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Bella Swan as Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger as Bella Swan

I like comparing the bookish witch to the fierce vampiress....they do have some similarities if you think about it:…


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Christmas Wish List

Here i will post my wish list and you can post yours too so i can get ideas XD

1. Harry Potter and Deathly hallows videogame for Wii

Added by ♥Shadow Aria Luna Black♥ on December 3, 2010 at 6:42pm — 1 Comment

Harry Potter

hey i totally get the whole Twilight vs Harry Potter thing, some of you guys might think i'm committing total blasphemy, but I'm team switzerland on this one too. a little birdie gave me a link to the Deathly Hallows trailer and I was like YES!!

so here it is


2010 - Eclipse, Deathly Hallows pt… Continue

Added by TeamCarlisle+Esme on January 14, 2010 at 10:39pm — 2 Comments

weird dream(s)

ok, first and foremost, happy new year! i know i havent bloged in a while, but ive been ubber busy. and when i say busy, i mean over eating and playing with a bunch of crap that will in no way benifit my life. xD anyway, that dream!

ok, so i was bella, and i was in college, but i was a vampire. and edward was there, and carlisle was the dean of admitions, except it was peter facinelli, and not carlisle himself. he didnt even have the blonde hair. and we (me and edward) were in the… Continue

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Twilight Time:The Twilight Tribute Band

If you love New Moon and the Twilight Saga, then you'll love Twilight Time, the world's greatest Twilight tribute band ever. Available for all your Twilight Fun Parties! Reasonably… Continue

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Umm... hey. So it's my birthday and I can't sleep to save my life. So, I decided I was gonna make a blog to tell anyone who wants to know about my fan fiction.

Anyone who knows me knows I live to write, and that my biggest dream is to have a novel published. Needless to say, I'm far too young for this. So, for the time being, I fulfill my need to write with fan fictions about my two greatest fandoms: Twilight and Harry… Continue

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Obsession nomore???....

Hey guys! As you know i haven't been interacting here that often anymore. So this blog entry will be a long one, sorta. Anyways, when i first read twilight, it was an immediate 'get-my-hands-on-all-the-twilight-books-and-read-them-right-away' feeling. I was very excited and got through the whole series in 2 months. it should have been one but there were hold ups in the library :( Anyway, as time went by I got more excited then it started to fade. They were making new moon, and they were getting… Continue

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Harry potter vs. Twilight

there is a compitition between who's better with the h.p. kids and the twilight kids. Some are arguing the if it weren't for harry robbery would never have seen the spotlight. But harry potter is lacking. Where is the hot passin that some of the charectors should be feeling? Twilight has passion, adventure, horror, action, mystery, and even some hummer here and there. Harry doesn't have all of that.

Added by Catherine Alexandra Carmichael on July 12, 2009 at 9:58pm — 3 Comments

me and breyanne

HI there twilight one of the us....sign in now.....

Added by elizabeth b. cuaresma on July 12, 2009 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

Movies movies movies!

You guys seen any good movies lately? I'm just waiting for July or November. July 15th for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and November 20th for (duh!) New Moon! Harry Potter's gonna be in 3D :O Its too bad New Moon won't be! I love 3D movies soooo much!!! I've seen some good movies though. The Hannah montana movie is really good even if u hate Hannah montana. It has a lot of drama and heart in it. So if u have any other good movies to request tell me! I'm going to the movies tommorow… Continue

Added by Helene on May 24, 2009 at 8:41pm — No Comments

Harry Potter

I think Harry Potter is as great as Twilight.

Harry Potter has the most excellent story. Man, I wish

there were such things as vampires and wizards. That'd be cool!

Anyways, while waiting for my HP6 to come, I'm just rereading

TWI and HP over and over and over and over and more overs agin.

It's fun to read! I barey notice the time. It's like I'm being sucked into the

book itself. Awesome. Wicked! haha.Oh well,


.twilight.… Continue

Added by Liam Ornedo on May 14, 2009 at 3:00pm — 6 Comments

1 Movie A Year --

One Twilight Saga movie per annum. -- Sounds very gratifying to any Twilighter. But consider this: Summit Entertainment has this 4 film contract and a very short production schedule; How great a job can they do?

There is enormous pressure on the pre, post and production crews, not to mention the actors to give the public "what they want" as quickly as possible. There is a definite reason why multiple directors are being contracted for filming each separate film. There… Continue

Added by Jennifer F. on April 27, 2009 at 2:49pm — 1 Comment

@Twilighters: Questions - - -

01) Why do you like Twilight?

02) Do you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan?

03) What do you think of the Twilight movie?

04) Edward Cullen?

05) What do you think of Anti-Twilight fans?

06) Harry Potter or Twilight?

07) Why?

Please answer all to the best of your ability.

Some answers might go public, but this is mostly for curiosity's… Continue

Added by snape on March 20, 2009 at 12:47am — 20 Comments

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