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Seth Journal

Jacob and Sam are always fighting over whether or not La Push or Bella come first. You know Jacob is cool and all, but you can't let your emotions come first. You have to be selfless in a situation like this. It isn't whether or not we ought to protect Bella, but it's our home and Forks that we need to take care of first. As for that old truce, my job is not to keep people safe from vampires that won't hurt them. That truce is over! The only reason I lost my dad is because when the Cullens… Continue

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Okay its offical...

okay its offical...

she didn't even want 2 marry him!!! *CRY*

& Jacob can keep his dirty, phedo paws of Nessie 2!!!!!
*mixed emotions*

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JaNae Armogan in Twilight Saga "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn"

A hand full of fans have come together to put this group out in the open to help support Actress JaNae Armogan in getting a role in Stephenie Meyer novel’s “Eclipse and Breaking Dawn”, in recent readings JaNae has said “trying to get in contact with Ms Meyer personally is almost next to impossible but I’m the type of person that believes there’s always another way.” That's where we the fans come in. We have put together this petition and… Continue

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Thanks for visiting my page, be sure to check out my vids on youtube!

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Boys/Guys Like Twilight Poll

I was recently called gay by one of my friends because im a guy, and i like Twilight. Lets make a poll!

Are Boys/Guys gay for liking the Twilight Series/Movie?

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I found this poem, and it meant alot to me. in a way, i thought of Jacob Black; in Breaking Dawn after Bella becomes a vampire. idk thats what i thought. everything i think revolves around Twilight. I always have to find some connection with twilight in pretty much everything i do.=]


Moving On

I want these words to be about your eyes,

but I am drawn to write about your heart.

Oh, how it continues to still… Continue

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Bella’s Truck with Dirtbikes at Jacob’s House Set

Bella’s Truck with Dirtbikes at Jacob’s House Set

Bella’s truck was spotted at the set for Jacob Black’s house and garage, with two dirtbikes in the back of the truck. Twilight-Gossip captured these awesome pics and video yesterday. Looks like things are really heating up on the New Moon production near… Continue

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Naming the Wolves for Jacob's Pack

Naming the Wolves for Jacob's Pack

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black

Chaske Spencer: Sam Uley

Tyson Houseman: Quil Ateara

Alex Meraz: Paul

Kiowa Gordon: Embry Call

Bronson Pelletier: Jared

Tinsel Korey: Emily…


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Final cast list for wolf pack in New Moon

Here is the final cast list for the wolf pack in New Moon:

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black

Chaske Spencer: Sam Uley

Tyson Houseman: Quil Ateara

Alex Meraz: Paul

Kiowa Gordon: Embry Call

Bronson Pelletier: Jared

Tinsel Korey: Emily

Starting from bottom left going clockwise: Alex Meraz, Tinsel Korey, Chaske Spencer, Taylor Lautner, Tyson Houseman, Bronson Pelletier, Kiowa Gordon.

Thanks to Randi… Continue

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OK so i personaly love renesmee.

shes adoribal of course there was still that whole

part about her killing bella when she was in

labor. but i mean after bella turned vamp she was

the cutest thing ever.

i was just wondering what people thought about her.

( do you like renesmee? what do you think about her name?

do you think she ruined the story? ect.)

thanks fanpires <3

-- <3 always

Brenna Black

ADD ME ON… Continue

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team Jacob VS. team edward




team jacob:ok you team edward people. im glad you like him. but i dont get why still. i mean he left bella.

team edward: well..........

team jacob:yes so did jacob but he came back with out bella having to go get him.

team edward: but......

team jacob:but… Continue

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the role of seth clearwater

ok so yeah im working on looking like seth clearwater. im doing an awful lot of swimming. everything is going really well. gangly build. so 15yrs old, hasnt had a growth spurt, spiked hair, looks like jacob black? some ppl disagree. im native american. cherokee-apache to be exact. i figure if taylor cant fill in the height of jacob well so can i appear to be the 'runt' of the werewolves. i figure, in the film, seth not ought to be taller than jacob or ne other of the werewolves. and i found out… Continue

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1rst Blog- Reading Breaking Dawn *again

Okkkayy so this is my first blog and im so like flushed out! Im so tired but all i did today is read a good 7 chapters in Breaking Dawn lol Stephenie Meyer took away my life! But I just cant stop i love twilight or shall i say the twilight saga sooo much! Hey does anyone know if its pronounced say-ga or -sa-ga like ahhh im pretty sure its sayga but idk Hey okay this blogging thing could be pay...ed lol im so bored but i refuse to finish my book so quick again! I needed a break! Im at the part… Continue

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why new moon could be better then twilight article.

***this is the exact article copied and pasted. if this somehow offends you in anyway, please dont get mad at me. ***

In 2008 Twilight became an international box office hit, making over $356 million dollars worldwide. Based on the first book in the trilogy written by author Stephenie Meyer, Twilight gave fans and Summit Entertainment their money’s worth with an almost $70 million opening weekend, which nearly doubled the $37 million production budget. Numbers aside, Twilight… Continue

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Taylor AKA Jake

Have you seen how buff that hawt kidd is!?!?!?!?!?!? holy fudge balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just CANT get over it!!!!! and he is absolutely the PERFECT Jacob!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE him!!!!

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Fav Twilight saga Quotes

Edward: “It’s hard and cold, and it throws rainbows in the sunlight” Bella: “You forgot the most important quality, it’s beautiful.” Edward: “My heart is just as silent and it too is yours."

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" - a CLASSIC twilight quote.

"forever and forever and forever"

Edward: "How can someone so tiny be so annoying?"

"You and Billy gossip like old women."

Bella: Edward, There’s something that I want to do before… Continue

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