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