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Chapter 4 of Nessie's Story

I dipped a bare toe into the cool waters and sighed. No wonder Jake loved it here so much. I turned and saw Jake standing on a black rock, a sour look on his face. I smiled sweetly and he melted for a second, then shook his head like he always did around me, to stay on track. He asked, "Why are you here, Renesmee?" I said, puzzled,"To come and see you, Jake." He groaned and said, "You know what the bloodsucker said about the woods, Ness. You're not… Continue

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Chapter 3 of Nessie's Story

I froze in the middle of the room-and NOT because Alice was still gripping me in a choke-hold-hug. I shook her off and said, "Ok, no woods. But where will we hunt?" Emmett chuckled in light of the tense room and said, "Anywhere with grizzlies." Rose mock-smiled and rolled her eyes. Jake said, "I'm not sure how far out we should go.." I said, "Well, it's not like the other people are vegetarians." They nodded, but Edward had a really cruel look on his face. "What?" Bella asked. He shook his head… Continue

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Nessie's Story

I looked out the window of this stupid school. It was Forks High. My family and I were returning here since everyone we knew was dead. Well, everyone except my family (the Cullens) and my Jacob's wolf pack. Me and Jake had been just friends until I tuned 16 last month. My father (Edward) kept telling me I could do better, but I don't really care. I love him. I turned my gaze to Jake. He was actually listening to the teacher! I groaned quietly and he looked quickly to me. He couldn't stand one… Continue

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FanFiction- Nessie's P.O.V Chapter 2

Chapter 2-

My eyes immediately flew open. I sat up in my bed and started to cry. I wrapped my arms around my knees. A second later my door swung open and in came my parents.

"Whats wrong Nessie! Why are screaming and why are you crying?!" My mom asked.

HUH? I didn't think the scream in my nightmare actually came out of my mouth.

"Oh." My dad said

"It was only a dream Nessie, it wasn't real.

I HATED that my dad can read my mind. It was always so annoying. He… Continue

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What happens after breaking dawn. Bellas Pov

Now I understood what Edward meant about how a year to a vampire is like a month to a human. I keep getting scared about " The end" coming - I know its a very, very stupid thing to worry about. I am not aging, and Edward isn't either. I'm barely a newborn anymore. I probably am the most happy person - if thats what I am - in the whole entire universe, when I am with Edward. Rensemee is getting more mature everyday. I miss Renesmee's small, dimpled hand, touching my face, showing me memories. I… Continue

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J&N: A Love Story

Chapter 1

I lay my head on his bare chest, my hair pulled

into a tight bun to stop my smell from spreading over

him. My hands lay intertwined behind his neck foolishly

toying with his newly short hair. The light of the moon

shined through the window, his face gleamed in it, his

features strikingly prominent. My finger traced his jaw

line while I closed my eyes memorizing this moment for

later use.

I knew he was happy I didn't look… Continue

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isle esme

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My first hunt

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What do you think will happen next in the twilight universe.please leave a coment bellow

I think that the storyline will now evolve between Renesmee and Jacob,while edward and bella will be a second charecter.
I think tha R+J will have to deal with the Volturi,because when I read Breaking Dawn,I had the impreshion that the volturi will be back.
and I also wonder what R+J's kid will be like.

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If there ever is a continuation book of the Twilight Saga,what would it be about.leave a comment bellow,but read my blog first.

I think that if there is a book that continues the story,it would be more about Renesmee and Jacob.Their Love store.Two Creatures,tottally different species,are they compattable,can they have children and what would that child be.
And there is still the matter with the Voltury\i.When I read Breaking Dawn,I had a felling that there is still a loose end with the Volturi.I think they are stopped for now,but not for long.

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HEY, well I am as just as empty as you TWILIGHT fans are. The last book "Breaking Dawn", was a very very good book! But the end just left me wanting more. Like other fans have said, it left many tunnels, many openings for the story to go on. FOR example, The Volturi. I don't think anybody thinks they will just leave it like that. I know they were not ok with it. THEY WILL COME BACK!!

But i feel can i say it...I just want SM to keep writing. I don't want to pressure. (but… Continue

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Dawn of Light Chapter 1

Dawn of Light

Prolouge: Unknown

Why take chances with the things that you already have? If I made the wrong choice a long time ago, then why didn't someone tell me about it already?

But now that things were working out in my favor, then maybe I did make the right choice. Maybe he was right. Maybe I should stop worrying and take full advantage of my perfect life.

He was right.


Its been more than six months since Renesmee, my… Continue

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Name your top 3 favorite character's from any of the Twilight books and name a reason why!!!!

My favorite 3 characters are-

Edward Anthony Cullen-He's hot and he's one of a kind and I wish alot of guys were like him!! (HINT HINT)!!!

Alice Cullen-He would be a really good friend if she were real! Plus she's hot!

Emmett Cullen-He would be the closest to another version of myself! He's just like me in alot of ways! he's funny and jokes alot!










the… Continue

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hi, today(3/21/09) i went to my cousins baby shower. I had a strange realization that this baby is probably going to look like what Stepheine Meyer described what Renesmee looked like. Let me explain why. Because both of her parents (the baby who the shower as for) ((her name is Lili)) are very pale faced and when the mother was born she had lots and perfect curly hair. I'm really hoping that when she pops out that she looks like Renesmee!!

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team Jacob VS. team edward




team jacob:ok you team edward people. im glad you like him. but i dont get why still. i mean he left bella.

team edward: well..........

team jacob:yes so did jacob but he came back with out bella having to go get him.

team edward: but......

team jacob:but… Continue

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New Born

Although it still is far in the making (well, not for long though coz who knows, it'll be next year) I just thought of one song that could fit in well as one of the songs in the soundtrack of the "Eclipse" or "Breaking Dawn"movie. Hehehe... I dunno, it just so happened that my sister told me about this song by Muse (yeah, Muse as in the band who sang Supermassive Blackhole, which was one of the songs in the Twilight Movie Soundtrack). The song is entitled "New Born". Remember in Eclipse,… Continue

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RENESSMEE conundrum!

ok two parts to the question:

part 1: Its said that werewolfs imprint upon who would BEST carry the werewolf gene on through the generations.

part 2: It said that even half-vampires dont change after they become fully grown.

the question: if renesmee is supposed to carry the werewolf gene, how is she gonna be able to if shes not going to be able to even change for the baby? hmmmm????

follow-up: if she magically is supposed to be able to carry said… Continue

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Fav Twilight saga Quotes

Edward: “It’s hard and cold, and it throws rainbows in the sunlight” Bella: “You forgot the most important quality, it’s beautiful.” Edward: “My heart is just as silent and it too is yours."

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" - a CLASSIC twilight quote.

"forever and forever and forever"

Edward: "How can someone so tiny be so annoying?"

"You and Billy gossip like old women."

Bella: Edward, There’s something that I want to do before… Continue

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