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twilight super report:)

we had to write a report about what ever topic we wanted, so i did mine on twilight and how people are turned into vampires and about new born vampires, i finished my report that day!!!!!!:) i am soo in love with twilight i could write about it forever, soon to get my mark for my report:) yay



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A Question About a Song, If You Will

The song DECODE, by Paramore. . . Was that song written specifically for  the Twilight movies, or is that just my wild imagination gone awry. . . as it usually does.

Anway. Today was the first day back at school after Spring Break.  And you know what I realized? .  .  . I didn't miss my prison **cough cough** sorry, my school.

You know that none of my classrooms have any windows? I'm not making this up, people. I have never been in a classroom in my school that has…


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Ember Light (Seth's Imprint)

I have been wanting to make a fan fic for a while, so here it is!

-Seth's P.O.V-

I couldn't believe it. I had matured so much over the year and what do I get in return for this? I had to go to SUMMER SCHOOL. Leah said it was because Sam and the Pack had pulled me out so much during the school year they wanted to make sure I had everything in my head that I need for next year. I was just plain out pissed.…


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Am I Ready?

Misty, it's my last year in middle school and I'm going off to high school....I'm a little scared,to be honest. It's just that I'm worried about school and dating. Am I really up to all of that???? I know I'm a big girl but I'm not to sure. Any thoughts?

*I've noticed that I was using "I've" a lot*

Added by Eyana Yasmeen Swan-Black on May 25, 2011 at 7:20pm — 6 Comments

Just Because Your My Mate Doesn't Mean I Like You.

Hey guys!!!! So I have been thinking about this new idea for a story!!!! Tell me what you think about it!!!! I hope you like it as well!!!!






Just Because you’re my Mate Doesn’t mean I like You.


Chapter One:  


“ No!! please… Stop! Don’t hurt them” I shouted in my dream, but this wasn’t a dream… this was a nightmare… THE nightmare. I jolted up…


Added by stardrop89 on May 9, 2011 at 10:40pm — 5 Comments

new adventure or a new life: CHAPTER 3


When the plane took off for Califronia i decied to take a nap.


when cole decied to take a nap i decied to talk to mom and ask her how we are going to break the news to Cloe about how are school is diffrent. " so i am going to be the one to tell her right?" i asked just trying to clarify things. " yes Mike you are going to tell just be sure to come right out with it." my mom said." ok i understand" i said trying to figure…


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him~her chpt.3


I looked…


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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 9

sorry people, its a little short, but i wanted this chapter too end the way it has, and i couldn't make it any longer!


Nic’s pov

“I’ll never leave…


Added by Jessiica Cooper :D on October 16, 2010 at 8:23am — 4 Comments

Sydney's school tips for surviving jr. high

ok so here's the a sixth grader and lots of stuff can happen,like getting a boyfriend,bulling,or just getting into it with your math every week i will post a tip or two to help make your jr. high life the fist tip this week is onnnnnn..........HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!! yes the subject everyone hates and wishes didnt exist. do i have a comment for you....get over it!!!!! you might as well just get it over with asap.cause if you dont it will come backto haunt me…


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omg we had like the BEST day at skool!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so it started out with me goin to skool and gettin to read my new John Lennon biography :O) and then when i went to ci we were watchin raidio (a movie) and the song thats on the swifer commercial came on and we all sang along to it and then we went to art and at my table alllll we did was talk about the beatles :OD and then i math well i had to do math and in english we got to present old iron sides (a poem) and they were all crazy :O) and in ss we talked about the beatles and at lunch the… Continue

Added by Yer A Wizard Harry (Kendyl) on April 29, 2010 at 6:34pm — 2 Comments

Oh the nothing

I'm sitting here in class, so I thought 'hey, I'll write a blog post"!

Since I can't go onto blogspot (it blocks it, but I'm not sure why twilight blogging is allowed), I would go here to write.

As you know, it's good friday also known as, "The Day To Not Go To School", so no one is here.

There were 5 kids in my first, 3 in my second, and 6 in this period. I think about 100 kids who went to school total. So you see, no one goes to school on good friday.



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Hey, you probably shouldn't read this unless ur REAlLLY bored. So according to my mom i like to "complain". But its not "complaining." Its called "venting." I'm not just goign to complain on my blog though. How boring would that be?

Here's the entry of the day:

Have you ever tried taking like 200 staples out of the wall using a teeny kitchen knife. No joke. U should have see all the staples on the floor afterward.

My dog had a bad habit of running off. The stupid little… Continue

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Chaotic Choir

I like music. I like to sing. Music is a big part of my life and of many cultures. Those who have either read my profile or my other blogs know that I am in high school. I'm a tenth grader. A sophomore. Now because I like music and I like to sing I am in our school chorus. I have friends in the orchestra, in strings, in sports, in art clubs, in karate clubs, in gospel clubs, and in drama. Today I had to get up on my day off and go to a chorus concert at 9:40 am. I hate doing this, especially… Continue

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ok, so i went to the school dance last night, and so, yeah. ok, so this guy i like (we'll call him...Shaun, because that's his name) was there, and he was being all funny, dancing funny to i got a feeling, and then i have Allison ask him if he is going out with corrin. he says yes. i already knew that, but i wanted a confermation (and im sorry if i spelled that wrong). so alison comes back and says, "did you ask me to do that because you like shaun?" and im like, "no. i just had you ask him if… Continue

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Really random

ok, as some of you may have known (or may not have know, since nobody really reads my blog and i realy should stop this parenthisis before i go into tangent mode), i have been sick all weekend and really bored so i posted another thingy about every five minutes, and almost all of them were about being sick; except for one.


that's right! Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy signed the… Continue

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bright red nails or black?

my previous school was very strict; you can't even bring your cellphones, wear ankle-length socks, wear nail polish, no id no entry, and every rule must be followed or u'll be kicked out. Lucky me, I ALWAYS obey rules...

But now, I'm in a new school where the three rules only exist..

1. You must not turn on electric appliances if NOT necessary.

2. Obey what teachers say!

3. Obey the 10 commandments..

well, some people don't obey.… Continue

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School is iky.

School is starting soon. And I'm not happy about this!!!!

Okay. Good things about school this year: I am 90% sure that I'm in choir, which is awesome. I'm pretty sure I have a nice teacher. My firend Momo is now going to the same school. and I don't have to see my evil old teacher (You know who you are Mrs. EVIL)

Bad things: I don't like anyone in my homeroom class, and homeroom makes up 4 of my classes and if I don't hate them, I don't know them. Pooy. I am fairly sure… Continue

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I feel like posting this.

I totally forgot about the blogs on here, not that anyone actually reads them though.

I have to get up around 6 for the dumb school orientation. Why are there two orientations anyway?

Makes no sense.

I don't even want to be a freshman.

The only thing I'm looking forward too is English, I'm finally smart enough to get to be in the advanced class.

I saw Julie and Julia yesterday, it was pretty good, but I really wanted to go to see the Half-Blood Prince again, it was the… Continue

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So bored...

omg..i didn't write any blog posts yet and i am bored...well this is just like emma's but from my pov!! so read hers and mine cus its funny. (this was Emma's idea not mine so don't give me ANY credit!! And Emma just let me know if u don't want me to copy u)

First of all we have Emma-She is my only friend from my class on the twilightsaga cuz everyone else decided to ditch us!! but anyway...Emma is really nice...enjoys joking around with me(well so does everyone else… Continue

Added by Shelby Roberts on July 27, 2009 at 11:12pm — 7 Comments

talent show

Every year my school does a talent show. I'm trying to get a head start. If you have any ideas on what i should sing please tell me i would really appreciate it

Added by Team Emmett on July 8, 2009 at 11:50am — No Comments

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