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please read my readers!

i have got complete and utter writers block. i think im giving up on a new place but everynow and again there might be another post. all my ideas are going into my other story, which i feel can actually go somewhere.

im sorry to all my amazing readers! and to those who have botherd messaging and commenting on them!

im sure you understand that writing is hard and i feel everybody has a story inside them but they need to go through ideas to find it and im a new writer so im going…


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him~her chpt.2



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Please, please !

Meyer, sorry for what happened to the draft of the '' midnight sun.''

I wanted so much that none of this had happened, and so you could feel comfortable to finish it.

I admire you, because everything in the saga is so perfect ...

I spent only six days to read the four books of the saga, and the draft that was leaked does not interest me.

Please, please, when you're feeling better, finish it ... thousands of fans waiting for this, including me!

(I am Brazilian)

Good… Continue

Added by Kaenne Kárita de Souza on January 21, 2010 at 9:31am — No Comments

fan fic

sorry guys! no new fan fic. i was writing one about how seth imprints on a girl named Amber, but i hated it, and i was going to have benjamin and tia in there somewhere but i forgot them, so i scrapped it. I NEED IDEAS! i have no idea what im going to do for my next fan fic, so leave coments as to how i should go about my litterary not-so-genius ways. LOLZ:) hey! guess what! i have a band concert tomorow, and i cant wait! i play first chair flute, so it should be fun.

-same as… Continue

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I write that text here too, so, listen.
I have been so, so busy and I had NO TIME to spend my time here so, u must understand tha I´m sorry, my twilight sisters and bros...
I WILL spend more time here from THIS SECOND.

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Jacob Black

Hmmmm.... What do i think of this anoying Edward WANT 2 B?! AHHHGGG sorry i hate him

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okay so someone hacked my profile and started posting really rude replys, some more rude than others. im so sorry but iv been trying to delete them all, its taking a while. please forgive me, i really am sorry!!! ='))

Added by Leah Rhys McCollen on March 1, 2009 at 7:00pm — No Comments

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