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Your Questions: Patrick

I've noticed that on Oct. 12th or 13th Elizibeth Hansen (sorry id I spelt it wrong) left a message for me that said, "Who's Patrick???" Let me ansdwer that...

Patrick is my pet rock. I know, it sounds weird, but I am allegic to most pets and reptiles+amphibians aren't my thing. Thus, the idea was born! Here's patrick's bio.

Name: Patrick

Age: 2 1/2

color: Gray

Texture: Smoorh

Shape; almost a perfect circle

His eyes are orange and blue,… Continue

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3rd period science 10.23.09

Hey its 3rd period (science) and I finished my gizmo about greenhouse gasses so I'm back here like 1st period math. Spoo I really have nothing to type's my friend Jango and she hates twilight (except Jacob...ew) so....bye.

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uhhhhhhh in schoool

Hey ppl i am in Period one (math) and its TGIF so I'm like out of options cause they blocked Pandora and Jango because it was radio on the internet. And I have to leave in one minute so bye.

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It didn't work.

Well, as i said, I would tell you what did happen with my technology grade. It never did work, so I'll probably get a low A. Ugh. I was hoping that I could get a high A in at least two classes, but oh well, i guess only one.

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stupid error page!

AHHHHH!!!!!! Today is the last day of the 1st quarter and the teachers have to submit their final grades at 2:00 pm (EAST) tomorrow. You;re probably thinking "Ok.....why are you telling me this?" Well the thing is, I didn't finish my technology assignment, so I saved it to Edline. So I came home and I finished it, and now I'm trying to import the finished document to Edline, but it just keeps on going to "Internet explorer cannot display this webpage"{ and if I don't have it finnished by… Continue

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WhAt I gOt ToTaL fOr My BiRtHdAy

Greetings earthlings!

My eyes still hurt from last night! My friends and I were up till 5:oo am. and then we woke up at 8:45. I don't think that being on my Acer helps, but whatever. Last night we watched twilight and then we played the board game. Then we openned presents. Here's what I got:

- $25 target gift card

- two $25 barnes and noble gift cards (going towards twilight series extras....)

- $25 (going towards my bella hottopic action… Continue

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Morning of my party

Hey people todays my partay. I just realized that i dion't have as much to write as I thought I did. So I'll be brief: I still have tons of stuff to do for my slumber party which is today:

- frent Twilight from Blockbuster

- Get goodie bag stuff

- Twilight plates, napkins, ect.

- Get the dessert.....

Yezh, so now I'm really busy. I just realized that my only edward obssesed friend is IMing me, so gotta go.

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My B-day plans

hey peoplew it was a half day thankj god. But wait. Thats not the only reason why I'm happy. I'm also happy because tomorrow's my birthday. and over the years I've saved up all my money for like 4 years and finally, today, bought a Acer Aspire 1 netbook or whatever they call it and I love it! as a matter as fact, I'm typing on it right now. Yeah, so tomorrow's my birthday and stuff. I'm having a twilight slumber party. My family and I were planning on going to Bush Garden, but then we checked… Continue

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I'm bored in in technology.

I'm bored so I decided to see if this website is blocked on the school compuyters. Obviously it isn't. I'm in 4th period also known as Technology. Uh oh, gotta save my assignment. peace then.

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unbelievable isn't it?

Ugh, I can't believe that I was hooked so easily! the twilight saga. I mean, at the end of the schoolyear I was thinking "the twilight saga is a big fat waste of my time" and now I'm like "The twilight saga is my life!" Isn't that creepy? I'd never thought that the twilight saga was actually this addicting or even addicting at all! Even stephenie MK. thought that the twilight saga was going to be so upscale after three years after its start. And now all I want is to see new moon! I wanted to… Continue

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