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Everything happens for a reason - Chapter 14 - What is life ?

I let Sem and the Gold skinned guy go ahead of me. As we reached the house my stomach turned with nerves. I stop right in front of the house. I'm a mom now. I'm responsible for someone's well being. That scared me more than anything. "Janiece ?" Sem's voice was careful an calm. "What if im not a good mom too her ?" I say looking at him. He's are warm and hold love. "Your going to be an amazing mom Janiece." Sem says looking me straight in the eyes. His words calm my nerves and im ready. Sem… Continue

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(1) Blood thirsty

Chapter 1: 

Jake POV:

I never even considered falling…


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Broken Love ---- chapter 2

Pov- Jennifer

I was looking around trying to get my barings. All I saw was Jeff's room and wondered to my self how I got there. I looked to my left and Jeff was laying beside me and was a sleep. Suddenly I felt this pain shoot right down my throat. "What.. OH!! HELP ME ITS BURNS!!!!!" I screamed and that woke up Jeff. I threw my hands up to grip my throat, feeling something smooth and hard under my hands. I didn't have the time to think enough about that. I was trying to smother the…


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Anyone want a good story?

Hey everyone, I'm thinking about writing a story about vampires. I was wondering if anyone is interested in another vampire story. If I can get the support of at least five people I'll post the first scene. Thank you! :) (P.S. I'll be writing scene by scene which is sort of like chapters. If I can get enough fans, like 10 people, I'll publish a scene every week on Thursday at 7:00 pm.) And I'm making a group if guys want to discuss any of your ideas. The group's name is going to be Team…


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Gods promise to forbadden love

Chapter 2

Scene 1

Setting: Since Mysticeye fainted the vampri carried her to her bed room, Aro has called a meeting to with all the vampri.

Aro calls a meeting and every vampire is sitting in a double circle around three thrones, the meeting is about, of course, Mysticeye. Some vampri think that a missing queen would…


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Chapter 1

Scene 2

Setting: still in the Voulturi Ballroom (everyone wanted to stay and see what was going to happen next, they all agreed that this was better than “Gilmore Girls”)

Aro: well since no one wants to go home (he says with emphasis on home) why don’t everyone line up on the walls to give our guest a little space, yes? Thank you.

A shuffling of feet and a few complaints erupt as the…


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Main characters:

Caius V. Volturi

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Race: European

Bio: an ancient vampire lord and at age 24 he is the youngest vampire leader of the Volturi.

Earthbound age: 5,845 years and counting


Mystic L. Eye:

Age: unknown (she can’t be older than20, she looks 16, but her body says otherwise)

Sex: Female

Race: Egyptian

Bio: Born in the Louisiana Bayou her kind is suspected to have evolved from…


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Jane's Glare

Jane from New Moon/Eclipse

Jane is my favorite character in the Twilight Saga. She is young in body, but strong in spirit and mind...mind control, that is. I absolutely love her confident glare. It reminds me of a person who is on a mission; one who is focused and in control. See my fan-made quote below for more.…


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please read my readers!

i have got complete and utter writers block. i think im giving up on a new place but everynow and again there might be another post. all my ideas are going into my other story, which i feel can actually go somewhere.

im sorry to all my amazing readers! and to those who have botherd messaging and commenting on them!

im sure you understand that writing is hard and i feel everybody has a story inside them but they need to go through ideas to find it and im a new writer so im going…


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what should i do

i have a boyfriend named blair he was my brothers best friend until a couple of weeks ago and now my father is starting trouble with his my father says i am not allowedd to go near or talk to him and that i have to break up with him what should i do??? help!!!

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new adventure or new life: CHAPTER 2

Cloes POV:

I can't believe what Mike just told me. I was in shock for a while i didn't say anything and when i did it sounded like i was wisphering.

" so you are a warwolf? why didn't you tell me before? does that mean i am one?" i asked sounding scared

" yeah i am a warewolf i have been sence i was 13 ( he is 16 now) and i wish i could tell you but mom didn't want me too she thought that you wouldn't trust us anymore. And no you are not a warewolf."



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new adventures or a new life?!

Cloe's POV


" I AM UP I AM UP" i jumped when my alram clook blared" ughhhhhh i don't want to get up" i groaned. I laded back on my pillow and feel alseep when i got back up and looked at the alarm clock i saw that it was 9:30am. " Oh crap i am going to be late for school" i herd my self saying. As i went to my closet I grabed what ever i could find that was clean and ran downstairs." Hey mom" i said…


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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 6

Nicole’s pov

We finally got to the house. It was a massive white mansion, it looked about three times bigger than my old house. It had 6 huge bay windows with elegant curtains and a gigantic wooden door, it looked…


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a new creation

My name is Jacob black, I’m 17 years old and guess what. I’m a werewolf.

My life is pretty boring at the moment because my best friend Bella has gone off…


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The Best Poem Ever!!

Sometimes when love finds us, when our hope is fading and the TWILIGHT is settling in, it leads us safely through the night, the nights when the NEW MOON fills the cloudy sky. As it blossoms and grows it is enough to ECLIPSE the brightness of the BREAKING DAWN, and reveals enough light that as if it were night if would cast a glow like a MIDNIGHT SUN.

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Vampire or Werewolf

So one day I was e-mailing my friend Madi and I get bored so i asked her if she would be a vampire or werewolf.She said Werewolf and I said Vampire..So I want to know what you would be leave a comment.

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Edward & Bella's Relationship

Edward's Feelings for Bella: Edward loves Bella. He adores her and she is his whole world. He is never angry at her, he always finds a way to blame himself. Even when he left, he was doing it for Bella's sake. He always puts Bella before himself and his family. He cares so much about her, he didn't even want Bella to be a vampire for him. Edward always wanted to give the whole world to Bella.



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Breaking Down Countdown Widget: Counts down the…

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i checked it out, now its your turn


ok, so i only saw bout five to ten minutes worth of an episode this week. but trust me, if i had it my way i would have seen more.

i had started watching it and my sister came in and wanted to watch it with me but i thought a show like that wouldnt quite be the best for a six year old. so i told her to go. she went and told my dad.…


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i love both vampires and werewolvs

vampires can live forever and run and be very strong but werewolvs can hear from distance and smell from far and they wold make great friends

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