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Many Dreams and Writing

It seems that dreams create stories, but dreaming that one day you will be a writer seems to be so far away or at least for me. I have been writing my stories since December 2008. One book turned into five, then a dream turned into a trilogy, and another dream truned into two books. So if you can count, that is ten books, that someday I hope to finish the strories and have them publish. My first series I have to finish first, but because so much goes into this series with them being from the…


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Finally working on my book again =]

I've been writing since before I could remember.

I have been starting books since I was about 13, and with moving, I lost many of them. I had started a book early last month, but was too busy to do much with it. In the past two days, I have worked on it about 4 hours. I think it's coming along great! Once I decide on a title, I will make the artwork for the cover. =]

On other news....

In two days, a few friends and myself are going to dinner, and then…

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Writing with Inspiration

Lately I've been inspired by the screaming keys of pianos for my work, which brings me to realize, so was Stephenie, except it wasn't only on pianos, it's been her favorite bands like muse, My Chemical Romance, and so forth.

Though I've been set on Blue October, Yann Tierson, My Chemical Romance, The Used, and even paramore. But how is it that when I begin a novel or even a short story, I start out great, but I can't seem to bring myself to finish. With school and all, I know…


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Listen and hear me.

I'm a writer. Definitely not as great as Stephenie Meyer. But most more than definitely I am as or even more that determined to become great. Unfortunately I don't have help. I am fifteen and it is my dream to become an internationally famous writer. Recently I've taken up photojournalism as a hobby. But it isn't as satisfying as knowing that I've created a tale people will read all around the globe. My characters are important to me. I doubt if your reading this that you've read my other… Continue

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Opening veins

I feel like writing is getting harder. It was naturally hard to begin with. But now it's like nothing is coming. Inside my head I have an old dream bugging at me but I don't know how to write it down. I can picture it in my head. The characters the scene. But I can't figure out where it is and how to put it on paper.

To me, my characters are like myself. They are real people and they all carry a part of people I've met and seen as well as a part of me. They all have certain personality… Continue

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2 Days

I tried hard to keep my excitement over New Moon to a minimum, mostly because I don't like being considered a "TwiHard" I think that's a horrible slanguage nickname for fans. but lets face it, we're all excited, even the non fans (ie my own boyfriend) thinks that it might look good (but as he claims only for the werewolf action scenes)

I lost my book that i was writing, all down the drain when my old computer blew up, so here i am back at square one trying to figure out what im… Continue

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My first attempt at creative writing - fanfic, of course!

What do you do when you're addicted a series like the Twilight Saga, and you've read all the books multiple times, read the Midnight Sun draft (God that was exciting when I found that on the Stephenie Meyer website!), and absorbed all the random information available on sites like and Well you read fanfic, of course!

I've trawled though a lot of really awful, poorly written fanfic and found a few gems. Some really talented writers with… Continue

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story ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! :D vote on which ones best!!!

these are some of the stories i want to write :D i will add more as i think of them :) i am also writing a series i consider the "star" series. my first book Shooting star is finished and up on the site. i am now working on one called Broken Star. :D i think that everyone should vote which one they would like to read the most and after i finish the book CHANGED that i am working on, i will start the next one! :D

1.Vampire Shots

A girl named ___________ gets… Continue

Added by Tris on August 5, 2009 at 3:58pm — 8 Comments

Magic is in the imagination.

Sometimes I wonder - is imagination lost too often in the face of reality? Do the faces of the crowds show any memory of the wonder that once shone in their eyes, as their mothers' voices spoke softly at night, and fairies and knights battled in fantasy worlds, where ice maidens ruled and magic hung in the air like sunlight? Can an unhappy girl escape to the night sky as an owl can, spread her snowy wings as she circles the moon on her way to the stars?

Lie down, shut your eyes, and… Continue

Added by Harriet Rose Cullen on July 21, 2009 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

The Lullaby

Caitlyn Coles

The Lullaby


I had to get out of there. I would find my way back right? If he was still whimpering I could follow it back to the right way. I could find my way out of the dark room right? I would be safe with Danny... Red was suddenly at the ceiling, then followed by blue. I heard a whimper; my brother's and then a siniser laugh.

Chapter… Continue

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Writing is what i love to do, but it seems to come at the wrong time!

I can sit all day long at work and tell a story line to my co-worker, but when it comes to actually sitting and writing, sometimes the mood just isn't right. I am amzed at how Stephanie could write Twilight in three months. I mean I actually have to do a lot of research for my book to be accurate and to make you feel like you have gone back in time to the 1800's. I am a history buff and I just had to start my book in the late 1800's. I mean what was a train ride like back then. Should I stay… Continue

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Chapter 3- in cameron's point of view

cameron's point of view

Why was I so rude to her on the airplane? How has she caught my attention so immediately? Why did she have to be the most beautiful creature in the universe? Why could I not stop thinking about her?

I have talked to her- without being rude- all of one time, one time, and I can’t stop thinking about her. What is it about Hallie that draws me towards her?

I think she loves danger. She draws me in and has Brett wanting to be friends with her. She has a… Continue

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chapter 2 of my story

“It’s good to see you again, Hal,” Natasha said, enthusiastic. Natasha is a good friend that I met when my mom first moved to England. She is 16, like me, and goes to the same school that I am now going to. We were in her new Kia Rio5 on our way to that exact place.

“Yeah. It seems like it has been forever,” I replied, emphasizing the word forever. I love hanging out with her. We always have a good time.

“Are you completely terrified?” she asked. She didn’t have to say what she meant.… Continue

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About Love Elizabeth

Love Elizabeth is a friendship and love story. It takes place in many settings such as a deserted beach, Paris and California! It shows the relationship between two young girls and their two boyfriends. The girls are Lizzie(Me) and Ashley. They have known each other for quite some time and get each other into a deep pit of trouble. Ashley is on a plane to California, where she sits next to a new person that soon becomes her boyfriend. later on, the plane crashes into the ocean, leaving… Continue

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saving midnight sun!!!!!!!

i have read the draft of midnight sun from the link at stephanie's website. though i am symphatizing on how she felt about the leakage, (i really felt bad about that too) i just want her to know that and if possible to persuade her to continue writing. all of us, who are so addicted to this saga would definitely be dying to have this fifth book in our hands too. it is really "very frustrating" that it's on hold right now. although i have read somewhere in an unofficial guide that she felt as a… Continue

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Hi! I've just joined this website so I decided to post a blog entry.

I love the Twilight books. There the only books I've ever read. They have inspired me to read more. Stephanie Meyer has inspired me to write too. I have written "bits and bobs" but never been able to finish them. I love to write, it's calming and very relaxing; just to let the stories in your head pour out onto the page and to come up with new ideas, and being inspired by your favourite auther to write differently; you… Continue

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random writing

If we stand alone in a crowd of people how can we truly say we are alone…the word alone in itself means to be singular …can our minds truly feel singular in a vast field of other minds in the same state or does our subconscious take comfort in the fact that while we tell ourselves we are alone we truly are more connected than we allow ourselves to feel ….all for fear of connecting wrong. If there is such a concept

How can your mind stay on one course when it is clouded by all the obvious… Continue

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Hi fellow writers and readers!

Ok so i also have a Fanfiction profile if you care to take a look at my stories on there. There is a Twilight one i am working on at the moment.

Profile link:

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I have started to write a novel. It is about a girl named Alice. Right now the plot is sketchy, but it is getting there. I will begin yo post the story up when I get it writen a little but more.

Some of it is one a website called:

There arte a lot of spelling and grammer errors. I have not found a good person to edit it yet.

Please tell me your thoughts and tell me if It has any potential.

thanks ahead of time.


The first… Continue

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