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OMG baby yeti!

ok, if ur a nerdfighter, then you know that john green's son was born today. if ur not, this blog post is for you.

ok, so like my favorite youtubers in the whole wide web is the vlogbrothers. they are hank and john green. they are brothers, and they went a whole year with out textual comunication to each other. they made videos instead, and put them on youtube. they have aquired an enormus fan base, which they call the nerdfighters. we are not made of flesh and bones, but rather we are… Continue

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weird dream(s)

ok, first and foremost, happy new year! i know i havent bloged in a while, but ive been ubber busy. and when i say busy, i mean over eating and playing with a bunch of crap that will in no way benifit my life. xD anyway, that dream!

ok, so i was bella, and i was in college, but i was a vampire. and edward was there, and carlisle was the dean of admitions, except it was peter facinelli, and not carlisle himself. he didnt even have the blonde hair. and we (me and edward) were in the… Continue

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ok, so i got grounded again. I HATE IT!!! T-T what for? oh, just for commiting a federal crime. thats right folks. all i did was open a box that was for my sister (and it didnt have anything in that was good, like popcorn balls, or cookies, or even something to get her in trouble with like pot or cocaine, it was a book called "yoga for pregnant women". what a rip.) and i am now grounded. AGAIN. I. HATE. IT. SO. MUCH. THAT. I WILL.… Continue

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ok, so im not really free until i go to sleep then wake up. tuesday is my last day of grounding, and right now it's 12:50, so technicaly im free, right? so i dont need to hide my computer if my mom walks in! LOZ:) im tired, though.


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i need help in two areas. 1, i need to figure out how to get the built in camera on my laptop to film videos. it will only do it on youtube, which is great, except i dont want the rest of the world to hear my crappy voice. so if u know how to do that, plz coment. 2. i need ideas! i need fan fic ideas. i havent written fan fic in like 2 months, and im going insane! i need to write! HELP ME!!! so yeah coment about that.

~luv as always!


btw, my bff dow thee street… Continue

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Ugg. that was long. but i win! i win!

OMG so, i was at jacks b-day party, icudk, and every one except me and D.J. fell asleep at some point! WOO HOO! I WIN I WIN! so Jack Sean (<3), and Mikayla all fell asleep during Pirates of the Carribean, and when it was over we woke them up, and Sean was all depressed, then later while everyone was either playing Quake or something on the n64 or listening to music, Amanda, Billy, and Richie all fell asleep too. so me and dj are the only ones who didnt sleep the whole time! and Sean was all… Continue

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Bday party

im at a arty and we are on my laptop (obviosly) LOL. every1 is yelling at me to get on facebook. so bye.

ok, sorry about that. everybody was getting on me to go on facebook. LOL:) Jack, Sean (<3), and Mikayla are all wimps. they all fell asleep. we swore that nobody would fall asleep, but they did. and not just the, "we got tired and fell asleep" kind of fell asleep, but they fell asleep DURRING PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN!!!! >:{ GRR!!! we played truth or dare (and we took… Continue

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Band concert!

ok, so i just got back from my holiday school band concert. not even 15 minutes ago, i was at my school. i was actualy getting ready to leave, but u know, whatever! ok, first the formal crap, then i have to brag. LOLZ:)

ok, so we played Christmas Concert Opener (a compilation of, like, 12 really popular christmas songs), Christmas Nocturn (silent night) and Jingle Bell Rock (duh). then the 8th grade band went, and they played Winter Wonderland, 12 days of Christmas, and The Grinch… Continue

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fan fic

sorry guys! no new fan fic. i was writing one about how seth imprints on a girl named Amber, but i hated it, and i was going to have benjamin and tia in there somewhere but i forgot them, so i scrapped it. I NEED IDEAS! i have no idea what im going to do for my next fan fic, so leave coments as to how i should go about my litterary not-so-genius ways. LOLZ:) hey! guess what! i have a band concert tomorow, and i cant wait! i play first chair flute, so it should be fun.

-same as… Continue

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I hate this.

ok, so i got grounded AGAIN. UGHHH! this time it was because i made a facebook with out my mom knowing, and then was stupid enough to send her a friend request. i got a month for that. then i just now got two more for being ATHYIST!!! its like, WTH, mom? isnt that a little hypocritical? i mean, most kids are on the street because of being either athyist or gay. SHE'S A LESBIAN, AND SHE IS GIVING ME CRAP ABOUT BEING ATHYIST!! and i just thought that athyist means that you arent really religious,… Continue

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ok, so i was originaly grounded for a week for, get this, eating my sister's brownie (i mean i know she's prego, but still! a whole week? not just that weekend? come on!). then the next four weeks came from being caught on the computer multiple times when i was already grounded off of it. the next week, lying to my sister, and the last two were for watching tv when i wasnt supposed to. so, i was supposed to be grounded for two months. i was supposed to be ungrounded on December 4th. that really… Continue

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ok, so i went to the school dance last night, and so, yeah. ok, so this guy i like (we'll call him...Shaun, because that's his name) was there, and he was being all funny, dancing funny to i got a feeling, and then i have Allison ask him if he is going out with corrin. he says yes. i already knew that, but i wanted a confermation (and im sorry if i spelled that wrong). so alison comes back and says, "did you ask me to do that because you like shaun?" and im like, "no. i just had you ask him if… Continue

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ok. here it is. i havent been on in a while cuz i have been grounded, so i am on a time cruch here cuz i'm not supposed to be on the computer.

oh, and btw, it's Renesmee's POV!

i was utterly bored. i had been waiting for 48 hours, and he still wasnt home. i had tried to watch tv, paint a picture, read a book; i even went hunting with Carlisle and Esme just for something to do. but every time, my mind wandered back to him. while watching tv, i found a program… Continue

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Happy Birthday to me!

ok. i love the whole, write the blog now, have it published later thing, cuz i actualy wrote this a month in advanced.

ok. today is my birthday (well, the day it will be posted, anyway! lol). i set it to post at 12:30 pm, which is 5 min. b4 i was born, so close enough. lol i really dont know what to say here. ttyl.

~love ya!

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TIck Tock i cant wait!

Make your own Countdown Clocks

Yay! i wonder what happens to this when it gets there?…


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ok. this will start out pretty short (or short for me anyway lolz) i love and i take their quizes a lot, so i will post my badges here for them. i wont take all of them at once, but rather just edit this post over an over, adding more and more every time i take a quiz. i will put the name of the quiz, the badge, then the description. see? short.

"What should you be for halloween?"…


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Really random

ok, as some of you may have known (or may not have know, since nobody really reads my blog and i realy should stop this parenthisis before i go into tangent mode), i have been sick all weekend and really bored so i posted another thingy about every five minutes, and almost all of them were about being sick; except for one.


that's right! Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy signed the… Continue

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okay, i know this has nothing to do with Twilight, but KANYE IS PURE EVIL! i personaly, love Taylor's music (and the Taylor that said her name *swoon* lol) and i like Kanye, but COME ON DUDE! you dont do that to people. at least not if you have an ounce of class.

Beyonce is a saint, though. what she did was amazing. Kudos, Props, whatever you call em, give em to Beyonce.

okay. if you dont know what happened Taylor Lautner *sigh* called Taylor Swift's name for best Female… Continue

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ok, so i found this website, and the entire website is just a petition to try to convince Stephanie to finish and publish Midnight Sun! there are over 300000 names already! the page is: Check it out! sign it! we ALL want to have Midnight Sun published.

Hey! do you think that if she really did publish MS, that she would do all four through Edwards POV?

coment with your thoughts on this!


for the website,… Continue

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