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My fanfictions

I have a few fan fictions out right now.

The first time

STATUS:… Continue

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HEY, well I am as just as empty as you TWILIGHT fans are. The last book "Breaking Dawn", was a very very good book! But the end just left me wanting more. Like other fans have said, it left many tunnels, many openings for the story to go on. FOR example, The Volturi. I don't think anybody thinks they will just leave it like that. I know they were not ok with it. THEY WILL COME BACK!!

But i feel can i say it...I just want SM to keep writing. I don't want to pressure. (but… Continue

Added by Diana Cardenas on May 19, 2009 at 2:12pm — 5 Comments

Dawn of Light Chapter 1

Dawn of Light

Prolouge: Unknown

Why take chances with the things that you already have? If I made the wrong choice a long time ago, then why didn't someone tell me about it already?

But now that things were working out in my favor, then maybe I did make the right choice. Maybe he was right. Maybe I should stop worrying and take full advantage of my perfect life.

He was right.


Its been more than six months since Renesmee, my… Continue

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Don't seem to have much time lately....

Anyway, I got a new laptop yesterday, and I have a party tomorrow....

Sigh, This is going to be short.

But I have made up my mind: I am going to write a short sequel to Breaking Dawn. And unlike some other fan-fics, its going to be happy.

And by the way, she says that she has imagination, but anyone can have "imagination", BUT manufacture a happier ending. So I am working on that in Google docs.

Second, today I got a new laptop, the Acer Aspire one, and its a netbook. So… Continue

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the downfall of the Volturi

100 years from the time Renesme was born the romanian vampires had created an army of talented vampires and are on the verge of overthrowing the volturi's rule. by this time, the cullens have helped the volturi in some ways over difficult problems with other vampires that are in consonance with the cullen's principles of 'vegetarianism'. the volturi and the cullens have some kind of respectable alliance based on mutual respect, but the romanians are eager to take power again, after so many… Continue

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10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

by Nadya Vlassoff

As the New Moon pandemonium gets louder, with filming scheduled to start only days from now, we took a listen to a few songs that we think would make a good pairing with the second Twilight adaptation based on the popular novel, New Moon. In a recent interview, New Moon author and creator, Stephanie Meyer, explained that she had told the New Moon production staff the type of songs she did not want on the… Continue

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Demi Lovato Would Love To Sing On 'New Moon' Soundtrack

Feb 25 2009 2:57 PM EST

Demi Lovato Would Love To Sing On 'New Moon' Soundtrack

The 'Sonny With a Chance' star reveals her Team Jacob tendencies.

By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Larry Carroll

Sure most ladies, if given the opportunity and the talent, would jump at the chance to pen a love song for vampire Edward Cullen. But Demi Lovato isn't going to restrict herself to just one "Twilight" heartthrob.…


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Hello twilighters

I'm writing from Volterra (ITALY)

We are waiting for New Moon shooting but, at the moment, no confirmation at all came from Summit Entertainment.

We started a blog ( in italian language (as soon as possible we will put an english translation of our posts) about Volterra and New Moon.

But, most important of all, we started an online petition "I LOVE… Continue

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Summit announces third 'Twilight'

Summit announces third 'Twilight'

'Eclipse' to be released June 30, 2010


'Twilight' has earned $363 million worldwide at the box office.

Fresh from the stunning success of "Twilight," Summit Entertainment has officially greenlit "Eclipse" as the third pic in the series with a release date of June 30, 2010.

Summit's expected to make the official… Continue

Added by Camille on February 21, 2009 at 8:52am — 1 Comment

5 Reasons Why New Moon Could be Better Than Twilight

5 Reasons Why New Moon Could be Better Than Twilight

by Nadya Vlassoff

In 2008 Twilight became an international box office hit, making over $356 million dollars worldwide. Based on the first book in the trilogy written by author Stephenie Meyer, Twilight gave fans and Summit Entertainment their money’s worth with an almost $70 million opening weekend, which nearly doubled the $37 million production budget. Numbers aside,… Continue

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Clearing Up the Madonna Report

Clearing Up the Madonna Report

The latest rumor to join the crazy-New-Moon-rumor bandwagon was that Madonna may have a small part in the movie. Entertainment Weekly has clarified that this is FALSE, and that IF Madonna was to have any involvement at all, it would be in the soundtrack.

Widespread Internet chatter that Madonna may participate in some capacity in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, may be only partly true, a source… Continue

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