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Cherrie Johnson- Chapter 3

They moved quickly, silently, with swift, practiced movements; impenetrable, and quite frankly, terrifying. A hiss escaped my lips before I could hold it back. Aro was the first to speak "Renesmee Cullen! How nice to see you again! How old are you now, fourteen?" I nodded, avoiding any conversation with him. "Well, hasn't your clan been in enough trouble with immortal children in the past century, Carlisle?" Jane spoke. "I think we should just kill her now!" She continued "May I do it,…


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Chapter ! : School

I woke up to the sound of Luna and Alex fighting! I walked out of my room and asked "what the hell is your problem". They looked at me in shock "Just get the hell over you both love eachother so cut it out". They stopped and said sorry to me and eachother. Luna Said "oh Kylee we are sooo sorry and thank you , you always new how to make it allright". "Sure, i guess love you" i hugged her. I got ready for school and checked my phone 2 missed calls from Dante, 1 From Lydia and 1…


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Preface : The Start

My name is Kylee Cabot, im half human half vampire. I used live in Gahenna, Ohio. This is a very small town population: 1,967 people. The name Gahenna means hell in Greek. I live with my best friends Luna, Lydia,Jeremy, Mia and Will. I was born with gifts i never thought existed. I never chose who was but then again we dont huh? Anyways this is my story! In 1991 i was born but i stopped growing at sixteen. This story which i tell is Then Half-breed Revolution, and about how we…


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What if Bella chose Jacob part 9

My heart started thumping twice as fast as normal. Something was wrong...WAY wrong.

"What?! Why?" I said staring at him.

"NO TIME!!" he yelled picking me up and setting my on the bike. We went so fast down the winding road that i thought the wheels would fly off. Why was he acting this way? What had suddenly happened to make him behave like this.

Suddenly, he skidded the bike to a stop, stirring up a huge dirt cloud so big, i couldnt see what was in front of us to make…


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Hellooo :)

Hello everyone!
I've written a Twilight Fan fiction about the Cullen family's life 20 years after Breaking Dawn!

When Forks is hit with an extraordinarily high amount of killings and disappearances, the Cullen family believe it to be oddly similar to something that happened 21 years ago in Seattle. While they try to discover the killer, they bump into familiar faces, Jacob and Renesmee's relationship strengthens, revelations are made, the Volturi gain more…

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Felix Learned His Lesson

Like I said earlier, Felix learned his lesson.

Next time he'll think before he tries to insult my dear mast, Aro. If you saw what I did to him in that video, you'll understand why living with him is "impossible".

After that Alec told me torturing Felix would do the Volturi no good. Rats, I thought, I don't want to put up with him!

Aro learned about that a little while later; Demetri told Heidi who blabbed off her mouth to Aro.



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Being a Volturi guard has its down sides.....

It's VERY hard to be a Volturi guard. Me and Alec are the youngest guards, but guess what? Alec gets less work than me. I love my brother its just I want a short break for a change. Aro keeps us on a tight schedule.

For instance: remember when Edward wanted to kill himself? Well when Aro discovered that Bella was also coming he made us get ready for three hours straight. I had to make my hair all neat and put on my best robe. That's why I scowled at…


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Hey guys so today's post is going to be quite a bit shorter than usually due to lack of time to get in a whole bunch of points in this topic. So if you haven't already guessed, my topic is going to be about the Eclipse movie.

So as many of you know Eclipse is due to come out into theatres on June 30th! Hooray!!! Only 3 and a1/2 months left to go! So I was just wondering which parts of Eclipse your most excited for? I would have to say that I have a couple scenes I'm really excited for, one… Continue

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Twilight Time:The Twilight Tribute Band

If you love New Moon and the Twilight Saga, then you'll love Twilight Time, the world's greatest Twilight tribute band ever. Available for all your Twilight Fun Parties! Reasonably… Continue

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Cold as ice
Their hearts are cruel
Hard as stone
No mercy shown
Rulers of the undead
Leaders or killers?
Vampire Royalty
You should be scared.

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My Twilight Family


I am Starting a Twilight Family! haha Im Alice of course lol but I need Cullens, Volturi, Denali, and anyone else you want to be. I hope we can all become like a family too! I love meeting new people! It will be first come first serve, so just leave me a comment!

Peace, Love, And Twilight!

~Alice Barber <3

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Victoria Maundrell- Humble Beginings (Teaser)

Victoria Maundrell- Humble Beginings

Although it's been a while, I haven't forgotten your request for more information about myself and the Volturi. But, for me to tell you how I've come to know the Volturi I must start from the beginning.

I am the vampire Victoria Maundrell. I have lived 232 years or should I say survived 232 years.

Born in the summer of 1777, my beginnings were very different than others of my kind. My mother Lena Youngblood was a African/Native… Continue

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Jane's Chapters-4 (part two)

I knew deep down something was wrong with me. The second Alec removed his fangs from my neck I knew something had changed. I never realized it could affect who I was, though. Aro and Alec were the ones that saved me from my mild- tantrum, but Alec had always been a bump in the road for me. This tme, I think he might have ruined my life. As if my life could get any worse. I can never go to Disney world. I can never surf at the beach. I will never have friends to talk to or feel a mother's… Continue

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Is there a story with Marcus' wife?

I just finished reading Breaking Dawn. I noticed in the guide in the back, that of the three Volturi leaders, Marcus is the one who has lost his wife. His behavior is very detached and weird whenever we see him. Is he like that because he lost his mate? Like he's always somewhere else? And I noticed she had a special power as well, and am wondering what it was...
Does Meyer have a story for this? :)

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Jane Chapters-3

Alec grabbed my shoulder with a firm grip and whispered, "What happens if a vampire bites another vampire?" I shrugged my shoulders and pointed at Aro. "Why don't you try it out on him?" Alec grabbed my neck and sank his teeth in. It didn't hurt as bad as I had thought it would. He would pay for it later, I knew it. Suddenly, waves of shock and pain flowed through me. First my legs, then my arms, and finally ending with my head. I fell to the ground, I pain was burning me so much that I… Continue

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Jane's Chapters- 2

I struggled to keep away from the new tourists.I hadn't eaten in days and I needed at least three "snacks" to keep me from going crazy. Suddenly, a little boy stumbled in that looked about fifteen. He had light brown hair and pale skin. He had mysterious brown eyes. When I saw him, I saw a connection. He wasn't going to die today. As hungry as I was, I wouldn't let that one boy die. The second the door closed I realized it was almost too late. However, I ignored ther Volturi rules and kicked… Continue

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Jane's Chapters- 1

I slowly paced back and forth as I watched every last "tourist" make their last breaths in the dark room. Somewhere in my subconsious mind I felt sorry for them, but that wasn't important right now. I was waiting for the arrival of my brother Alec. He had been gone for exactly four months today and I truly missed him. Suddenly, an icy hand slung onto my shoulder and I swung around slightly afraid. Alec's bright face smiled back and I couldn't help but give him a hug. I guess even a devil child… Continue

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If there ever is a continuation book of the Twilight Saga,what would it be about.leave a comment bellow,but read my blog first.

I think that if there is a book that continues the story,it would be more about Renesmee and Jacob.Their Love store.Two Creatures,tottally different species,are they compattable,can they have children and what would that child be.
And there is still the matter with the Voltury\i.When I read Breaking Dawn,I had a felling that there is still a loose end with the Volturi.I think they are stopped for now,but not for long.

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Twilighters meeting in Montepulciano for NM Volturi scenes

Twilightersitalia is organizing a big meeting for us Twihards for May 30th in Montepulciano, tuscany, italy.

We are trying our best to get also our loved actors to partecipate or at least to grant us an interview to be shown afterwards at the meeting.

Visit to get more information, or click on this link to fill in the form! Please if you get, try fill in the form b4 the… Continue

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OME!!! This is IMPORTANT!!!

Hey all my fellow Twilight friends, I have GREAT news today!! Official New Moon trailers are out!!!! ~Pauses for loud squealing girls~ Yes, you heard me chickadees, New Moon trailers!! I'm rummaging on my fave Cullen site, CullenBoysAnonymous and there they are!! OME!!! GO WATCH!!! The official ones will say just that or something about Summit, or begin with Summit. The best is the Volturi one and is by far, so far, the sexiest one yet!!! GO WATCH!!! THEN BLOG THE LUVES!!!… Continue

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