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full moon chapter 7

i knew vampires are real,but never thought they lived in new york.i jumped up and tried to run away,but as clumsy as i was i triped. i felt a sharp pain in my leg. he jumped on top of me. he touched the back of my head. i saw the blood. he licked his hand. i was about to throw up. i do not like blood. i noamally fait but i was to scared. he grabed my hand and tried to bit me.

"get off of HER!"john yelled. he jumped from the door and hit him. they both stumbed off of me.

" i...… Continue

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My playlists!!

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How I Became a Fan

I was in a Border's with my son, browsing for my husband, checking out new arrivals of my favorite authors (I have MANY)--"Breaking Dawn" had just come out, and I witnessed the aftermath of the initial onslaught of fans in the bookstore. I had seen these books, actually quite often in my frequent trips to book sections at WalMart, and my practically reverent trips to Barnes and Noble--I wondered what the fuss was about. I had asked one of the salespeople about a book for my husband, soon to be… Continue

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Writing a book...

For anyone who's ever wondered what it is like to write a book, I've decided to blog my progress. Everyday I will post a blog telling of my frustrations, triumphs, and anything else I'm experiencing while going through the long journey of writing a book. Let me state that I will not tell the plot or other things though you might get a name here or there and I may ask an opinion. I will begin tomorrow and I hope some of you will follow my journey!

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Kit Kat

hey i love the twilight movie but Vanessa is in new moon.
thats bad i think that she well be bad not sure about yous!
i hope she isnt in it, i dont think she well play a good DOG lol, anyway plz dont put her in it,
everytime i see something about her, its that peoople dont want her in it.

Added by Kit Kat on March 9, 2009 at 8:00pm — No Comments

With Out Her! A [Jasper Cullen] Story

Ok so I’m introducing a NEW character, her name is Isabel.


Isabel is a 14years-old girl how is actually about 1000 years old. She lost her memory and was badly hurt when jasper found her. Isabel’s a gifted vampire who can strengthen anyone who was close to her (at will) and was also a shield(A mental shield) so a few das after Jasper has been turned into a vampire he was with Maria hunting, and he heard Isabel hunting as well, Maria has a gift to tell when someone’s… Continue

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Tell Stephenie Why You Love Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was never a big reader until my friend got me to read Twilight. I LOVED it and really need Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun. I've never been happier then when I read that last page of Breaking Dawn. She could not have ended it better than that. It was phenomenal.

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hi my name is Kalia and i really like the twilight saga. My wonderful friend Kat told me to read the books and that they were bloody good and she was right. I now am in love with edward cullen and alice is my best friend,(dont get mad , this is just fantisy, right!) so thand you stephenie myer for making twilight and for creating my love and best friend. Please dont get mad amber i just like alise alot too!!!!!!!!

Edward you rock my head bord!lol

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kristen stewart

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twilight is my obsession. my parents and friends all think i'm demented. i can't stop. all i can talk about is twilight. and edward and bella and alice and james (blech). the only music i listen to is Decode by paramore because the music video is about twilight. i go on this website every day. it's the only place i can talk about twilight without people thinking about putting me in a crazy house. my friend is calling me bella. i think i might change it to bella. i like that name. probably… Continue

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