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The Truth

I want the truth from everyone. If you were in Bellas shoes and were given the world on a silver platter (be you a girl or a guy) and romanced unconditionly knowing that your past doesn't matter to the other person, would you take that chance? Would you be willing to sacrafice everything including your friends and family to be with them? And is anyone going through this as we speak?

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Borne Again

What else could possibly go wrong??  Anira’s life has been a complete disaster this past week, and obviously it’s not going to give her a break any time soon.  The local power plant almost had a meltdown, a bunch of stupid teenagers burnt down half of the forest she lives in, the government found out…


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Sammi, You're Mine chapters 1-7

*i reply and appreciate any review given but if you have any questions please visit my formspring page*

thank you to Andra Lee for making me this banner <3 i appreciate it!!

*this is your only warning: this story contains a homosexual couple in it therefor any homophobic people out there are not welcome to read it nor are they…


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Chapter One of the Adoration Of Death

                  How did this happen to me? How am I sitting here in the dead center of a graveyard, with a bunch of other visionities, trying to save the love of my life, who also happens to be a shadowess, when just barely a month ago I  was sitting, alone in math class, trying to figure out the square root of who the hell cares? Alone, depressed, and a nobody, in the big old  world of high school, until the very day Monique Vante moved…


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Twist In Time

 I tried to calmly listen to whatever my Uncle slash doctor was  trying to say to Mom and Dad. Even if his language is foreign to  me, I could see that he's bringing no good news to  my  condition.

 I felt a light tap over my shoulders. I turned and faced the  nurse.

 She gestured to the door,…


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A New Path

Recognizing the "sign" that I have been trying to figure out for the past couple of months. I finally could see why I was constantly watching Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon. It isn't like you think. I was watching them from the time I got up until I fell asleep or went to bed at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. I had watched them over and over, constantly until I knew practially every character's lines word for word. I was also drawn in as all of you by Edward. I love the look in his… Continue

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Role Play

Hey everyone ^^ it's me again. For the ones that haven't gotten my message

- Pick your character
- Start writing
- Everyone is approved
- OC's need introduction, the characters from the Twilight saga itself are approved by default
- No flaming/swearing
- Make your own couples so this RP will be more lively ^^

Hope everyone will have fun ;)

~Sayonara ^^

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Twilight quizzes ;)

Hey everyone ^^

I made two Twilight Quizzes on my Quizzilla profile

Easy version:

Hard version:

Hope you'll enjoy taking the quizzes and tell me what you got afterwards (if… Continue

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You Never Know Where Life Will Take You... (an original story I'm writing)


*Daniel's POV*

With Anne Marie, it's always been a roller coaster, for lack of a better word to describe, I have been in love with her since we were in our Freshman year, and she sang a song with this amazingly soulful voice at a dance we had and as everyone slow-danced with their date and I just watched her in awe. She was so into the music and just seemed to let the world and her worries fade… Continue

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"Well, where do you want to go? We can go anywhere you want," I said.

"Aaanywhere?!" Hayley asked, a greedy expression on her face.

"Yes, anywhere," I said.

"Well, Hawaii would be pretty nice, don't you think?! Haha, just kidding. I would never ask you to do that. Do you know how expensive those plane tickets are?" she said.

"Sure, Hawaii. This should be fun!" I said, and she looked confused. "What? Trust me, money isn't a problem for my family." I said. She still looked… Continue

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A Story

"How could you do this to me?" I Yelled.

"I'm sorry. I- I didn't want to hurt you." He spoke Feebally.

"Well to bad. You hurt me by not telling me. I thought we shared everything and kept no secrets?! I Spoke hurtfully.

"Please, Sariye, forgive me. Please understand why I didn't tell you! How could anyone love a- a monster like me? How could anyone care for a monster-"

"I do!" I interuppted, " I love you, I care about you , I… Continue

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Bleeding Hearts The diary of Randaya First entry What is it you actually see in the mirror? By Randaya Quill This is how it starts A blank page And me Putting my fingers to these keys and not kno…

Bleeding Hearts

The diary of Randaya

First entry

What is it you actually see in the mirror?

By Randaya Quill

This is how it starts

A blank page

And me

Putting my fingers to these keys and not knowing what’s going to come out

A story

A poem

Or just my thoughts for the day

Those are always interesting

This is not much but at least I’m trying

One person can’t please…

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Right when I got home (Hayley and I agreed it was too late for her to come over today, so she'll come over tomorrow), I left with my family to go far into the woods to hunt. We did it as quickly as possible, and we were back before school started the next day. I wanted to hunt as much as possible, even though Hayley was not tempting to me at all. I wanted to be safe, just in case. I don't want to take chances.

As I was pulling out of the driveway in my car (a black Mazda RX-8, which is a… Continue

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Cancer - MCR

Turn away

If you could get me a drink

Of water cause my lips are chapped and faded

Call my Aunt Marie

Help her gather all my things

And bury me

In all my favorite colors,

My sisters and my brothers, still,

I will not kiss you,

Cause the hardest part of this,

Is leaving you.

Now turn away,

Cause I'm awful just to see

Cause all my hair's abandoned all my body,

All my agony,

Know that I will never marry,

Baby,… Continue

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My Favorite Anime and Dramas

(*•.¸¸.•*´)My Favorite Anime(*•.¸¸.•*´)


*Spirited Away

*Kiki's Delivery Service


*Eureka Seven

*Naruto/Naruto Shippuden


*Lovely Complex

*Ouran High School Host Club

*Howl's Moving Castle

*Death Note


*Cowboy Bebop

*Full Metal Alchemist

*One Piece_*Bobobo


*Ergo Proxy

*Tenjou… Continue

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