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Jacob and renesmee part 6


The rest of the school week went fast. on friday payton dropped me off at my house after school. <3. So your going with us tomorow at la push? he asked when we pulled into his my drive way. Um ya my dad said yes. You said you wernt surfing right? iasked. Yea. he ssaid. me surfing is not a good idea. he laughed. Do you want me to pick you up? he asked. Um ya sure.what time?.iasked him. UUmmm he scrolled threw his phone. John says we will…


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Jacon and nessie part 5

Jacob dropped me off at my house he was still pretty mad.he woul get over it.i wonder why he was making such a big deal about it. but i couldnt stop thinking about it. why did i kiss payton on the cheek?. i like him only as friends.wait no.wait!i liked payton closer than that. then cam my dad bursting threw the door of the house. crap. why did i have to have a dad that reads minds?life being a teenager was going to be hard with him around. You did what to a boy at…


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The Gifted Cullens!

NOTE: This blog is a gift for all Cullen lovers (like myself)! Anyway I'm accepting all friend requests unless you're crazy xD. No offense to no one, we all have our moments! And if you guys have any suggestions for a blog post you want me to write, tell me. Thanks!

Alice's gift: Alice Cullen can see the future! Even though this is limited, this is very useful to the Cullens like when they want to know the weather, when a vampire is coming…


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Edward & Bella's Relationship

Edward's Feelings for Bella: Edward loves Bella. He adores her and she is his whole world. He is never angry at her, he always finds a way to blame himself. Even when he left, he was doing it for Bella's sake. He always puts Bella before himself and his family. He cares so much about her, he didn't even want Bella to be a vampire for him. Edward always wanted to give the whole world to Bella.



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Bella and Jacob's Relationship

NOTE: My blog posts are not made to be offensive in any way to people. Sorry if I spell something wrong. I am taking suggestions on what to write about...

Bella's feelings:

Bella and Jacob are best friends and everyone agrees on that. Even if you are Team Edward, I don't think you can deny it. When Jacob is hurting, Bella is hurting. I think part of the reason is…


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Team Edward- Why? 10 Good Reasons!

NOTE: No offense to Team Jacob. I'm Team Edward 100%!

1. Edward loves Bella.

2. Edward left but so did Jacob. He still loved Bella when he left but Jacob acted like a jerk when Alice returned.

3. Edward still stayed with Bella when she hanged out with werewolves. But Jacob said they couldn't be friends.

4. Edward is…


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My Thoughts on The Twilight Saga

The time I got obsessed with Twilight cuz it started the time I watched the movie, almost January 2009.

I got bored so I decided to watch and searched for DVD's in the shelves.

I saw Twilight and I don't have any idea what Twilight was. Actually its my dad who picked the Twilight DVD that day when my mom and dad went out to buy something. So I watched it.

Oh my gosh! Edward is so handsome and omg....I don't know anymore.

I was like "Gwapo!!" meaning handsome or "pogi" in… Continue

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Breaking Down Countdown Widget: Counts down the…

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Jacob and nessie part 2


i woke up in the morning and felt like it was going to be a different day. i had a dream last night that i was going to school and i was happy. thats when i really wanted to go to school.i got up and ran to my parents room. they wernt there they were probably with carlise and esme so i grabbed my jacket and ran up to the house.i walked inside and my parents were sitting i went up beside my dad. "no." he said in a flat voice. "what?" i asked . "no your…


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"being a mom"

well, we all know that Isabella Swan Cullen is not yet ready to be a mom..right! she's totally afraid of that....even in her wedding... she wants to be like that in her own her own time..... but theres no retreat nor surrender because its all done by the time they spend their honeymoon to Isle Esme..... they've never thought that it would happend...vampires couldn't have children. if it possible then some of a vampy women would have found a way by now....but to think,there was a… Continue

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awaiting destiny

awaiting destiny

chapter one

Chapter One

My birthday. Eighteen. A whole year older than Edward. How much older would I have to get before he let me become like him? Would he wait until I was old, until I had wrinkles and grey hair? I just felt depressed, when I should have felt happy. I knew that Alice I made a big deal of it, I was pretty sure that she had organised a party. She'd been acting strangely all week.

Edward, of course, was thrilled. He had no… Continue

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Jacob and Nessie Part one

Chapter one (JACOB)

"tag your it jake!"ness said witha big grin. "Yeah yeah you got me!" i said. Ness was about 10 years old now, she grew very fast.And she had very fast speed (like most vampires) "Jake you must be getting pretty old! you cant catch up with me!" she giggled. "Ahh no way! I would have got you in my wolf form!" i said out of breath. "yeah yeah what ever." she said with a smug voice and grin. A few mintues later out of the…


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wohooooooooooooooooo eclipse!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all you pplz who have been on marz eclipse is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the continuation of Don't Speak, Just Kiss

-Months passed…

I asked her for dinner, right after our Biology class ended. I just grabbed her hand and I was like, "Let's go on a dinner, Swan, tonight." And she looked at me as if I had some kind of contagious disease but her face…


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I write them fanfics for TWILIGHT

Heya people. I write fanfics for twilight, here's a sample of one of my works.

Don't Speak, Just Kiss
by: purpletwilightgoddess

Summary: Since they were kids, he would tease her out of her wits, until she came up with a plan that she thinks would repel him away. She never knew that it would make both of them fall in…


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edward and bella

hay yall i wrote a poem that totally goes for bella and edward


my dearone

how shall I love the

if you are no longer here with me

but what should I do

with this never ending pain of sadness

my heart aches with yours barely beating

which numbers my excistents to that a new life brings us together in the…


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Hey! I had no idea.. Who would play Renesmee's role in the Breaking Dawn Movie?

Yes. Hello, im super inocent whats going on..
Will Miley Cyrus or Emma Watsons gonna do it?

Miley.. For my opinion.
Give me a break.. We all know that she is... or made a bad impresion to some, those.. almost nude pics right?
Do you want her to play as Renesmee? Would you let Renesmee's name be stained? The! I love Miley.. But the
character dosnt suit her pretty well.. She looks older than Stewart(Bella). Ohh…

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This is just 4 fun, but it's cute :D

girl)do u think im pretty?


(girl)do u want to b with me forever?... See more... See more... See More


(girl)would u cry if i walked away?...

...(boy)NOshe heard enough and waz hurt, she walked away tears ran down her face.The boy grabbed her arm:

(boy) your not pretty, your beautiful

(boy) i dont want to b with…


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Cast Members!!!!??????

A lot of people think Rob is creepy. But When you think about all the other people, like David Henrie, they would have to use to much makeup(even if he is SUPER pale) for him to play Edward. Then with Kristen, she is almost backward and shy,then agian thats how Bella should be. So there is more good in Kristen and Rob with their rolls then we come to realize

Added by William Edwards on May 22, 2010 at 6:42pm — 6 Comments

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