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I Know<3

I know I love you.

I know its real.

I know you feel it too.

I know for you I would kill.


I your right for me.

I know you make my eyes shine bright.

I know my friends see it too.

I know your what gives me sight

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Thats Her

Looked in the mirror.

Yeah, thats me.

The one nobody likes.

The one that is so big.…


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Just Something Off The Top Of My Head.!

you know what little kids aree awesomme!! especially little girlls!! people are always complaining that little kids are too rough and meess up everything...they dont mess up everything! yeahh they have their moments but everybody has their moments old or young!! they aree energetic and veryy hyperr!!! likee mee sometimess!! theyy aree easierr too get along with than people your ownn age!!! the badd thing is they get attachedd to you to quickly and when you have to go or something they dont want… Continue

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Okay...My bestfriendd is reallly awessomme and i think i am falling in love with himm but i knoww he doesnt like me like that! i mett him last yearr on the buss and i started calling him haarry potter and he would call me ugly but i knew he was joking and this yearr we would really talk and he sat with and we became bestfriends and i think i fell for himm and he would say he lovedd me and i would say i lovedd him but i he was just saying it because we were best ffriends and he would sayy things… Continue

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Something Random

standing in a dark room "hello? Anyone there?" sees a flash of light "who are you?" and thenn theres a creak from upstairs. slowly, she walks up the stairs (that is what stupid people do in scary movies) and its really dark up here so opens the curtain to let the moon light fill the room. and as she turns around she notices that one of her doors are open and walks toward it. gently knocks on it and peeps inside inside. there is a dark figure standing at the window. she walks in "who are you?"… Continue

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What should i talk about today??? how about animalss?? yesss!:) animals are awesome!! haha! especially cats they make me happy! well what cat doesnt make somebody happy?! cats are small, cute, cuddly and can sometimes be a big pain in the butt!! and some people dont like cats but im not going to say anything to them because i have my opinion and they have theirs! but cats are easy to take care of too! i mean all you have to do is make sure you feed it and water it! some people give their cats… Continue

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One Of Those Days<3

ever had one of those days where you just didnt care.? you felt like nothing mattered.! you were numb and felt like nothing could hurt you anymore.! where you hate yourself more than anything else in this world! Where you just want to feel loved.! but you know the expression.! how can someone love you if you dont love yourself.! yeahh...thats probably why i feel as if nobody loves me.! i mean yeah they will tell me they love me. But do you really think they mean it!? Sometimes you just want to… Continue

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okayy! todayy i will talkk about my bff Ashleyy!!! haha! i loves herr too deathh!! okk! we met last yearr in gym she had just moved to reidsville and wass new to school! and i am a veryy shyy personn soo i was scared to talk to her! but then one dayy in gym they were making us do push ups and she wass camplaining and i was like "yeahh they make us do them every year! it suckks!" and then we started talking like that! and then we were just frinds and then summer came and we would talk to each… Continue

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It Makes Me Mad >:(

yall want to know what makes me madd! is when people call justin bieber gay! im mean im no big fan of his but calling him gay? seriously?! get a life!

how do you know that hes gay? you been with him? and what if hes gay! its his business!

plus gay people are awesome! i have no problem with them, do you?

they are actually easier to talk to and give good advice! but just because you have a problem with gay people doesnt give you any right to go around calling people… Continue

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love is something you dont give up on reguardless

no matter what road it leads you down

you stick to it

a broken heart is not easy to fix

its like a mirror

better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it

love can last an eternity

just seal it with a kiss <3

Added by Angel Weeks on March 26, 2011 at 12:54pm — 1 Comment

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