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New book series inspired by Stephanie Myer's Twilight

     After reading the book series, scouring it for little nuances and countless views of the movies i was left like most of you wanting more. i didn't want to just write fan fiction though, i'm not S.M. i didn't want to try to expound on her dream of how Twilight developed and concluded. so what to do? how bout something new that still FELT like Twilight. something that paid it tribute but was completely new. 

     After about a year of writing i finished my first series, "Waking…


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I loved The Twilight Saga so much I didn't want it to end! My solution was to write my own versions of the story! 

I have just finished my sixth and longest story - Evermore.

I have enjoyed adding my own characters into the stories.…


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The Last thing i remember...

Tt was cold,dark and dank where i was. Blood flowed from various places on my body, The earth beneath me was soft and the stars above glistened. My breathing was slow.I couldnt move. I was stabbed forty-six times and i knew i wouldnt live through this.Then I heard a laugh so menacing i cringed. He stood over me staring me down smiling a dark smile. Then he spoke " Sweet child i will make your death so much quicker". My…


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Sweet Memories

My first fan fiction, written by My best friend Sasha and I..Sweet Memories.. Please read it and comment ..I'll tell you when we're finished..Its going to posted.....

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FanFic..What happens when you mix vampires with angels? chp1 lets find out! part 1

I sighed. This would be a long day. My stupid stepmom had thought of bringing me here. Forks, Washington! Who names a city after an eating utensil anyways?! I slung my bag over my shoulder before trudging up the stairs. It was winter and snowing. I loved the snow it reminded me of New York but then it brought back bad memories. Forget it, I told myself. Six kids were walking in front of me. A tall blonde with a short girl with short black hair next to him. Another blonde, skinnier than the… Continue

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just Eclipse tonight July 22,2010

I went to the show to see Eclipse from the Twilight Sega tonight and i really like it so much. I think this movie had more actiion then New Moon & Twilight did. I am looking forward reading Breaking Dawn & the 2 part movie. I give Eclipse 2 thumbs up. I also give 2 thumbs up to Stepheine Meyer for being a good author and I hope She keeps writing more for The Twilight Sega. I am now a true Twilight fan.

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Edward's Journal

I'm pleased to announce that Edward's Journals have come back to the Fan Fiction group! I've just updated them with two more chapters. I hope you'll enjoy and leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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Fan fiction deletion

With so many rumors circulating as to how Fan Fiction was deleted, i don't have an idea who to believe.

Some say it was a glitch, some said it was on purpose... But all i want to say is that:

I mean, sure fanfiction got hacked or something. And i know that's terrible and making all of us feel mad and sad. especially the writers

like me, but people, u joined this site, not just to create your story. I'm thinking u joined this site because u like/love/are obsessed… Continue

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A little test, tell me what you think.

Hi everybody, I started to write a fan fiction of Twilight a few days ago. I have a little alternate story cooking itself up in my brains, but I'm having a hard time finding a motivational urge to write it. And probably you'll find it isn't very good, so it's best if I check it out.

I decided that every one of you, fellow Twilight lovers, could help me out on this, I'm going to post the little I have going on, and if a few people like it, then I’m going to carry on, if not, well, it… Continue

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fan fic

sorry guys! no new fan fic. i was writing one about how seth imprints on a girl named Amber, but i hated it, and i was going to have benjamin and tia in there somewhere but i forgot them, so i scrapped it. I NEED IDEAS! i have no idea what im going to do for my next fan fic, so leave coments as to how i should go about my litterary not-so-genius ways. LOLZ:) hey! guess what! i have a band concert tomorow, and i cant wait! i play first chair flute, so it should be fun.

-same as… Continue

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"What if..." A non-cheesy fan fic - comments welcome!

This is my first fan pic posted on here. It takes off from page 600 of eclipse....kind of a “what if”....

I do not own or claim to own any of the part in italics – they are direct quotes from stephenie meyer's eclipse

This includes a spoiler so anyone who hasn't read eclipse may wish to leave this discussion now!

It starts with a conversation between Bella and Jacob....


“The worst part....” I hesitated, and then let words spill… Continue

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Book V.S Movie

Hello everyone!

Question of the Day.

What do you prefer the book or movie?


Have you read only the book? Have you only seen the film?

Why one and not another?

What first?


I have read first the whole saga. At first I had no intention of seeing the film because ... in my mind I was the hero, my name was Bella and was totally in love with a vampire. I cried when he left, I was glad when he ...

By contrast in the film from… Continue

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Dedicated Fans

Cullen Crest Crazy!

So I was on Facebook and I belong to a tattoo fan page because i have tattoos obviously when i came across this photo. Not 2 seconds after i put a thumbs up on it I got a message from its owner. I was impressed. She is a very nice woman who is obsessed with the Twilight Saga as the rest of us. I give her props I absolutely LOVE this tattoo.Who knew i would have made a cool friend on Facebook. lol


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OKAY WELL lately i have been reading this fan fic and its really if anyone that comes by my page and reads this go to this link b/c its pretty awesome im obsessed already. its called black night and its awesome!!

the link:

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Renesmee was now about six years old, but she looked more like 15. Edward and Bella are as happy with each other as they were when they got married. Carlisle is still a wonderful doctor and he is also the first person (vampire) to find a cure for cancer. Esme is being her motherly self, and sometimes does volunteer work at a local orphanage. Alice is still a crazed shopaholic, and makes awkward moments the funniest thing ever. Jasper is working on his hunting… Continue

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Noon time moon(book in writing tht comes after breaking dawn

i wrote a book on my old twilight saga profile but i loged off that profile and when i tryed to log back in it said it wasnt an active profile so if you read my book under one of the blogs here its called noon time moon(book im writing tht comes after breaking dawn) i cant finish it so if u read it-it only goes up to i think ch.3 right now because i havent finished it yet but i will be working on it more-you can go to my blog at the URL link at the bottom of the page and if you havent read it i… Continue

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Vote for twilight in the teen choice awards 2009

Twilight fans vote for them in this page:
Follow this 3 easy steps to vote:
1-Create an account.
2-Confirm the account by the mail send to your e-mail account
3: Just go to the page and vote.

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After Breaking Dawn ( they way it could happen), My first fan-fiction PLZZZZ COMMENT

Chapter 1

Bella POV

It had been 8 years after Renesmee was born and i became a vampire. Even though she was only 8 years old she had the body of a 17 years old, she had stopped growing ny now . Today was her birthday so we took her to the big cullens house.Once we walked in Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme and Carlise all yelled "Happy Birthday Renesmee" then laughed when they saw her shocked face. As usal Alice went overboard with decorating she blew up heaps… Continue

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SUNSET a book from Alice Cullen's POV


Renesme is now about 5 but looks maybe 16. The cullens decide to enroll Nessie in school with the rest of the family. They enroll everyone into La Push High with Jacob. But when they are not excepted by a different wolfpack at the school. What will they do and who will Jake agree with?


I never thought it would turn out this way. I thought this happiness would last forever, but I was wrong. Everyone is affected by the disapiontment. But, I must… Continue

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