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I sat and watched my mother get her hair done. She looked so beautiful. She looked at me. I let the tears fall. Alice stopped and left us alone. My mother came over and hugged me. "Im happy too." She said wiping my tears. I nodded. "You look so beautiful mommy." She smiled and hugged me again. "So do you baby." She said hugging me tight. Alice came back in. She finshed mommys hair. She did down with the sides pulled. The rest was in curls. She did mine. She did all over in curls then she pinned… Continue

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Silence-Chapter12pt2-Ready for everything to begin

Ace looked at me. He smiled. My heart skipped a beat. "You ready?" He said. I took a deep breathe and looked at the love of my life. He pressed his lips to mine. I instantly felt better. He pulled away and looked at me. " I love you" he whispered in my ear. "I love you" I said looking at my beautiful man. He grabbed me and swung me in his back. "Hold on" He said laughing. I squeezed him. He took off. It was scary but fun all at the same time. When we reachedthe house. My heart was beating so…


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I ran not being able to stop. He pulled me close to him. I looked at him. "She lied" i said the tears were choking me. "Sshhh" he said laying me agaisnt his chest. We slowly fell to the ground. I closed my eyes. My mind instantly went too my memorie of sitting between my parents. I instantly relaxed. I felt Ace's body relax too. I opened my eyes and looked at the beautiful man in holding me. "You dont have to explain." He said. I could see that he's been waiting for this moment. "I met your…


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Should there be a nother Twilight saga book written?

Just wondering if any one thinks there should be a nother book in the Twilight saga series. If so should it be along the lines of Renesmee and her growing up and what happens in her life? Tell me your thoughts on it.

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Me of corse!


bellaswan.jpg Renesmee Cullen image by BreakingDawn123

My beautiful daughter

Luna Maire Black-

My husbend:

Jacob Black-

hes a weirdo

My mom

Bella Swan-

I love her dont mess with her! thats my job jk!

My daddy-

Edward Cullen- Love you daddy!!

My dear aunt:

Alice Hale Cullen-

Shes like my best…


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Dear Family: Blog Post #2

Since there has been an increase in my family... I have found people I am related to though I am not in contact with or friends with. I would like to do this.. If you are one of the people on the following list please tell me... I have already included you in my family list if you want to know my relationship to you.


єѕмє тωι-вєηєƒι¢ι ¢υℓℓєη

Esme Collins

Isabella (bella) Marie Cullen

Official Bella Swan

Chelo Isabella Swan

❤๑… Continue

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Dear Family and Friends!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to have a wonderful family and wonderful friends! I love you all! Anyway... Since most of the time I have children that I forget to post on my wall, if you are my child please don't be offended that you are not on there, I know you are my child no matter what, you will just have to remind me if you aren't on there so I can put you on. Anyway... Alot of my children have different parents then just me and my wife, Esme. If you are my daughter's (or brothers) sister… Continue

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I have to admit, I am a stubborn person. So Hayley finally gave in to make me happy, because she knew I would be miserable if she refused and wanted to stay in that house.

We left that night. I told her to go pack her clothes, but to not let her father see what she was doing. She said that wasn't a problem, since he was working the night shift tonight. So I went to my house. This would be hard. I walked in, and all my family was in the living room. Right when I walked into the room, they… Continue

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i relised somthing; it doesn't matter if you're a blood related with somone, it just matters the they care for you. that's what a real family is for, people that care for you.

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my life

my name is Joseph Cruz O'Riely I am the younger brother of Maggie O'Riely. me and my sister lived around the time of the 1700's in Ireland. time for me has become something of the past so I cant remember my life in those times. my sister and me were changed by accident I believe because when we awoke to our new lives there was no one around to explain to us what happened. me and her soon realized in order to survive we need the blood of humans seeing how it was the only thing I desired. my… Continue

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This Is My Offical Online Cullen Family...Just Ask If You Want To Join xxx

- Ana Cullen
- Emmett's one and only
- Esme Cullen
- Aliyah M Rouse
- Breaking Dawn Fan!!
- TWiLiGHT LOVER 4ever!
- Isabella Marie Cullen
- Bryttani Cullen
- Teamedward530
- Bryttani Cullen
- Jasper
- Elizabeth Lutz
- Alice Brucer
- Rebecca Pattinson
- Andrea Carolina
- © Renesmee Cullen OFFICIAL

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Hey all twilight loverz...♥

go onto if u av hotmail or msn and ask to join

its really good

pass it on to friends and family

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Family Reunion

Well it is that time of year again. Families all over the US are planning on punishing themselves by attending these things. We get up early, find the perfect clothes to impress the snobby relatives or demean the poor ones. We drive or fly hours to get there and when you do everyone pretends to be your best friend. You pretend to remember that the person you are talking to is Aunt so-in-so's great niece and your fifth cousin once removed! You also try your best to remember who it was last year… Continue

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The Cullen Family

wow. I love this photo. It's so deep. :) Whoever made this really portrayed this family well.

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here are 3 of my best poems enjoy ^^

To Mother

I stand here looking at you, and you looking at me.

What I see is a person who's confused.

What I see is someone who's caught up within something not good.

What I see is someone wanting to run away.

What I see is someone who's caught up in money.

And what I see is my Mother.

I stand, looking at you...

You beg for money from me.

You say you love me.

You say you live your life for me and… Continue

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