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Today's Blog Post_ Wednesday _ 03_ 03_ 14_ Is that you Lamonnt ? From Twilight Saga....

This happen many moons ago...   mom and  I went to the flea market _   it was in the open area of the flea market they have buildings but  have a  large  open area  and  there  was this  colored  Gentleman  Twilight wasn't  even in  existed  yet he had the same mannerisms, same do, color  of eyes.  look even dressed the same as Lamont....  Even his voice and accent sounded like Lamont's .  What  I  got from him  was  some extra large   wraps  several  with  black  /  orange  looked  like a …


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Lost:: The story of what might happen if there weren't laws against it


The darkness is terrifying. I can’t see or hear anything. I don’t remember if I have a mom or a dad. I think I was abandoned. I remember having my 15th birthday. Did I have anyone to share it with? I don’t remember my life at all.

         I can’t seem to think clearly. All of these crazy images are coming from nowhere. I’m being slapped and stabbed at. I have several cuts and…


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Chapter 33 of Nessie's Story

I flushed the toilet and hurried to brush my teeth. The nausea was gone, but my throat ached. I scrubbed my teeth until they tasted completely like Colgate toothpaste.

  Then I looked at myself in the mirror, deciding that Bella's comment held true. I did look terrible. 

  My hair was still in a messy ponytail, I wore practically no makeup, juice and baby-slobber stained my shirt, an my eyes were red-rimmed.

  So I turned on the warm water, grabbed some clothes from my room, and… Continue

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Chapter 32

We walked into the kitchen and Bella excitedly held the twins, who were drifting to sleep in her arms.

  "What happened in here?" She nodded toward the forgotten juice spill on the counter and dirty dishes in the sink.

  "They were screaming like little party animals and dropped stuff, then I dropped stuff, and I screamed at them, and-" I stopped and Bella gave me a sympathetic look.

  "It's understandable, sweetie. This was thrown at you in a matter of days. It hasn't even been… Continue

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Chapter 31 of Nessie's Story

*Did I ever mention how much I love you guys? I'm sooooo sorry that I keep forgetting to update and getting distracted. Please don't hate me! I'll be sure to write more and more frequently because everyone who read is amazing and I have new ideas! So here it is! :)*

I rolled over groggily and stretched as I blinked in sunlight from the open window. 

  "Tell mommy good morning, Kenna." Jacob sat beside me on the bed with our daughter in his arms. She stared at me while sucking on three… Continue

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kiss-Jacob&Renesmee-first try

This is my first time to write in English so please pardon me if there's any mistake.I'd be delight if you enjoy my short story  LOL!



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Carlisle Cullen

I just wanted to share that Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle Cullen bought me a coke at the store when I found out that for some reason they did not take credit cards and I did not have a dollar (lame I know). He then signed it for me after I caught up with him when I got a buck from a friend to pay him back :P. Found out he had the same birthday as me and gave him a fist bump. Happy birthday to us!!

I also wanted to share that before he got me a coke he was talking to a special needs girl… Continue

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Chapter 29 of Nessie's Story

When Alice came over, she seemed as surprised by the twins' appearance as I was. "Wow. They look like.." Jacob walked in then and said, "Don't you dar call my kids vampires." Alice rolled her eyes and muttered, "Sue me for stating the obvious." Jake turned to the twins and cooed while…


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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 12

Chapter 12

Nic’s pov

I know who she is.…


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new adventures or a new life?!

Cloe's POV


" I AM UP I AM UP" i jumped when my alram clook blared" ughhhhhh i don't want to get up" i groaned. I laded back on my pillow and feel alseep when i got back up and looked at the alarm clock i saw that it was 9:30am. " Oh crap i am going to be late for school" i herd my self saying. As i went to my closet I grabed what ever i could find that was clean and ran downstairs." Hey mom" i said…


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Unexpected Encounted(cont.)

Capter 8:

A month after Courtney was bitten, she had a round and swollen bell, her and Kai were on summer break from school which they were no going back too. Her and Kai were going to be homeschooled by Courtney's mother. Kai smiled when a very slow and grouchy Courtney walked into the hidden park. Courtney growled at Kai's smiled she was due to have her pups anyday now, she and Kai managed to pull off a vet visit,Kai acting like her owner as she was a wolf.She was going to have five…


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Unexpected Encounter


Once in a place in Ohio, lived a boy and girl. The boy Kai Edwards had red-brown hair that he kept kind of long. He had a secret, he was a werewolf, he was the only one, or so he thought. Now the girl Courtney Moore would become on later on, she was a tall girl but not as tall as Kai, she had long brown hair and brown eyes. They were both 16, and went to different schools, well before Kai ran away from home when he became a werewolf. Courtney was emo and cut but she only…


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Chapter 25 of Nessie's Story

When we got back to the Cullens' place, Esme tossed me a key. She said it was nothing special-she had done this for everyone. But she had constructed us a gorgeous house. I let my anxieties slip away and hugged her. She laughed, "Ness, you haven't seen it. Go look!"…


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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Mia Cullen's introduction.

Hi all, I'm new here and still not very well how to handle this page but I'm trying.
The trouble is that I do not handle very well English and I'm from Latin America so much harder I only understand the basics.


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embry call love story chapter 3

a couple days passed scene you and the guys went cliff diving you have been felling really strange

today you fell really hot


Sam and embry ran up stairs embry: whats wrong…


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embry call love story chapter 2

and the fun beguns

you and embry slowly walk back up to the cliff

on the way you guys talk about your summer plans

you: so Mr. call what are you doing this summer you tried to sound smart

embry: i don't know maybe spend it with the guys or a certain young lady ms. black

you both laugh you laugh so hard you didn't see a rock in front of you and almost tripped over it but embry cough you one hand…

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embry call love story chapter one

jacob: cassie ____ get your a**es down


me: jake sounds angrey carfull use you

inasent face

you: yes jakky

you say like your about to cry

jake: im srry did i scare you

both of us nodds our heads yes

jake: were gooing over to sams house

you are realy ecsited cause you have liked embry scence you were a little girl and he is always at sams…

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embry call lov story caractor info



sibs: me and jacob

friends: wolf pack

hobby: cliff diving haning with fam and friends and shopping

cassie.jpg me cassie black

sibs: you and jacob

friends: wolfpack

hobby: cliff diving haning fam and friends texting and shopping…


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Chapter 1: The Move?

"Mom, why do we have to move out of forks?" Nessie asked. Everyone was packing up the Cullen house, even Charlie (because Edward and me told him about Nessie being mine and Edwards). Jacob was over there trying to convience me and Edward to let Nessie stay with him for the summer. " Baby, we have to move. People in Forks have been noticing that we haven't been aging at all. Also you will be more safe in Cincinnati." I said. I was holding Nessie when i said it. She was to…


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Chapter 21 of Nessie's Story

I ran straight to the house, holding hands with Jacob. He was grinning and Edward had stopped pacing. Bella pulled me into a hug. I took a deep breath and said, "Okay, so the wedding's back on. Sorry about that...I have some, um, commitment issues." Jasper gave Bella a quick smile and then I felt peaceful. I tried to argue against the…


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