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Lost:: The story of what might happen if there weren't laws against it


The darkness is terrifying. I can’t see or hear anything. I don’t remember if I have a mom or a dad. I think I was abandoned. I remember having my 15th birthday. Did I have anyone to share it with? I don’t remember my life at all.

         I can’t seem to think clearly. All of these crazy images are coming from nowhere. I’m being slapped and stabbed at. I have several cuts and…


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Just Because Your My Mate Doesn't Mean I Like You.

Hey guys!!!! So I have been thinking about this new idea for a story!!!! Tell me what you think about it!!!! I hope you like it as well!!!!






Just Because you’re my Mate Doesn’t mean I like You.


Chapter One:  


“ No!! please… Stop! Don’t hurt them” I shouted in my dream, but this wasn’t a dream… this was a nightmare… THE nightmare. I jolted up…


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Im Trying

Im trying to forget about Cody or simply get out of this mopeing but its so hard help me someone please

Added by Annabeth Chase on June 20, 2010 at 12:02pm — 5 Comments

ppl who hate Twilight

Ppl who hate Twilight drive me crazy cause they just judge the books by the movie :( if they have read the book and it didn't appeal to them fine W.E. its not for everyone but please keep haterd comments to your self and let me have my happiness even if that means loveing mythical creatures that i would have no chance with even if they did exist lol :D

_ Em p.s. please comment :D

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hey i hate bakugan

Added by cassie cullen on November 12, 2009 at 9:43pm — 1 Comment

Bleeding Hearts The diary of Randaya First entry What is it you actually see in the mirror? By Randaya Quill This is how it starts A blank page And me Putting my fingers to these keys and not kno…

Bleeding Hearts

The diary of Randaya

First entry

What is it you actually see in the mirror?

By Randaya Quill

This is how it starts

A blank page

And me

Putting my fingers to these keys and not knowing what’s going to come out

A story

A poem

Or just my thoughts for the day

Those are always interesting

This is not much but at least I’m trying

One person can’t please…

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School is iky.

School is starting soon. And I'm not happy about this!!!!

Okay. Good things about school this year: I am 90% sure that I'm in choir, which is awesome. I'm pretty sure I have a nice teacher. My firend Momo is now going to the same school. and I don't have to see my evil old teacher (You know who you are Mrs. EVIL)

Bad things: I don't like anyone in my homeroom class, and homeroom makes up 4 of my classes and if I don't hate them, I don't know them. Pooy. I am fairly sure… Continue

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Peering up from my grave. Plies of dirt splashed apon my subservient soul, served from the very hands that pushed the small of my back.You sell me a year of your stalking prowess as time is you better save sum, for others of your own abrasive kind that count apon your sweet flesh and sweat of blood.

It’s all right baby look at me, look into my eyes what do you see?

I see your love of filthy penny’s that have no approval to be kept as they… Continue

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Nightmares of dust

Nightmares of dust

She wore the silence of her testimony.

Bribed of the very trinkets of lust and pain she bore.

Stripped of cunning a want returned.

I’ve come for tails of your demanding soul.

Offended by the spurs, that justified her furious detachment of lifeless days.

Her very memories exposed in Sabbath.

They can’t take my dreams they hide the bitterness of the world

I believe my faith.… Continue

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People I hate

1.mary from so you think you can dance she is way to loud
2.snobby cheerleaders
3.know it all s
4.disgusting guys
5. pervs
7. fakers
8.people who make me mad
9. people who are imume to my powers
10. anyone who hates alec
11. or aro
12. snobbs
13 teachers pets

so watever i hate them ditto

Added by Real Jane Volturi on July 19, 2009 at 11:54pm — No Comments

Wierd Dream

So, three nights ago I had the wierdest dream and I've been thinking about it ever since. I don't understand it but I have one theory that could be the possible explaination.

In my dream, I was seeing through my character Leah's eyes and I was in the room Michael had given her in my story. Well, I was resting my eyes, covered up in the bed, thinking about Michael. Then he came into the room, I kept my eyes clothes and did not acknowledge him because, his aura was hostile. It didn't feel… Continue

Added by Amber Guerrero on July 6, 2009 at 4:56pm — No Comments title? why should i! someone give me a good answer, and i might start!

i have a bunch of friends, they are also from the anime/manga naruto. and they are real. i have sakura haruno-agirlinthedark, naruto uzumaki-not on here, and much more, thought u ought to know..... well just so u know i hate the world, but doesnt mean i hate the people, okay so i do hate a lot of people but still... get over it! im different, so…

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I wonder . . .

Sometimes I wonder why do people, call themselves poor, when they have more then some across the globe . . . I wonder why I can't just be a vampire . . . wait . . . I can't eat horses, now that would be like so bad!!! See, I love horses . . . so that would be weird. But like silly things like that make me wonder. I wonder is there a god? Is this silly? So far I've been raised as a Christian and lately I'm been wondering if there is a god . . . If there is then why the heck are some of these… Continue

Added by Sarah on May 8, 2009 at 10:50pm — 1 Comment

Twilight Haters NEW Reasons Against The Saga... Wow.

Okay, I was home sick one day, so I was surfing the internet, looking for any news about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Summit, Stephenie Meyer, ANYTHING about the Saga, or related topics. And I came across a blog a dad started about his daughter reading Twilight. He was really supportive of her, and looked up reviews on the internet about the book. He was getting some reviews of the book "tainting young childrens minds with sex before marriage, pedophilla, suicide and sexual… Continue

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you hate twilight? WHO CARES!!!

I am totally and utterly sick and tierd of people declaring there hate for twilight. It's really pathetic! there have been numerous hate videos on youtube, and i find them highly frustrating! All they ever seem to mention is that edward cullen is abusive, which he is not. He simply cares for Bella and wants to do whatever it is in his power to keep her safe. So please, dont say he is controllive and all that, it is REALLY aggrivating!

Also there seems to be a petetion that is called… Continue

Added by elhan on February 16, 2009 at 2:43pm — 2 Comments

Day One

it is feb 14 09 i am sick

the constant noises in my head drown out my sorrow

i am stuck inside

on a sunday

the third sunny day since winter

2 of which i have been sick for

i miss the fresh air

i miss talking to my friends

i miss my high tops

i miss the funny texts from my friends

i hate their pity

i hate everything

my home made chocolates havent been eaten by anyone

i can barley lift up my head

i miss youtube and music

i… Continue

Added by Paula Sharada Cullen on February 14, 2009 at 3:07pm — No Comments

Jacob Hate or Love?

I personal hate jacob and want him to die a slow painful death. But, what do you think?

Added by Katie Siniscalco on February 14, 2009 at 1:19am — 4 Comments

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