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The Death of Jake McOwl

Jake McOwl just moved to Hondo, Texas with his brother James. They lived in a house just a few miles out of Hondo. The house that they moved in held a dark secret. Their was a masacre in that very house. The killer is said to be still in the house. All the realator's are unaware of his presence in the house. So they keep sending people to the house. The killer walk's around the house at night killing the people that go in the house. After spending two night's in the house Jake started to hear… Continue

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The Ghost of Old Man River's.

It was a dark and stormy night at Hondo High School. Old Man River's was gradeing paper's on the dark and stormy night. But he was not alone in the school. A kid named Zakk was lurking in the school. His mind was corrupted by the pills he overdosed on. He was looking for something or someone to hurt. He saw Old Man River's classroom light on. So he decided to have some fun with Old Man River's. He snuck into the High School office. And he pulled out his iPod touch. And he pulled out his iPod… Continue

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The Monster of the Blue Moon

Every full moon the elderly man turns into the beast. It is known to hunt in packs. The monster is known by one name and one name only. It is know as the American Chupacabra. It is the most deadly of beasts. It roams in the south finding goats, people, dogs, and cats. If you ever go through the state of TX through the south of it. Think twice before you do. Always protect the ones you love. Don't go near the town called Hondo. Or near the big white house on 31st street. It is where the elderly… Continue

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Ch. 1

Chapter 1: Day 1

Today when V woke up. He felt refreshed and energized. On his way to school a storm was coming. He could hear the thunder in the distance. But this was no ordinary storm. This storm was designed to transport any potential adventures. This storm was a cry for help. And it was moving fast toward V. This so called storm was moving at a fast pace toward V. He had not seen a storm like this before. It was getting closer and closer. Then the so called storm was directly over V’s… Continue

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