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Chapter One of the Adoration Of Death

                  How did this happen to me? How am I sitting here in the dead center of a graveyard, with a bunch of other visionities, trying to save the love of my life, who also happens to be a shadowess, when just barely a month ago I  was sitting, alone in math class, trying to figure out the square root of who the hell cares? Alone, depressed, and a nobody, in the big old  world of high school, until the very day Monique Vante moved…


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love is blind and hurt full and painfull

as the night shines and the moon comes out i think so my self what kind of world would this be if there were peace but as the sun rises and the sun come out what kind of world would this be if people apreaceated the beautiful nature and the thangs in life we love but see that is another thang love blinds us to the… Continue

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i can not wait for Breaking dawn i have seen the tralier, OMG i screamed i am so excited :D what about you and where will it be split i have no clue but i have 2 ideas, 1: it will be split right afte…

i can not wait for Breaking dawn i have seen the tralier, OMG i screamed i am so excited :D what about you and where will it be split i have no clue but i have 2 ideas, 1: it will be split right after jacobs point of veiw in the birth of nessie and then continue the next part in bellas point of veiw of the birth and then telling the rest of the story

2:have all the fun stuff and then split right when they menchine the volturi



if you have any other idea please…


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hope i can to sketch this

hope i can to sketch this Continue

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Just Because Your My Mate Doesn't Mean I Like You.

Hey guys!!!! So I have been thinking about this new idea for a story!!!! Tell me what you think about it!!!! I hope you like it as well!!!!






Just Because you’re my Mate Doesn’t mean I like You.


Chapter One:  


“ No!! please… Stop! Don’t hurt them” I shouted in my dream, but this wasn’t a dream… this was a nightmare… THE nightmare. I jolted up…


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that is so true!

that is so true! Continue

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hi i need some help. two of ex-boyfriends want to date me and i don't know which one i should choose. here are their discriptions blair is 16 tall with red hair with a little bit of an anger problem but he never ever does anything harmful to me he has got a great personality he can also protect himself as well as me. but i hardly ever see him due him and my brother fighting. rowan on the other hand has blonde/red hair very nice but he can't defend himself he is turning 14 in september i see him… Continue

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First Love New Life


As i was trying to run away my life and my mind it kept replaying one message and one scene that i didnt want to see "What had happened to my parents?". When I came home from school they were just there lying on the kitchen floor blood all…


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Comes down to this-Chapter3-Understand

I looked at the sunrise. I looked at my arms. There were glistening. I closed my eyes and thedarkness was filled with Seth's image. My body ached in pain. I knew i needed to get back. I also knew i needed to hunt. I closed my eyes and sushed my consious. I got up started following the faint thumping. I started running. When the thumping came closer i opened my eyes. I got in position and i leaped and grabbed the deer. I closed my eyes as the coolness went down my thorat. I dropped the body when… Continue

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if you love alice cullen add a pic of alice on this page

i just want to know how many people love alice cullen

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Gods promise to forbadden love

Chapter 2

Scene 1

Setting: Since Mysticeye fainted the vampri carried her to her bed room, Aro has called a meeting to with all the vampri.

Aro calls a meeting and every vampire is sitting in a double circle around three thrones, the meeting is about, of course, Mysticeye. Some vampri think that a missing queen would…


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Chapter 1

Scene 2

Setting: still in the Voulturi Ballroom (everyone wanted to stay and see what was going to happen next, they all agreed that this was better than “Gilmore Girls”)

Aro: well since no one wants to go home (he says with emphasis on home) why don’t everyone line up on the walls to give our guest a little space, yes? Thank you.

A shuffling of feet and a few complaints erupt as the…


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Main characters:

Caius V. Volturi

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Race: European

Bio: an ancient vampire lord and at age 24 he is the youngest vampire leader of the Volturi.

Earthbound age: 5,845 years and counting


Mystic L. Eye:

Age: unknown (she can’t be older than20, she looks 16, but her body says otherwise)

Sex: Female

Race: Egyptian

Bio: Born in the Louisiana Bayou her kind is suspected to have evolved from…


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Thinking #1

I guess some loves are meant to be... and others will find their place in time. That is the balance of life. Love is complicated yet simple at the same time. I holds true to your heart and is a deep understanding that comes in many forms. It holds value and justification. It happens because it is emotion, it is a calling from within. The balance is similar to destiny, in ways you make your…


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about three things i was absolutly positive first, fred mareshall/edward cullen was a vampire. second, there was apart of him and i didn't know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my blood. and third i was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him

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Quizz Time, Are You Really A Twilight Fan? Answer these and I will score. I will write the points you need for the Q. Kk

  1. How many Cullen's are in Breaking Dawn?

    10 points

  2. Who is Nessy?

    9 points

  3. Who give's Nessy that name?

    9 points

  4. In New Moon, why does Edward think Bella is dead? -2 reasons-

    15 points

  5. In Twilight, who…

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.Cant Stop Loving You.

By LesLie RedHeart (aka Me xD)

No matter what I do,

I just can't get over you.

Your smile still marks my heart,

But remembered the time I was torn apart...

I could say goodbye,

If there was a way,

But, I never stop thinking that it's too late,

If somehow…


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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 13

It was the morning after I found out we have to leave. I…


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You Should Know..

That Edward is way better because he sparkles, and Jacob only wishes he could!! :D

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My Switch from Team Edward to Team Jacob.

...I really don't know where to start. All I can say is that the sudden change of heart came unexpected. I saw the passion in Jacob's eyes for Bella, I felt it, I breathed it. The only time Edward was ever in pain, was for his own selfish guilt trips. Jacob's pain was strictly for the need to have Bella in his life. Edward needed Bella to live but he didn't need… Continue

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