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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 11 - Gotta have some faith

Amena , baby stop moving. I whisper to my swollen stomach. Every time she's moves its uncomfortable. I'm getting bigger and bigger by the day. Its been a week since Sem's left and I'm twice as big. I haven't been able too keep anything down. I'm starving so I know she has too be starving. Maybe I need too just thinking about it makes me hungry .. no thirsty. I need blood. I should be disgusted by the thought. But now it's all I can think about. Where am I going to get blood at though ? I go…


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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 10 - Time to grow up

My head is pounding. My body aches. I want to cry but it will take too much energy. I've been feeling like this three days after our dinner. You've apologized and apologized but it's not your fault. I think o know what's going on but I'm not ready too face it. I can't. So I just curl up in a small ball trying to find some form of comfort.everywhere is dark around me. I hear a small murmur. I walk slowly trying to get closer to the mumur. Soon the mumur turns into a small faint cries. I'm…


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Heart and Soul, The Host fanfic

Takes place a little under a year after The Host ends. Rated YA, or PG-13

Chapter one



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OMG baby yeti!

ok, if ur a nerdfighter, then you know that john green's son was born today. if ur not, this blog post is for you.

ok, so like my favorite youtubers in the whole wide web is the vlogbrothers. they are hank and john green. they are brothers, and they went a whole year with out textual comunication to each other. they made videos instead, and put them on youtube. they have aquired an enormus fan base, which they call the nerdfighters. we are not made of flesh and bones, but rather we are… Continue

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my song: BABY!!!!!! ( read and comment)

Your so different from everyone i know and i love you from your head down to your toes and i dont understand why im not talkin to you right now i guess i dont know how. You told me that you loved me last night and i feel the same way too. If you thinkin im lyin about this feelin im not denyin your wrong. Im just bein strong.

chorus: I want you baby and i cant stand to stay away from you. As long as im here i will be stayin near my friend. oh my lover. You are like no other. Its… Continue

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OUR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella Marie Roper was born at 10:35pm 11/25/2009....just under 2hrs from being a Turkey!!!

She was given a clean bill of health at 6lbs 12oz and 19in long
She had a full head of hair....I say had because she is slowly balding on 1 side and in the back! :)

Being a mom is GREAT!!!!! Tiring...but great!!

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baby girl cheyanne!

my beautiful niece cheyanne was born oct. 25. shes so beautiful! she always stix her tongue out haha. the doctors at the hospital were even showing her off. but ya, the most beautiful baby ive evr seen, im not just saying that. ttyl peeps! updates on cheyanne!

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My guy

My guy is the most wonderful person I've ever met.

He's my best friend, my lover & companion.

He's my shoulder to cry on, my giggling buddy & my partner in crime.

We can talk for hours about serious things or continue a conversation about an inside joke.

I love all of his strengths & his flaws.

He may be partially color blind & I have to help him pick out his clothes, but when I look into his hazel eyes, I get chills. He may only like metal music, the… Continue

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in love with you!!

i know ppl say im to young to fall in love .... but they dnt know how i feel wen im around her!! wen i here her voice or even wen she sends me a txt its like no other feeling in this world!!! im happy ... i smile all the time ... i dnt think of any one but me and her together for as long as we live and not many ppl can stand up .. smile and say im in love with the most amazing women in the world ..... and actually mean it. but i can ... i can put a huge smile on and mean every damn word of… Continue

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new member!

hey fellow twilight lovers! i am a new member named marissa isabella carrillo! i only have 1 friend on this site and i thank her! but i need ur opinions! my cousin is having a baby and i need names yo! so if u could message me some names and where u got 'em from tha would b bomb! and if u want u can send me a frend request, if u want! k! thnx sooooo much! bye! -marissa isabella carrillo ;)

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Chapter 4 Nessies baby

Renesmee's POV

I sat there for hours and hours admiring my baby.Everyone got their turn holding him. Edward Jacob looks just like his father, but pale, like me. Jacob was taking care of business with his pack. I know he didn't want to leave but he had to assure the pack that the EJ was not dangerous.

Mom and dad came in after a while and sat in front of my.

"Nessie, there is an important matter that we need to make clear with you at the moment," He… Continue

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Chapter 3 Nessies baby

Edward's POV

"Sweetie, are you okay?" Bella asked Renesmee. She tore her eyes away from her baby and looked at Bella. "Mom, you know very well that I am better than perfect." Nessie smile became HUGE. I was happy for my baby, now that she was, all the depression in the house had faided away. Bella's head shot up to me. I furrowed my eyebrows. She widend her eyes and her mouth popped open.

"Love?" I asked. She walked foward to me, but Nessies hand stopped her… Continue

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My view on the Twilight Saga, and why it should continue with Midnight Sun

ok, Ill admit, Im new to the Twilight world. With my daughter its hard to read any book. However my boyfriend and I saw the movie the day it came out on On Demand. And of course, I went out the next day and got the movie (the 1 disk edition) Then two days later went out and got the 2 disk special edition, the Directors Notebook, and the BOOK!

I started reading the book last night and got to page 232 without even realizing it. and not knowing it was 12:30 AM. Just like the movie, I… Continue

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Chapter 2 Nessie's baby

He took my face in his hands to cradle it. Before i could assure him i was better; he interrupted with a kiss.

He pulled away as soon as i started gasping for air. I looked at his tear stoke cheek and he smiled at me.

We were alone with our baby. My family left us, so we could have our moment.

"Ness. im.. so happy. I can explain this.." He pointed to his eyes that had more tears coming from them.

I smiled; he was being rediculious now. "No, there is no reason for you to… Continue

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Nessie's baby

The beggining of this story's on my site if you want to see it!

I took a deep breathe and open my eyes, only to find the angel face baby looking into mine. He was beautiful. As beutiful as my mom and dad. And Jacob. And Emmet. And aunt Rose and Alice. And Jasper. Even Grandma and Grandpa. How was this a possibility with Jacob and I? How did this beautiful baby hurt my insides for six months, and yet im better then okay today?

I lifted my arms to hold my little EJ for the… Continue

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hi, today(3/21/09) i went to my cousins baby shower. I had a strange realization that this baby is probably going to look like what Stepheine Meyer described what Renesmee looked like. Let me explain why. Because both of her parents (the baby who the shower as for) ((her name is Lili)) are very pale faced and when the mother was born she had lots and perfect curly hair. I'm really hoping that when she pops out that she looks like Renesmee!!

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