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New book series inspired by Stephanie Myer's Twilight

     After reading the book series, scouring it for little nuances and countless views of the movies i was left like most of you wanting more. i didn't want to just write fan fiction though, i'm not S.M. i didn't want to try to expound on her dream of how Twilight developed and concluded. so what to do? how bout something new that still FELT like Twilight. something that paid it tribute but was completely new. 

     After about a year of writing i finished my first series, "Waking…


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I loved The Twilight Saga so much I didn't want it to end! My solution was to write my own versions of the story! 

I have just finished my sixth and longest story - Evermore.

I have enjoyed adding my own characters into the stories.…


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The Last thing i remember...

Tt was cold,dark and dank where i was. Blood flowed from various places on my body, The earth beneath me was soft and the stars above glistened. My breathing was slow.I couldnt move. I was stabbed forty-six times and i knew i wouldnt live through this.Then I heard a laugh so menacing i cringed. He stood over me staring me down smiling a dark smile. Then he spoke " Sweet child i will make your death so much quicker". My…


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So far:

Bella Swan (U.T.F)




-Have all applied! We still need more… Continue

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Preface : The Start

My name is Kylee Cabot, im half human half vampire. I used live in Gahenna, Ohio. This is a very small town population: 1,967 people. The name Gahenna means hell in Greek. I live with my best friends Luna, Lydia,Jeremy, Mia and Will. I was born with gifts i never thought existed. I never chose who was but then again we dont huh? Anyways this is my story! In 1991 i was born but i stopped growing at sixteen. This story which i tell is Then Half-breed Revolution, and about how we…


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Edward's Journal

I'm pleased to announce that Edward's Journals have come back to the Fan Fiction group! I've just updated them with two more chapters. I hope you'll enjoy and leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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Fan fiction deletion

With so many rumors circulating as to how Fan Fiction was deleted, i don't have an idea who to believe.

Some say it was a glitch, some said it was on purpose... But all i want to say is that:

I mean, sure fanfiction got hacked or something. And i know that's terrible and making all of us feel mad and sad. especially the writers

like me, but people, u joined this site, not just to create your story. I'm thinking u joined this site because u like/love/are obsessed… Continue

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A little test, tell me what you think.

Hi everybody, I started to write a fan fiction of Twilight a few days ago. I have a little alternate story cooking itself up in my brains, but I'm having a hard time finding a motivational urge to write it. And probably you'll find it isn't very good, so it's best if I check it out.

I decided that every one of you, fellow Twilight lovers, could help me out on this, I'm going to post the little I have going on, and if a few people like it, then I’m going to carry on, if not, well, it… Continue

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"What if..." A non-cheesy fan fic - comments welcome!

This is my first fan pic posted on here. It takes off from page 600 of eclipse....kind of a “what if”....

I do not own or claim to own any of the part in italics – they are direct quotes from stephenie meyer's eclipse

This includes a spoiler so anyone who hasn't read eclipse may wish to leave this discussion now!

It starts with a conversation between Bella and Jacob....


“The worst part....” I hesitated, and then let words spill… Continue

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story ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! :D vote on which ones best!!!

these are some of the stories i want to write :D i will add more as i think of them :) i am also writing a series i consider the "star" series. my first book Shooting star is finished and up on the site. i am now working on one called Broken Star. :D i think that everyone should vote which one they would like to read the most and after i finish the book CHANGED that i am working on, i will start the next one! :D

1.Vampire Shots

A girl named ___________ gets… Continue

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Noon time moon(book in writing tht comes after breaking dawn

i wrote a book on my old twilight saga profile but i loged off that profile and when i tryed to log back in it said it wasnt an active profile so if you read my book under one of the blogs here its called noon time moon(book im writing tht comes after breaking dawn) i cant finish it so if u read it-it only goes up to i think ch.3 right now because i havent finished it yet but i will be working on it more-you can go to my blog at the URL link at the bottom of the page and if you havent read it i… Continue

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fiction or reality?

I am really sick of seeing tabloids plastered everywhere about Kristin Stewart and Rob Pattinson. Why can't they just leave them alone? Edward and Bella were characters they played very well and even though i would love to see them together in real life it is just fiction.

So for all the lovesick fans of Edward Cullen: please stop stalking lovely london mate Robert around; he is not going to suck your neck or throw you on his back and fly you around New York. As for Kristen she has a… Continue

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After Breaking Dawn ( they way it could happen), My first fan-fiction PLZZZZ COMMENT

Chapter 1

Bella POV

It had been 8 years after Renesmee was born and i became a vampire. Even though she was only 8 years old she had the body of a 17 years old, she had stopped growing ny now . Today was her birthday so we took her to the big cullens house.Once we walked in Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme and Carlise all yelled "Happy Birthday Renesmee" then laughed when they saw her shocked face. As usal Alice went overboard with decorating she blew up heaps… Continue

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SUNSET a book from Alice Cullen's POV


Renesme is now about 5 but looks maybe 16. The cullens decide to enroll Nessie in school with the rest of the family. They enroll everyone into La Push High with Jacob. But when they are not excepted by a different wolfpack at the school. What will they do and who will Jake agree with?


I never thought it would turn out this way. I thought this happiness would last forever, but I was wrong. Everyone is affected by the disapiontment. But, I must… Continue

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Fan Fiction - Back to Shool

Edward held my hand as we entered the familiar lunchroom.

Though we had checked to see if all the old teachers had left (which they had), I had a very bad feeling.

Every head turned to face us, I watched their reaction as the took us in. the seven unnaturally beautiful, pale people and the big dark muscled guy.

The reactions I saw reminded me of the first time I had seen the Cullens, right here, in this very cafeteria thirty-five years ago.

The eight of us made our way to… Continue

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Unforgettable Experiences

Unforgettable Experiences

Lightning split the midnight sky. The thunder, however, is what woke me. Or so I thought. Even before my eyes had opened I had a strange, roller coaster-like feeling in my stomach. My heart raced. I couldn’t think. I had never been afraid of thunder; or the dark. Not even when I was little. But, that night, there was something, I don’t know, ominous in the air. I knew where I was: my bedroom in Forks. I knew who I was: Bella Swan. But what I didn’t know was that… Continue

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Seth Journal

Jacob and Sam are always fighting over whether or not La Push or Bella come first. You know Jacob is cool and all, but you can't let your emotions come first. You have to be selfless in a situation like this. It isn't whether or not we ought to protect Bella, but it's our home and Forks that we need to take care of first. As for that old truce, my job is not to keep people safe from vampires that won't hurt them. That truce is over! The only reason I lost my dad is because when the Cullens… Continue

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Dawn of Light Chapter 1

Dawn of Light

Prolouge: Unknown

Why take chances with the things that you already have? If I made the wrong choice a long time ago, then why didn't someone tell me about it already?

But now that things were working out in my favor, then maybe I did make the right choice. Maybe he was right. Maybe I should stop worrying and take full advantage of my perfect life.

He was right.


Its been more than six months since Renesmee, my… Continue

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the downfall of the Volturi

100 years from the time Renesme was born the romanian vampires had created an army of talented vampires and are on the verge of overthrowing the volturi's rule. by this time, the cullens have helped the volturi in some ways over difficult problems with other vampires that are in consonance with the cullen's principles of 'vegetarianism'. the volturi and the cullens have some kind of respectable alliance based on mutual respect, but the romanians are eager to take power again, after so many… Continue

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Bad Fanfiction and St. Valentine

Hello my lovely fellow Twilighters, me again, here for another rant!

It was a dark and smoky night - and I was up far too late, reading bad fan fiction; not smart.

1. Badly written fan fiction makes me cross and

2. I should have been asleep and am regretting staying up this late.

Oh yeah by the way, I forgot to mention that Australia is several hours ahead of America so its about 3 o'clock now. In the afternoon but I was up all night so I'm a bit sleepy. But anyway,… Continue

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