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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 7 - Memories make you who you are

Sem staring at me . My heart is racing too fast and i want too look away but I can't. "Go stand over there in front of the mirror ." Sem says quietly. I turn and walk over to the mirror. I stand in front of it staring at my reflection. "Who were you at this moment Janiece ?" Sem says quietly. "A girl trying too find who she is." I whisper. I step closer to the mirror my bending forward lightly my hand on my face. My stomach aches and my heart clenches. "Open your mouth slightly." Sem says… Continue

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Quigong - Proven To Successfully Alleviate.

Stretch your neck- follow some exercises by referring some fitness experts which suits your age and other parameters and if you need any help from me in this category you can comment and i will help you. They can give you some relief from neck pain by helping you to loosen the muscles that are in the neck and upper back. These are called intervertebral discs. In some cases, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication may help in relieving the pain. As soon as you get used to your orthopedic… Continue

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The forgotten is remembered-Chapter4-Painfully being found

"So you want to find him?" I said looking at the screen. Janaila and Janiece's eyes were glued to the screen to. He looked just like us. I looked into the dark eyes of the man who caused all my pain.


"I cant do this" Nate yelled at my mother. "Nate, you lied." "Why didnt you tell me about her?" My mother yelled tears streaming down her face. "It wasnt your business Arie." Nate yelled at my mother. "Nate you have another daughter and your telling me its not my… Continue

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Gone but not Forgotton-Chapter 2-Keeping the Distance

I walked into class. There he sat. It brothered me that he didnt talk to me. I went and sat in my sit. I took out my laptop and looked at the picture of Janaila again. She was so beautiful. I didnt even notice he was in front of my until he spoke. "Goodmorning Ariana." He said. I looked at him. Anger building inside of me. "Goodmorning Peterson." I said trying to sound angry. Late started smiling and all my anger melted away. I knew that…


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Devine poetry

breaking hearts

pain tearing me to parts

when will it end.


rain drops dropping

as my tear drops fall

pain will never go


when my life is over

i will always leave one thing behind

this one thing you never gave me

it is love and always love. 


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               Life can be the most hardest challenge you will EVER face. It's full with pain and misery, sorrow, and hurt. Then there's love, when it comes from your family, friends, or maybe even the loves of your entire life. No one said it would be easy... but no one said it would be this hard. I stand so close to having things my…


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Painful Reunion Part 2

Mrs. English lead me into the larger janitors room and left, closing the door behind herself. I refused to look Mason in the eye, instead studying the products on the shelves. "Kaila..." Mason started, obviously not knowing the words he wanted to say. "What do you want from me Mason?" I asked, letting some of the pain I kept locked away for years leak into my voice. I started to tremble, afraid of what he might say, or think.…


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My fanfictions

I have a few fan fictions out right now.

The first time

STATUS:… Continue

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My characters are real to me

Where the dark things grow

By Randaya


My imagination is the door to my world

Takes me to a dark place

I feel at home here

No one to judge

Only acceptance

Everyone around doesn't exist

Only what I see in my mind

No pain unnoticed

No tears wasted

Only fantasy

It comes to life when I close my eyes

And I am never… Continue

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Letter to Bella *** Jacob


Remember all those days, in the garage? We had a lot of fun then huh? Hell, I even had fun studying, and that is saying something. I guess deep down I knew. I knew that if he came back it would all be over. I thought we were getting somewhere though. You know, being a little more than friends. If that phone hadn't have rang you would have kissed me. I know that and don't try to deny it!

But it did ring, and then he need you and you went running off to meet the leech! That… Continue

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10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

by Nadya Vlassoff

As the New Moon pandemonium gets louder, with filming scheduled to start only days from now, we took a listen to a few songs that we think would make a good pairing with the second Twilight adaptation based on the popular novel, New Moon. In a recent interview, New Moon author and creator, Stephanie Meyer, explained that she had told the New Moon production staff the type of songs she did not want on the… Continue

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Sometimes it just hurts

it's just like a stillness

it just doesn't fall away

this love is weakness

Sometimes I think I'm crazy

but that others don't feel it

nor like it, really doesn't mean it

Sometimes I'm full of hopelessness

'cause it really hurts just to think it

without this meanings

I can't understand so easy

Sometimes I feel that pain

is better,better than misery

love is full of hope

that'll be…


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