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Ember Light (Seth's Imprint)

I have been wanting to make a fan fic for a while, so here it is!

-Seth's P.O.V-

I couldn't believe it. I had matured so much over the year and what do I get in return for this? I had to go to SUMMER SCHOOL. Leah said it was because Sam and the Pack had pulled me out so much during the school year they wanted to make sure I had everything in my head that I need for next year. I was just plain out pissed.…


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Comes down to this-Chapter3-Understand

I looked at the sunrise. I looked at my arms. There were glistening. I closed my eyes and thedarkness was filled with Seth's image. My body ached in pain. I knew i needed to get back. I also knew i needed to hunt. I closed my eyes and sushed my consious. I got up started following the faint thumping. I started running. When the thumping came closer i opened my eyes. I got in position and i leaped and grabbed the deer. I closed my eyes as the coolness went down my thorat. I dropped the body when… Continue

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a new creation chapter 5

I could tell Mollie was afraid of the answer, her facial expression…


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a new creation chapter 4

Hey Sam, do u think you could arrange a meeting with a…


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seth's imprint part 6

Oh Jazzy, you don't need to be able to see the future to have known that was coming," she smiled and looked into his eyes. He pulled her closer staring lovingly back at her and Edward took Bella's hand as he groaned.

"Let's get out of here," he whined and she nodded before walking off the porch with him. They walked over to Renesmee who was consoling her husband.

"Aw, did Aunt Rose really scare you," she teased Nahuel and he nodded.

"If she had Emmett running, then I am…


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Lunar Sunset: A Embry and Seth Imprint Story(based on Danielle's Story)

Wolf Pack:













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Bella and Jacob's Relationship

NOTE: My blog posts are not made to be offensive in any way to people. Sorry if I spell something wrong. I am taking suggestions on what to write about...

Bella's feelings:

Bella and Jacob are best friends and everyone agrees on that. Even if you are Team Edward, I don't think you can deny it. When Jacob is hurting, Bella is hurting. I think part of the reason is…


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seth's imprint part 4

Get him Rose," yelled Alice as she jumped up and down cheering on her sister and Renesmee ran over to Alice.

"Nahuel didn't even do anything and why are you cheering on Aunt Rose?" Alice giggled.

"My silly niece, do you really think she would kill Emmett? Don't worry neither of them are in real danger. She just wants to scare them a bit especially Emmett," she smiled and Renesmee slowly nodded. She saw Seth still laughing in the grass and Renesmee giggled.

"I guess it is…


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seth's imprint part 3

Yes my angel," he asked sweetly and she pointed at his shirt.

"Emmett that better not be what I think it is," she yelled and he ran a hand through his curly hair.

"What do you think it is," he asked and she gritted her teeth.

"Is that the coverall Carlisle bought me years ago?" He shrugged.

"I don't know angel it was in the back of the closet in a…."

"Emmett! Have you lost your mind," she yelled and he looked around. He knew the look in his wife's eyes and…


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seth's imprint part 2

a thought ran through her mind. She stood up and started to pace.

"He wouldn't," she said through gritted teeth and Renesmee frowned.

"Who wouldn't what," she asked and Rosalie crossed her arms.

"Emmett was looking for something before he left with Nahuel and Seth to go do whatever it is they do together. I swear those three never get tired of jumping and running and…..isn't it just so odd how they act like children after…"

"Aunt Rose, you are rambling," smiled…


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Nooo. Whoo's Bree Tanner! I think i skipped it in any Twilight Saga..

Whoever knew Bree Tanner, please.. Comment me. Im interested to him, or her. Hahaha. Is it true that Meyer had a Book about it? A biography or a novel? What is she or he doing and what is her or him connect to Bella and
Edward? Please.. I want to know.

Let me guess..
Is he one of the pack of Jacob? Thats what i think. I thinks he's more like Seth. Good looking and young. Is he?

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Looking for a pack!

Hey I barely started and im sorta kinda new and like the blog name im loocink for a pack seth,jacob,sam,embry,etc
Comment here if you want to be in the pack or leave a comment on my page thnx

<3,Leah clearwater

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Young Authors

I know nobody cares, but I'm gonna speak:

I want to be an author. I REALLY want to be an author. Like it says on my profile, I'm probably younger than you think. :P

Have you ever noticed?

All young authors (as in, under 18) have written either fantasy, or non-fiction. I am writing a novel that is neither of those, yet it's still fiction. I'd tell you what it's about, but I'm all paranoid about someone stealing my plot line, so...maybe I'll just post a small… Continue

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Chapter 4 of Nessie's Story

I dipped a bare toe into the cool waters and sighed. No wonder Jake loved it here so much. I turned and saw Jake standing on a black rock, a sour look on his face. I smiled sweetly and he melted for a second, then shook his head like he always did around me, to stay on track. He asked, "Why are you here, Renesmee?" I said, puzzled,"To come and see you, Jake." He groaned and said, "You know what the bloodsucker said about the woods, Ness. You're not… Continue

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leah and seth clearwater casting

Two more lucky actors have become a part of the Twilight franchise.

Julia Jones and Boo Boo Stewart have just been cast as Leah and Seth Clearwater just in time for production on Eclipse.

In the third flick, the Clearwaters, along Jacob Black and the rest of the Wolfpack, team up with the Cullen clan to protect Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) from an army of wild, young Vampires.

Eclipse is due out in theatres on June 30, 2010.


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Chapter 3 of Nessie's Story

I froze in the middle of the room-and NOT because Alice was still gripping me in a choke-hold-hug. I shook her off and said, "Ok, no woods. But where will we hunt?" Emmett chuckled in light of the tense room and said, "Anywhere with grizzlies." Rose mock-smiled and rolled her eyes. Jake said, "I'm not sure how far out we should go.." I said, "Well, it's not like the other people are vegetarians." They nodded, but Edward had a really cruel look on his face. "What?" Bella asked. He shook his head… Continue

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Seth Journal

Jacob and Sam are always fighting over whether or not La Push or Bella come first. You know Jacob is cool and all, but you can't let your emotions come first. You have to be selfless in a situation like this. It isn't whether or not we ought to protect Bella, but it's our home and Forks that we need to take care of first. As for that old truce, my job is not to keep people safe from vampires that won't hurt them. That truce is over! The only reason I lost my dad is because when the Cullens… Continue

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JaNae Armogan in Twilight Saga "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn"

A hand full of fans have come together to put this group out in the open to help support Actress JaNae Armogan in getting a role in Stephenie Meyer novel’s “Eclipse and Breaking Dawn”, in recent readings JaNae has said “trying to get in contact with Ms Meyer personally is almost next to impossible but I’m the type of person that believes there’s always another way.” That's where we the fans come in. We have put together this petition and… Continue

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My Daily Rants and Raves About Seth

"Jacob and Sam's desires conflict with each other."

"That confidence Seth has, I think, has to really be in the person playing him." - Thought about the actor

"It really bites when you let life happen to you. You can't change the world, but you can change the way you live in it." - Seth

"Only a few people can keep on walking forward after their father's death like Seth."

"He wants to make sure things will be different from now on. That's why he's so… Continue

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