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Chat with a girl !

On Friday, July 17th I traveled to the chatroom studio of Glam-WebCams, home of Philadelphia number one morning show, Glam-WebCams. Contrary to popular belief, I do not live in the city of Brotherly Love and had to drive a good distance to get there (crashing at my boyfriend place the night before helped save on travel time). This marked my second trip to the studio; the first taking place back in May when granted me an interview (along… Continue

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Gods promise to forbadden love

Chapter 2

Scene 1

Setting: Since Mysticeye fainted the vampri carried her to her bed room, Aro has called a meeting to with all the vampri.

Aro calls a meeting and every vampire is sitting in a double circle around three thrones, the meeting is about, of course, Mysticeye. Some vampri think that a missing queen would…


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Chapter 1

Scene 2

Setting: still in the Voulturi Ballroom (everyone wanted to stay and see what was going to happen next, they all agreed that this was better than “Gilmore Girls”)

Aro: well since no one wants to go home (he says with emphasis on home) why don’t everyone line up on the walls to give our guest a little space, yes? Thank you.

A shuffling of feet and a few complaints erupt as the…


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Main characters:

Caius V. Volturi

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Race: European

Bio: an ancient vampire lord and at age 24 he is the youngest vampire leader of the Volturi.

Earthbound age: 5,845 years and counting


Mystic L. Eye:

Age: unknown (she can’t be older than20, she looks 16, but her body says otherwise)

Sex: Female

Race: Egyptian

Bio: Born in the Louisiana Bayou her kind is suspected to have evolved from…


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J&N: A Love Story

Chapter 1

I lay my head on his bare chest, my hair pulled

into a tight bun to stop my smell from spreading over

him. My hands lay intertwined behind his neck foolishly

toying with his newly short hair. The light of the moon

shined through the window, his face gleamed in it, his

features strikingly prominent. My finger traced his jaw

line while I closed my eyes memorizing this moment for

later use.

I knew he was happy I didn't look… Continue

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FAN FIC> love scene HONEY MOON.... PG

*** Edward was everything to me, he was my husband now. I couldnt think of him anything less then an inseperable part of me. And now, being so close, his cold skin sending chills up my spine. I wanted to stay wrapped in his arms forever.I clinged to his shoulders holding him close. I wanted him to kiss me and never stop. I never had wanted anyone as bad as i wanted Edward right now, and i'm sure he felt the same. His chest layed heavy on mine, my heart raced. All i could think about… Continue

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Pregament Bella?

My friend from my math class were talking about twilight on Friday. Jade said that Bella gets pregament in one of the books. I have bin online for days trying to see what book Bella got pregament in. I look and look and, I never saw witch. But, I did see a fanmade tariler for Breaking down Teaser. The video was not open but, I saw a pregament stomtic. I was not so sure about fanmade. I am asking you twilight saga fans to tell me witch book it is. What book does Bella get pregament in or, does… Continue

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