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My Switch from Team Edward to Team Jacob.

...I really don't know where to start. All I can say is that the sudden change of heart came unexpected. I saw the passion in Jacob's eyes for Bella, I felt it, I breathed it. The only time Edward was ever in pain, was for his own selfish guilt trips. Jacob's pain was strictly for the need to have Bella in his life. Edward needed Bella to live but he didn't need… Continue

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which vampire girl are you

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Believe in true love? --Team Edward

If you're a believer in true love, you have to be Team Edward.

This blog is why..

Read, comment, enjoy.

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The Livingston Brothers ©

************- okay, so im trying my hand at writing, please read this and tell me what you think, honestly! its not the whole story or even from the start but you should get the gist... x :P*********************************

I threw my bag down on the couch and went into the kitchen to get a drink – cross-country had really taken it out of me today. That’s when I noticed the post-it stuck to the fridge. I paused for a few seconds. It read:


Emergency at work.… Continue

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Sad but TRUE

Love's Crime

What a life it has been,

a life brought out as a teen.

Love is, of course a part of it,

a memorable feeling, one must keep!

This guy I love is a dying rose,

wasting his life like a prose,

He is the sun of my day,

and the stars twinkle, as I lay.

I knew him miles ago,

I wonder why he has to go?

It kept me lonely for sometime,

for he had PROMISED ME LOVE--

now tell me is it a… Continue

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Alexander Skarsgård Says 'Twilight' Vampires Are "Cute"

It's another round of Team True Blood vs Team Twilight. I think this is just one of those things that people will do to clash the two.

TMZ was able to caught up with True Blood's super-sexy, but super-evil, Alexander Skarsgård at the airport and grilled him about his crazy fans and those "other famous vamps". (Check out the video from the link)

When… Continue

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r u a true cullen

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Take this rad quiz!!!… Continue

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vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches......

So i'm assuming everyone here likes Vampires right? Well what else do you guys like and why? Does anybody watch the show "True Blood" on HBO? I'm assuming it would be people atleast 16-17 and over.....if so what do you guys like about the show and also who do you think killed Layfatte?!??!?!??!!!!

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my life

you dont know me but i have a crazy life♦ it aint easy being me but just pretend ok♦ i think i have good friends most i dont really know about♦ hey thats just how i feel about most of them ,well only one♦ who ever sends me a friend request thank you♦ looking foward to having many friends here on the twilight saga♦

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Dosen't Mean

When I tell you I love you it doesn't mean i think you'll never leave, it just means I wish you didn't have to!
To all you people in love and i mean real love then you should be able to understand what I'm trying to
say. And hope you all stay in love...

Yours truly,
Angel Rodriguez...

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Okay, i'm a loser because i just watched Trueblood last night on TV. and wow! i loved it. so much. it was very good. i liked how vulnerable the vampire was how eccentric and dark and nice he was. and also i like the powers of suki but i don't like her character. i don't know. but maybe it would change after watching more =p

"Bill you're not such a good vampire. what do you do?" - suki
"Well i can bring you back to life"- bill

------- that is so sweet . =p hehe =p

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Alice fashion song LOL


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10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack

by Nadya Vlassoff

As the New Moon pandemonium gets louder, with filming scheduled to start only days from now, we took a listen to a few songs that we think would make a good pairing with the second Twilight adaptation based on the popular novel, New Moon. In a recent interview, New Moon author and creator, Stephanie Meyer, explained that she had told the New Moon production staff the type of songs she did not want on the… Continue

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