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NEW MOON bella swan

"As much as i struggled not to think of him, i did not Sruggle to FORGET I worried late in the night.,

when the exhaustion of SLEEP DEPRIVATION broke down my defenses.

That my MIND was a SIEVE..

And that someday i wont be able to REMEMBER the

.. PRECISE color of his eyes.. ..the FEEL of his SKIN.. ..or the TEXTURE of HIs voice..

..i could NoT think of THEM..…

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Okay so this is dakota on the birthday blog
happy birthday to me

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me.. about me!

It's been a long while that Im a human since this newborn vampire bite me in los angelos.

Im the host of their own hunger.. they're very strong and uncontrolled vampires.

And now.. I'm a newborn vampire, lost in destruction.

I'm nj vhanz black: a newborn vampire.

A doctor Psychiatrist worked in San Diego.

age: 19

eyes: dark brown

born: new york

family of american coven

mate: no one

I am strong,…

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Fix Me: Prologue.

Me and my sister, Shayla were in an accident three weeks ago. A robbery occurred at our house, I was upstairs, mom was at work, and Shay was downstairs, practicing her violin for her upcoming band recital. We hadn't locked the doors, and someone came in. Shay didn't hear anyone come in, she was too busy listening to her music. And that's all I know, I wasn't there to witness it. I was upstairs. But I heard a loud noise, so I came running downstairs to see what it was. I saw someone running out… Continue

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The Twelth Sun

Bella's POV One dreary day in the city of Seattle,it was pouring down rain.(as usual) with the only thing to look forward to is the fun and laughter I'll have with my friends at school.The extremely weird thing was that none of them were at school. And there's 10 ofthem so how could they ALL be gone? There was this strange new kid that was beautiful I mean gorgeous! his name was something like Damen. His perfectly sculpted cheekbones made him all the more beautiful. His hair touched just shy… Continue

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Tell Me Lies- Ashley Tisdale

This song truley explains Chapter 3- Twilight Saga: New Moon.

I hope you feel the same way too :P

I will also be posting otehr songs i believe that represent twilight in a very deep way.

Here is Tell me Lies by Ashley Tisdale:

It's in your eyes, feelings can't be disguised

Cause the truth makes me want you to tell me lies

My biggest fear is crying oceans of tears

I would rather you not be so sincere

How cold could you be?

What… Continue

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About Both Me in Real Life and My Twilight Charrie, Carter


The Name: Mikayla ____ Last Name

The Age: Fourteen

The Birthdate: June 2nd, 1995

The Twilightmania: 3 yrs and 2 months

The Quote: "Oh Just Shut Up Already!"

The Fave Character: Renesmee Carlie Cullen

The PetPeeve: Annoying People, Posers -unless it is roleplaying-

The Addiction: Roleplaying Twilight


FULL CHARACTER NAME;; Carter Jayme Alysin… Continue

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Peering up from my grave. Plies of dirt splashed apon my subservient soul, served from the very hands that pushed the small of my back.You sell me a year of your stalking prowess as time is you better save sum, for others of your own abrasive kind that count apon your sweet flesh and sweat of blood.

It’s all right baby look at me, look into my eyes what do you see?

I see your love of filthy penny’s that have no approval to be kept as they… Continue

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Nightmares of dust

Nightmares of dust

She wore the silence of her testimony.

Bribed of the very trinkets of lust and pain she bore.

Stripped of cunning a want returned.

I’ve come for tails of your demanding soul.

Offended by the spurs, that justified her furious detachment of lifeless days.

Her very memories exposed in Sabbath.

They can’t take my dreams they hide the bitterness of the world

I believe my faith.… Continue

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about me

im serena rose emily cullen but you can call me serena im many things right now so i will list them down for you

a daughter,a sister,an aunt,a friend,a singer,a bandmate,a guitar player,an enime,a piano player,a best friend,a cullen

i was named serena rose emily cullen for this reason

serena means peace and my parents wanted me to be peaceful rose because that was my mothers favorite flower emily because emmetts my biological bro and cullen because im one of… Continue

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never stop luvin the twilight series

how could your best friend leave you its like the twilight series not being created into a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You might love the vampire. But im all for the werewolve. You might read the books and think werewolves no vampires yes. But look at it tis way the werewolves are shirtless. They are all so helpful. They protect us humans from those blood thirsty freaks. And Edward is not no sanit he got some bad in him. Dont get me wrong i like the cullens.But they are not perfect.Neither are the werewolves but they try hard to keep thereselfs in line when they need to.The cullens can go blood lust and kill… Continue

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**Let me know your Opinion on this picture** I think they would make a cute couple

--Conversation Starter--

What Do You Think??

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MY summer

well, it's had it's ups and down but has been pretty good. lot's of fun with lot's of friends. i couldn't have asked for a much better summer. when i think of the best NEW friend i've made i think of Aaron blevins. this guy is amazing. i think i might have a slight crush on him but we're friends. my summer officialy ends july 13th. yes. that's becuz of 1 reason. BAND CAMP!! i guess i wouldn't be exited for it if i wasn't for some of my best friends… Continue

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Twilight fans! How far are you going?

So, I have heard of MANY MANY adventures of how fans have met the Twlight cast or said smth to them. So that's why my worries is- how far does a fan have to go to be a stalker?

In mu opinion I think I'm a fan that could only ask a autograph and a picture and that's it. But why go further? Ask like, can you BITE ME? or sigh my team Jacob or Edward panties?

WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GIRLS? Ok, I don't say that all of us do such as crazy thing but still, what is the… Continue

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blood isues

having trouble with human blood

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this blog is about me and what i like so no nasty comments here i go......well im only 13 years old and so what if im young im a huge fan of twilight and new moon .....well the whole saga and plz dont judge me if i think im a vampire its like i have my own world of twilight and i do think i am a vampire lol ^_^ its funny i never thought about vampires until twilight well dracula my favorite vampire is alice and my favorite human is bella and YES im weird i enjoy being weird wait wait wait the… Continue

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all bout my love for ted dibase jr

he is the center of my life my heart beats for him he is my life i am his angel

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new moon the movie

do you want to see pictures and vidéos from the shooting in italy this week? go to the french web site ( comment in english):

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The Deep And The Dark

I know the chapters seem short but they are supposed to be that way.

Tell me what you think and leave comments please


Create your own banner at!

Make your own banner at!…


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