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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 23 - Us (:

"You like your dress baby ?" I say looking g at Amena. She looks up at her eyes wide filled with happiness. "Pretty Mama." She says in her soft voice. "Yes , baby pretty." I say bending down kissing her forehead. I stand back up looking at myself in the mirror. I look beautiful. My dress is tight fitted see through lace bodice with diamond beading down the sides. My hair which is a light turquoise color now. Is curled in an half up half down curly hairstyle. My makeup simple with a touch of…


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The Other-Chapter 2-Future

"So, is he going to change you?" My dad said. I looked at my dad. "Dad, we havent really discussed it." I said. "I mean i think you should have a chance at a "Human" Life. My dad said putting an extra on human. "Dad, it's not really your decision." I said getting irritated. I grabbed the fruit and walked out of the kitchen. I sat it down on the table and walked over to Ace. I sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him. He looked at me and his face screwed in…


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The forgotten is remembered-Final Chapter pt.1-The Wedding

I woke up. The sun hitting my face. My eyes felt heavy. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was puffy and my face blotchey from crying. My body ached. Today was the day. Today was the day i lost him. My heart started cracking. It felt like the breathe was being knocked out of me. I fell to the floor. Holding in my screams from the pain. I let the pain overtake me. I deserved this. I deserved to feel this. He doesnt need this. He doesnt need me to…


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The forgotten is remembered-Chapter2-Appointment of disappointments

I looked at myself in the mirror. I finished getting myself ready. They were coming today. I knew i couldnt look like i had been crying all weekend. My whole body ached but my heart was still in pain. I felt the tears pricking my eyes. I shook my head. I took a deep breathe calming myself. I knew i had to be strong. I knew he would move on. Someone deserved him. I added lipgloss to my lips. Esme had an extra room. She was letting my borrow until i could get my…


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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-2 days

Today is thursday September 28th. 2 days from my wedding. Today we just went over everything. Alice called it the "Pre Pre Reherasal. I laughed. Today all i felt like doing was laughing. Dairy dont ask i dont know. But it felt good. Better than crying. Yes only 2 days before i become Mrs. Janaila Clearwater.

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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-5 days away

Today we went food tasting. Me and Seth compromised on a homestyle cooked but with a seafood addition to it dinner. We went to our venue. "Imagine." Where i had my super sweet 16 less than a year ago. I smiled. The food was delicious. It tasted better everytime we tested it. We had all the courses. By time we were done i looked pregnant. I smiled. I cant believe it 5 days away from the best day of my life. Also dairy the Unknown girl was on my… Continue

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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-6 days Away

Today all i wanted was wheat thins. Dont ask why. Today we relaxed. Me and Seth decided we needed a day away from "Wedding Plans." Thank god i have this man. Today i went and looked at "Unknown girl." I got the same weird feeling like i knew her. So yes i ate wheat thins and relaxed with my wonderful finace. 6 days away from my wedding.

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Beginnings to Endings-Dairy Entry-7 days Away

Today something felt off. Something felt like something felt out of place. I looked through some of my old sketches. I stopped when i saw the sketch of the unknown little girl. It brought tears to my eyes. Seth found me like this. I could see the worry in his eyes. Dairy i dont know what's been going on lately. After i had my moment we and went and looked at the guys tuxes. They all looked great. I came home and laid in my bed. When i closed my… Continue

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Beginning to Endings-Dairy Entry-8 days Away


Dairy today is September 22nd 2015 and it 8 days away from my wedding day. Today we went and saw all the girls dresses. They all different but all tie into together. They look beautiful. Awee im tearing up. I'm getting married. Yay. Lol. Lovvve Yahhh Lotts!



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Beginning to a Ending-Dairy Entry-9 days Away

9 Days in Counting! Today i woke up and felt sick. But i still got up and went and got my acessories. I love them. I came back home though and got in the bed. I slept for the rest of the day. I feel better now. Love yahhh lotts.


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"Beginnings"-Final Chapter-Meetings

"Janaila wake up." "Come on we have to go to the venue." Alice said jumping up down on m"Jay bed. I sat up laughing. She was such a morning person. "Okay, Okay." "I'm coming." I said. She gave me a look like you better hurry up before she left. I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:00am. I got up and started getting dressed. I put on a pink maxi dress with a light pink sweater. I brushed some gold eye shadow…


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The Last Name Masen....

So, as I was reading breaking dawn for the umptenth time I really started to consider why Bella didn't change her name to "Bella Marie Masen" versus "Bella Marie Cullen". Not that I don't approve of Cullen, but I was wondering why she wouldn't chose his 'madien' name. Of course I have a couple ideas, but what do you guys think?

As always; if you would like a friend to talk to, add me and send an inbox! :)

~Ashleigh Masen

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È∂ward Çυllεn and ★Thε Rεaℓ Bεℓℓa™'s Wedding

Okay, Everyone...I'm getting married!!! *Smiles brightly* I've posted an album titled, "My Wedding" with pictures of dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair styles, veils, invitations, places, colors, etc., etc. *Laughs* I know, I know...Lots of choices, but I've never been one to be able to narrow down and choose just one of something. *Grins lopsidedly* So, here's the deal...I want you all to go through "My Wedding" album and leave me a comment on which is your favorite…

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My Twilight Wedding!!!... I want to replicate Bella's BD Wedding!!!

Help me put together my Twilight Wedding!!!

Does anyone knows the exact date Bella and Edward got married in Breaking Dawn?... I think it was August 13th... am I right?

Almost every girl has an idea of how she wants her wedding to be... Since I was a little girl I had structured plans with my life, like finish school (done), go to college (done), find a well paid job (done), buy a car… Continue

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