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trying to get all those twilight movies on my phone

after collecting all the soundtracks of twilight... now i'm going to focus my time and concentration on having all the twilight movies on my phone.. im so excited having all those movies that i love with me all the time and i can watch them whenever i want..

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I just heard that pre-sale tickets for Eclipse are going on sale MAY 14th and that BREAKING DAWN is scheduled to be released in theaters in NOV 2011.....Nov 2011 that is SO long away....I can't wait

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For The First Time

For the first time in my life, I am trying to understand one of those so called "signs" in a person's life. The meaning of such, "signs". Some are very apparent others are not and are usually the ones we miss seeing that could change our lives forever.

I am having difficulties figuring out why I want to watch Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon constantly. Constantly being all day over and over. It's a wonder that I'm even here at my computer typing this right now. I don't… Continue

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The Twilight Movies....

mmkk.. Those of you who think the Twilight movies are totally awesome.. pllzzz! Comment on this blog.. just something that you thought about while watching the movies, or something you thought about after watching the movies.. and if you didn't like the movies plllzzz...still comment on this blog!! THANKS!!!!

Added by Kathryn Cullen on February 14, 2010 at 10:37pm — 2 Comments

TWILIGHT!!! What else??

Ok... Twilight!!! Tell me everything you want to talk about that has something to do with Twilight.. I want to know!!! Really! I am open to a discussion all the books and the movies... and about potential movies and books..

NOTE: NO subject will be taboo..... I am totally and utterly allowing you to say what you want about Twilight... This is something that really only needs your honest opinion... And we can talk about…


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You know you're obsessed with Twilight when..

  1. - you think a song you're listening to would go perfect in one of the movies (it's happened many times.)

(Here are a few I think would be perfect: 1) "When The Day Met The Night" by Panic At The Disco, 2) "Crystalised" by the XX, 3) "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence & the Machine, 4) "One Red Thread" by Blind Pilot, and 5) "Microphone" by Coconut Records.)

2. - you get excited when…

Added by Brooke on February 10, 2010 at 1:30am — 3 Comments

Breaking Dawn... will it happen?

Speaking in my own personal opinion, Breaking Dawn was an, um, interesting way to end the series. Let's leave it that. The big talk among Twilight movie lovers is will it ever hit the big screen? There are several complicated things to consider: A) Renesmee, the cause of the whole debacle in the end B) Will adding in the honeymoon cause too much controversy? And how much do they put in? Remember, Stephenie did not write anything explicit in the book. C) The special effects at the Cullen v.… Continue

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What do you guys think about the books being made into movies?

I didn't like the Twilight movie compared to the book because it wasn't all that close, but as a movie it was good. Then there was New Moon and that was amazing!! way better than Twilight.

I can't wait for Eclipse its going to be soo good! Breaking Dawn will be the best i think.

Added by Kaitlyn Michelle on January 4, 2010 at 10:32pm — 8 Comments

SUSPENSE for Breaking Dawn

If you read my page you know i like acting. in fact as soon as they hire a casting director for breaking dawn i plan to be the first to send my audition. ill tell if i get a good part, but i could just end up an extra. still though this is gonna be a big thing if i do get any part. i dont come online alot but if you have any questions just comment on my wall and ill write back when i can.

PART 2: OK i know their gonna film in oregon again somewhere in portland. something about going… Continue

Added by darkwingslight on December 23, 2009 at 6:41pm — 11 Comments

Twilight Soundtracks - Lyrics and the order they were played in the movies >Updated with Eclipse

View Twilight Lyrics By Kissa PDF

Twilight: Movie Order

# Song Artist Where at

3 ~ Full Moon The Black Ghosts > Plays at the beginning during the opening

9 ~ Eyes on Fire Blue Foundation > Plays when Bella is in front of her truck waiting for Edward to show up to school

7 ~ Tremble for My Beloved Collective Soul > Plays… Continue

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From a disappointed Twilight lover.

Okay first of all I am not here to bash or preach or whatever. I know many people just say "These movies were garbage." and leave it at that without formulating a real opinion or anything worth saying. I'm trying to give constructive criticism and I hope to God that somebody who works on the movies reads this. To many huge fans of Stephanie's books these movies have been - how do I put this gently? - a complete disaster. I'll admit New Moon was loads better than Twilight but just not up to par… Continue

Added by canadian twilight chick on November 24, 2009 at 11:00am — 4 Comments

My New Moon Review.


I went to see New Moon last night, opening night, and loved it. So, here's my review....

The first part, Leading up to and including Bella's party was very good. There was a lot of drama and I absolutely adore drama.

The part where Edward leaves, well I was crying at that part. Urgh I was going to kill Sam when he found Bella because that should have been Jacob.

When Bella falls off the motorbike and Jacob almost rips his shirt off..*sighs… Continue

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Breaking dawn going bacjk to portland or were breaking dawn is going to be filmed

So my brohter lives in portland and he sent me this artcle about it being filmed there again like twilight was. My brother isnt really fan he referd to New moon as full moon by accedient. So he doesnt go snooping around for twilight stuff like me. But he found this on a portland status page thing. It appears they even give tours were everything was filmed. Its pretty cool you should check it out!…


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which is better

What do you think is better... the movies or the books.
Me i think the books are better the movies are ok but they leave quite a bit of detail out.

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Stephenie Meyer Day!

FORKS -- In light of record numbers of Twilight admirers visiting the town this summer, Forks organizers have expanded Stephenie Meyer Day into a weekend starting Saturday, Sept. 12.

They are bracing for what they predict will be the largest celebration yet of Twilight heroine Isabella Swan's fictional birthday, named in honor of the author of a bestselling four-novel vampire series set in Forks -- who will not attend.

The event… Continue

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I feel like posting this.

I totally forgot about the blogs on here, not that anyone actually reads them though.

I have to get up around 6 for the dumb school orientation. Why are there two orientations anyway?

Makes no sense.

I don't even want to be a freshman.

The only thing I'm looking forward too is English, I'm finally smart enough to get to be in the advanced class.

I saw Julie and Julia yesterday, it was pretty good, but I really wanted to go to see the Half-Blood Prince again, it was the… Continue

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A Shocking News/Rebelations....[koreans]

sorry if i’ll post this very late..cause my PC got virus..and now i remember what will i post here in my BLOG..

I will just give some korean news,,




[04.06.09] saying goodbye to JO IN-SUNG

-this is truly sad for me bacause i will not see jo in-sung for 2 years but… Continue

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Question about Movies and Characters...

I'm new to all this Twilight obsession. So I have no clue if any of this information is out there somewhere on the web. Does anyone know if Summit has signed all the actors to play the same parts for all 4 movies? I hope so because I just don't want them switching up actors in the other movies because someone backs out.

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New MOON Trailer!

I just saw the Official Trailer for New Moon and I have to say it. It is already better than twilight! As my friends know I really disliked the movie and was so disappointed in the way the book was portrayed. I understand the need to make cuts and additions when making a movie but to take out all the best parts and add things that shouldn't be there is annoying to those of us who are loyal readers of the saga.

Now having said that I watched the trailer with skepticism. I was worried… Continue

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