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Borne Again

What else could possibly go wrong??  Anira’s life has been a complete disaster this past week, and obviously it’s not going to give her a break any time soon.  The local power plant almost had a meltdown, a bunch of stupid teenagers burnt down half of the forest she lives in, the government found out…


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I sat and watched my mother get her hair done. She looked so beautiful. She looked at me. I let the tears fall. Alice stopped and left us alone. My mother came over and hugged me. "Im happy too." She said wiping my tears. I nodded. "You look so beautiful mommy." She smiled and hugged me again. "So do you baby." She said hugging me tight. Alice came back in. She finshed mommys hair. She did down with the sides pulled. The rest was in curls. She did mine. She did all over in curls then she pinned… Continue

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I ran not being able to stop. He pulled me close to him. I looked at him. "She lied" i said the tears were choking me. "Sshhh" he said laying me agaisnt his chest. We slowly fell to the ground. I closed my eyes. My mind instantly went too my memorie of sitting between my parents. I instantly relaxed. I felt Ace's body relax too. I opened my eyes and looked at the beautiful man in holding me. "You dont have to explain." He said. I could see that he's been waiting for this moment. "I met your…


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Borne Again: a new fanfiction!!

NEW FANFICTION!!! PLEASE READ!!! I have a summary if you're interested. :)

          What else could possibly go wrong?? …


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Fanfic. What happens when you mix vampires with angels? Chp. 2 what just happened? part 1

I managed to get my sketch pad back just as the bell rang. 3 more periods left, you can do this J. I walked out only to get stopped by Alice. "Hi! So your new? Cool! I'm Alice, you must be Janelle!" she grinned. "Uh just Jazz" I replied. Was this normal for her? Or did the girl have two cups of coffee before school? "Really? Thats my boyfriend's nickname!" Alice squealed. "I've heard" I mumbled walking down two halls to my locker. "Hey we're locker buddies" she said. Oh my God, her locker was… Continue

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Breaking Dawn Part 2- 11/16/12 by Leandra on August 3, 2010 in Breaking Dawn Movie

Breaking Dawn Part 2- 11/16/12by Leandra on August 3, 2010

in Breaking Dawn Movie

This is from Summit!!!

We have a date!!!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – 11/16/12

Director: Bill Condon

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

The astonishing conclusion to the series, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, PART 2, illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has… Continue

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Plan a trip to Forks for Bellas birthday

Ok so basically this is for all the twihard adults out there...I love twilight, obviously, and i want to take a vacation to forks for Bella's birthday. I heard they have absolutley amazing celebration and its worth every penny to visit. I really want to do this however I live in Northwest Ohio, on the other side of the country :( and money is a little tight. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on the best way to travel, where to stay, how to raise the money, etc. And actually if anyone… Continue

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seth's imprint part 6

Oh Jazzy, you don't need to be able to see the future to have known that was coming," she smiled and looked into his eyes. He pulled her closer staring lovingly back at her and Edward took Bella's hand as he groaned.

"Let's get out of here," he whined and she nodded before walking off the porch with him. They walked over to Renesmee who was consoling her husband.

"Aw, did Aunt Rose really scare you," she teased Nahuel and he nodded.

"If she had Emmett running, then I am…


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seth's imprint part 3

Yes my angel," he asked sweetly and she pointed at his shirt.

"Emmett that better not be what I think it is," she yelled and he ran a hand through his curly hair.

"What do you think it is," he asked and she gritted her teeth.

"Is that the coverall Carlisle bought me years ago?" He shrugged.

"I don't know angel it was in the back of the closet in a…."

"Emmett! Have you lost your mind," she yelled and he looked around. He knew the look in his wife's eyes and…


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seth's imprint part 2

a thought ran through her mind. She stood up and started to pace.

"He wouldn't," she said through gritted teeth and Renesmee frowned.

"Who wouldn't what," she asked and Rosalie crossed her arms.

"Emmett was looking for something before he left with Nahuel and Seth to go do whatever it is they do together. I swear those three never get tired of jumping and running and…..isn't it just so odd how they act like children after…"

"Aunt Rose, you are rambling," smiled…


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seth's imprint story part 1

Two years had passed since Nahuel and Renesmee's wedding. The Cullens moved to Hoquiam, Washington where they had stayed before. They loved the area and had three separate houses, two of which Esme built. The main house was where most of the Cullens and Seth stayed. Bella and Edward had their own cottage and Renesmee and Nahuel did as well. After the honeymoon, Renesmee and Nahuel reunited with their family and were happy to stay with them in the small town of Hoquiam.

Hoquiam was…


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My Journey has begun...................

I started my first class in acting after my last post. I drive an hour and half one way to class. I'm always excited on my way so it doesn't seem as long. After class on the way home my mind is just recaping every thing we did in class. or my mind is focusing on my assignment. All together though, I'm having a blast! Meeting wonderful people. I have auditioned for a play but guess I wasn't picked. I never heard back from them. Next week I have an audition for a western film scheduled to start… Continue

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alice's diary entry 13

The party went off without any problems. Well nothing happened at the party except the dogs showing up right after I had a vision of the vampire army coming here to Forks. Bella was wondering around trying to find me but I had to tell Jasper and Edward and Carlisle first. Bella is really going to have to get better at acting in front of humans. She can’t let everything seem like its all going to fall apart. But since she did act that way…


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I love the idea of Renesmee and..

I so think that the next mega part of the series should be a whole book from renesmee's view I mean come on it would extend the saga more because bella and edward have done pretty much everything why not go into the childs view now? I think it would be awesome to be able to get a hint of what she was experiancing within bella and also Stephanie would be able to do the spin off to Renesmee's and Jacobs romance because come on a VAMPIRE loving a WEREWOLF...that equals SOOO… Continue

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Chapter 10 of Nessie's Story

~I changed my pic to Nessie's spring dance pic!~ I ran outside the next morning into a warm mist. It was always humid in Forks, but I could get used to it. It was much better than Alaska, where I had to have Jake around to keep me warm all the time. Which I'm not complaining about now, but then I thought he was just obnoxious with his being around ALL THE TIME. Today would be a good day, though. Jake was… Continue

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Chapter 7 of Nessie's Story

~Before I start the next chapter, I'd just like to thank all of you AWESOME people who keep reading my chapters. Seriously. Cuz I'm not that great of a writer, so I think anyone who reads this and comments rocks SO much!! Plz keep reading and tell all your friends! I accept ALL friend invites. I'll just shut up now, and start the story. :D Love Forever, Nessie Black~ I wrote down the last answer to the pop quiz that Alice had seen coming. I already knew all of these answers from the year I went… Continue

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Chapter 5 of Nessie's Story

I woke up the next morning with a mission: stay away from anyone I didn't know at school. Just family or wolf pack. That's it. I changed into black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt (which was off the shoulder, of course) and my Converse. I had to be on the DL for now. I jumped off the rail of the stairs and landed on my feet. I ran a hand through my hair and looked in the mirror. My eyes were their rich chocolate-y brown, as usual. The color made my… Continue

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Chapter 4 of Nessie's Story

I dipped a bare toe into the cool waters and sighed. No wonder Jake loved it here so much. I turned and saw Jake standing on a black rock, a sour look on his face. I smiled sweetly and he melted for a second, then shook his head like he always did around me, to stay on track. He asked, "Why are you here, Renesmee?" I said, puzzled,"To come and see you, Jake." He groaned and said, "You know what the bloodsucker said about the woods, Ness. You're not… Continue

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Chapter 3 of Nessie's Story

I froze in the middle of the room-and NOT because Alice was still gripping me in a choke-hold-hug. I shook her off and said, "Ok, no woods. But where will we hunt?" Emmett chuckled in light of the tense room and said, "Anywhere with grizzlies." Rose mock-smiled and rolled her eyes. Jake said, "I'm not sure how far out we should go.." I said, "Well, it's not like the other people are vegetarians." They nodded, but Edward had a really cruel look on his face. "What?" Bella asked. He shook his head… Continue

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FanFiction- Nessie's P.O.V Chapter 2

Chapter 2-

My eyes immediately flew open. I sat up in my bed and started to cry. I wrapped my arms around my knees. A second later my door swung open and in came my parents.

"Whats wrong Nessie! Why are screaming and why are you crying?!" My mom asked.

HUH? I didn't think the scream in my nightmare actually came out of my mouth.

"Oh." My dad said

"It was only a dream Nessie, it wasn't real.

I HATED that my dad can read my mind. It was always so annoying. He… Continue

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